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Each time the harness rubs against your goldfish’s body, it is scraping away the slime coat and irritating the skin. Lumps may form and attract all kinds of goldfish diseases, which could then do serious harm to your goldfish.You can combat that problem by sprinkling a little aquarium salt into the tank to help your goldfish rebuild his slime coat and fight against infection. You should also only use the goldfish harness occasionally (like during feeding time, taking the harness off in the afternoon or at night).Of course, another solution is to not use a goldfish harness at all and instead keep your goldfish separated in a 20-gallon tank (to reduce stress from tank mates) and hand-feed your goldfish.
Your goldfish will still be quite happy and live comfortably, as long as water conditions are met.In fact, many goldfish have been known to survive for years even with a swim bladder disorder.How Do You Solve Swim Bladder Disorder?Have you tried making a goldfish harness?

Did you still have to hand-feed your goldfish?Feel free to post pictures of your beloved pet in a goldfish harness!

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