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After the first day, I found that Treat Collection Nail Polish was accurate in their advertisement as being fast drying, and with a fabulous glossy sheen.
In addition to the beautiful shade and shine, I agree with the Treat Collection Nail Polish claim that it is long lasting. First, I tried some nail art using FingerPaints, which is a Vegan Nail Polish, in black and red glitter. As I have mentioned in some post before I have been able to purchase most of my Treat Collection nail polishes at a fraction of the original price, (each nail polish usually retails for $18), but I have paid about $5-6 for each one. I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. I previously posted about the Treat Collection nail polish shade A Special Something, and as I wrote, I decided to put the polish to the test.

I applied two coats, and it did indeed dry fast, and it most definitely had a fabulous shine! After four days, except for some minor scuffing (which I am sure is due to working, and being a Mom doing activities with my two and four-legged children), the polish looked great! Then, for Friday night, (Saturday night we had a snowstorm so we stayed in), I decided to add some rhinestones to my nail. It is a glossy, bright orange-red that compliments a little tan beautifully and looks great on both fingernails and toenails. The brush is also nice and fat, which helps awful nail painters like me to get the job done. That’s due to the fact that it was indoors, due to the dark conditions pre-snowstorm.

It’s almost fully opaque in one coat, dries fairly quickly, lasts very well (5-6 days with little tip wear), and the finish is shiny.
Most importantly, Treat Collection is 5-free and committed to using the least number of harsh ingredients without compromising the performance. I find Treat Collection lacquer formula to be consistently good; just keep in mind that the shades that are labeled as sheer are indeed sheer, and stay sheer after multiple coats (except for Best Friends For Ever, a beautiful, wearable orange that builds up to a more opaque coverage). While I am not the biggestA fan of the top coat, (it’s good, just not my favorite one), I like the Base Coat TC201 (makes the perfect canvas) and all of the nail polishes that I have tried so far have not disappointed me.

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