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Before you can treat an infected tattoo, there are some signs and symptoms that you need to understand so that you know the seriousness of the infection. After you have confirmed to the above signs and symptoms, you can follow the below mentioned steps to treat the infection. Keep your tattoo dry at all times as it will keep infections at bay and avoid the contact of water. Do  not use any chemical based products like soaps, creams or any petroleum-based products on the tattoo as these products can be harsh for your skin, they irritate the skin and delay the healing process. Usually at times like these, do not blindly follow anyone’s advice and use any chemical products.
Air is needed to heal the infected tattoo but remember to guard the wound against dust particles and other infections. Just by keeping the wound covered, you will be doing a great favour to yourself and saving yourself from infections. After following the preventive measures, if you feel some odour of pus coming out of the wound, see a doctor immediately.
It is always for the best to check out the lymph nodes that are located at a close distance from the tattoo site. Contact with airborne bacteria – these little guys are just waiting for a segment of sensitive skin to enter the body and wreak havoc, causing an infection at the site of the tattoo. Exposing your infected tattoo to sunlight will only cause the infectious microorganisms to become more aggressive, thus prolonging the healing period. If you want the tattoo to heal properly and the infection to clear up, you need to maintain excellent hygiene.
If it is possible, avoid wearing clothes over the infected tattoo, as the constant rubbing of the fabric will prolong the healing period. The best healing is guaranteed by staying away from activities that involve excessive moisture. After your infection at the tattoo site has cleared, there are a few things that you can do in order to prevent such things from happening again.

Keep the area of your tattoo clean and follow the instructions of the tattoo artist precisely. For the tattoos that you already have, make sure that you apply sunscreen whenever you are going out, so as to reduce the chance of infection. The health information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. After the design, permanent tattoo could be painful but it will become your style statement. If you get high fever after one or two days of getting inked, then it is better to read the signs properly and consult a skin doctor.
Initial pain is common, but if the pain persists and becomes very unbearable then you should get it checked by the doctor.
If you notice red sores developing around the tattoo area, then it is best to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Only use the products that the doctor prescribes you and do not scratch the wounds, by doing this it can aggravate the problems.
If the wound is open, it becomes more prone to other infections because the air is full of dirt, pollutants, bacteria and virus. Take a cotton ball or use your hands to apply the ointment on the infected site twice a day. Wash your tattoo site with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap two times a day; don’t leave the skin in the area wet, as there is nothing else that bacteria love more than moisture.
Wear clothes that are loose, protecting the infected tattoo from direct sunlight, without causing friction. This means that it is not recommended to swim while your tattoo recovers from the infection and it is for the best that you avoid getting the tattoo site wet during bath time.
For example, you can have yourself tested and see if you are allergic to the inks that are commonly used for the making of tattoos. There are certain ointments that can be applied on the newly made tattoos, promoting a clean healing process and reducing the chance of infection.

Always let your tattoo to breathe and wear clothes that are made from non-irritable fabrics. If you still want to go for a second opinion, then it is better to go back to the tattoo artist.
Tattoos are not only a fine and an artistic way of speaking your mind out but, it also involves huge risk. Try to keep your tattoo as dry as possible, as a wet tattoo is always a good place for bacteria overgrowth. They signify different aspects of human mind and give a pictorial representation of our minds.
Do not pick at the pustules that form at the site of tattoo or you will aggravate the infection, causing it to spread. Do not pick the skin in the area of the tattoo, as you will increase the chances for infection.
For college going youth to music icons to fashion models, tattoos define style and are a symbol of a person’s individuality. When getting a tattoo, ensure that you do not have any skin infection and all the needles used in making a tattoo are sterilised. Tattoo designs come in many shapes and sizes, there are various designs like barbed wire, skull, roses etc. Keep yourself free from all infections after getting the tattoo.  If you notice any odour or pus, immediately go to the doctor.
If you already have any kind of skin allergies, then it is better to talk to your doctor or to the tattoo artist to avoid any kind of future complications.

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