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Generally C-section infection occurs due to entry of notorious bacteria from the surgical site. Infection can occur due to an array of causes though lack of adequate hygiene is one of the predominating one.
Though wound care against infection is done at the hospital before discharging, yet it has been observed that most women get the c-section infections after the first couple of weeks. In case abscess (fluid capsulated pocket found under the skin) is present, then using antibiotic alone will not do much help. Give yourself atleast 4-6 weeks of time to heal, a C-section is a major surgery, so recovery will take some time. In case there is any problem in breast feeding, seek the help of doctor or lactation consultant.
Women who have already undergone C-section should follow following steps to mitigate the possibilities of catching an infection.
Any woman who undergoes cesarean section would have either a vertical incision or horizontal incision on her belly.
The surgical incision is always prone to infection and inflammation until it is healed totally. Your doctor may ask you to apply the bandage on the C section scar for a week or even more depending on how it has healed. Be sure you are seeking immediate medical attention if your scar ooze out pus or develops swelling. Very often, the C section scar goes inside the undergarments since it is usually cut well below the abdominal area.
Nowadays modern techniques are used while operating for cesarean using dermabrasion method.

Septicemia is a rare type of infection on the C section scar in which the bacteria enters into the bloodstream. A C-section delivery is done by making a deliberate incision on the lower abdomen, which is mostly horizontal.
Women having diabetes, pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, etc. If you happen to notice any infection signs as stated above, you will need to contact your doctor immediately. Though your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics for the infection, if you are breastfeeding, you should mention the same to her. Before this time, you should not attempt to run or do exercise which would delay the scar in proper healing. For the first week, you should repeat the dressing in the nearby clinic to facilitate proper healing of the scar. In this process, the fraction of the skin is treated leaving the surrounding skin area untouched.
A C-section is a major abdominal surgery, hence follow up visits to your doctor are mandatory.
You need to strictly follow your doctor’s advice in not lifting weight and do vigorous exercise until the wound has completely healed. Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe antibacterial ointment to be applied before the dressing of the scar.
After it gets completely healed, you can exfoliate the skin gently for removing the upper layer of the dead cells of the skin. This method helps in healing the scar rapidly and is very effective for removing the C section scar.

This is very expensive cosmetic procedure and alternatively you can also do another plastic surgery for clearing the scar from the surface of abdomen.
If left untreated, the bacteria may invade the internal cells causing infection internally.
In that case, the patient has to be hospitalized immediately and put on IV fluids for controlling bacteria. Since it is a surgical method, obviously there are risks of infection affecting the mother.
Practice good hygiene and healing tips, and if you have been exposed to any unpleasant experience regarding your scar care, you must mention it to your doctor. It takes enough time for you to get back to the previous position and you may need assistance from your relatives or family for taking care of home chores. It is good to use antibacterial soap for some time and massage gently on the scar to remove any bacteria or debris on the surface.
Once the laser therapy is done it removes the dead cells, replacing it with collagen from the body thus forming new skin. You should contact your doctor immediately if you find any pus oozing out from the C section scar. There may be moderate pain in the stomach and you need to take antibiotics for stopping the infection advancing.
The doctor will also look very closely at the incision site to check for the infection signs.

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