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Pain may be felt at the place of impact when the fracture occurs, and possibly for two to three hours after the fracture. A deformity in the bone structure may limit foot mobility or cause difficulty in fitting shoes. Arthritis, as a result of a joint fracture, or angular deformities that develop when a displaced fracture is severe or left untreated.
For instance, arthritis may be developed from a fracture in the first metatarsal bone, behind the big toe. A Jones fracture is another type of break that occurs at the base of the fifth metatarsal, behind the pinky toe. There are 26 bones in each foot, 14 toe bones (phalanges) and 5 bones in the midfoot (metatarsals).
There are two main categories of fractures – traumatic fractures and stress fractures. Other causes of stress fractures may include an abnormal foot structure, deformities, osteoporosis or improper footwear.

In fact, serious complications may result if a fractured toe or metatarsal bone is not treated by Dr. The big toe is used more often, and supports more weight than the other toes; so arthritis in that area can cause pain from walking, bending or even standing. When treatment is received from a non-specialist, a Jones fracture is often misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain, and misdiagnosis can lead to complications since sprains and fractures require different treatments.
A stress or traumatic fracture of a metatarsal bone may sometimes by healed with rest alone.
Stress fractures are caused by repetitive stress from an activity, so an important method of healing is to avoid the activity that led to the fracture.
Casting, a rigid shoe or other forms of immobilization may help protect the fracture during healing. Traumatic fractures of the metatarsal bones sometimes require surgery, especially if the break is badly displaced. The impact from a displaced fracture causes the bone to break  and change position, or become dislocated.

Radovic will provide a plan of care after surgical or non-surgical treatment, which may include physical therapy, exercises and rehabilitation leading to return to normal activities. Radovic is an expert in identifying foot and ankle problems and will recommend the proper treatment.
Radovic may recommend crutches or a wheelchair to reduce weight from the foot and promote healing. Radovic for a proper diagnosis and treatment, even if an initial assessment was made in an urgent care facility or emergency room.

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