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Because they go deeper than just the surface skin, puncture wounds must be watched carefully as they become easily infected.  This is because the wound goes into a closed warm, moist place where bacteria thrive.
If a puncture wound is squirting blood, bleeding extensively, or may contain any residue, seek medical help. All puncture wounds, especially major ones, should be watched carefully, to check for signs of infection. In the case of any puncture wound it is important that tetanus shots are up to date.  If you have not had one in the past five years, you may need a booster. 1.  The wound shows any sign of infection, such as the discharge of pus, redness, swelling, tenderness, increasing pain, warmth around the wound or fever.
This post will attempt to describe what it takes to treat a cat with an abscess using just what you have at home or can buy in a store. Once we got most of the pus and water out and the lump above his eye was gone, we were able to really clean it.
Finally, we used a Q-tip to apply neosporin to the hole and we put neosporin on the gauze pad too.

The final step in treatment of an abscess usually calls for antibiotics to kill any system-wide bad bacteria. This entry was posted in Challenges, Colorado Daily Life, Health, How-To, Pets and Animals and tagged Cat abscess at home remedy, Cat bite abscess treatment, How to treat a cat with an abscess, What you need to cure to a cat puncture wound on May 4, 2012 by Cassie. Sign up for email updates Don't miss a single thing from LifeTransPlanet Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In Kitty’s case it was white which means there were a lot of white blood cells in there trying to clear up the infection.
The second day we let him have it off so he could clean (lick) his face a little and the hole could air out to begin to form a scab if it was ready. We don’t have access to any antibiotics, so we asked our vet friend if she would write us an Rx.
If you have cats, we hope this never happens to them, but if it does, you’ll now know what to do.
If you see green, yellow or really stinky pus, it might be too far progressed to treat at home and the cat may need to be treated (at the vet) for blood sepsis.

We put more peroxide on a cotton ball and pressed it lightly into the hole where it really fizzed. Later the second day it looked like it was starting to scab, but we thought we would clean it again since it could have had any number of germy things introduced during the day. This time we didn’t try and get deep into the hole, but just washed the surface with a cottonball and peroxide. We also used the tweezers and scissors a little to get some of the weird material out of the way. Then we applied the Witch Hazel tincture which is an astringent and helps to reduce swelling (Witch Hazel is usually the main active ingredient in things like Preparation H).

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