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Dental abscesses can lead to a host of complications, ranging from simple inflammation of the oral cavity to fatal systemic infections. These bigger problems can arise when the bacteria found in the abscess of the dental pulp or root have the opportunity to escape the confines of the tooth and jaw bone and spread elsewhere.
Therefore, patients should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of dental abscesses, such as severe tooth pain and bad breath, so that they can visit an oral surgeon in Downtown Chicago for a timely intervention. In addition to the common localized pain and swelling that accompanies a dental abscess, a more rare complication of a tooth abscess can occur called a cavernous sinus thrombosis (CST).   This is just one example of another serious issue that can arise from a dental abscess.
The cavernous sinuses receive blood from a web of veins that contain no valves, therefore blood can flow in any direction depending on the prevailing pressure gradients. Symptoms of the condition include bulging eyes, drooping eyelids, headache, and immobility of the eye, among related problems. Patients who develop cavernous sinus thrombosis face hospital admission and a prolonged regimen of strong IV antibiotics to eradicate the infection.
In many cases of dental abscesses, a tooth extraction can help patients prevent negative outcomes like a cavernous sinus thrombosis. Welcome to Chicago's most unique oral surgery practice, providing comfortable sedation dentistry in a relaxed environment for procedures like dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth, dentures stabilized by dental implants, extraction of teeth, bone grafting, obstructive sleep apnea treatment, snoring treatment, and the All-on-4 (All on Four - Teeth in a Day) procedure, performed by a dual degree oral surgeon, Dr.
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Tooth Abscess and Gum Boil - Christina's Home RemediesAre you looking for a quick cure for your tooth abscess? Toothache, Tooth Infection, Tooth Abscess RemediesToothache and Tooth Abscess Remedies from the Earth Clinic Library of . An Overview of Dental AbscessesA dental abscess is an infection of the mouth, face, jaw, or throat that begins as a . Help Stop Teeth from Getting Infected - Remedies for Tooth InfectionsHomeopathic remedies to reduce tooth infections and help prevent teeth from getting .
Activated Charcoal for Dental Infections - Charcoal RemediesUSP activated charcoal is also a simple home remedy for canker sores.
If it is not treated, it can become worse and may require surgical intervention to drain the pus.
One of the first things that can be done is to alleviate the pain arising from a dental abscess. In some very severe cases of tooth abscess, cutting open the abscess may be the only option.
Root canal therapy may be used in conjunction with antibiotics especially if the infection emanated from the gums or the teeth.
If you do not have immediate access to a dentist, applying warm compresses to the side of the cheek can help you deal with the pain.
If there is a lot of inflammation and your jaw has swollen up, it will be a good idea to apply an ice pack as this will help to bring down the swelling considerably. Overhaul your diet especially if you are eating too much of sugary, starchy and refined food which plays havoc with your teeth and leads to dental caries and cavities.

You can use a clove oil mouthwash, which acts like an antimicrobial solution and also helps to relieve pain.
Alternately, you can crush some garlic with a pestle and apply the crushed garlic directly on the area of the infection. Burdock root has medicinal properties and is one of the best herbal remedy for skin abscess. If an abscess progresses far enough, Chicago patients may need much more that just a tooth extraction to prevent the bacteria from traveling throughout the body.
A cavernous sinus thrombosis is usually a complication of an infection of the central face, paranasal sinuses, bacteremia, trauma, and infections of the ear or maxillary (upper) teeth. Since the cavernous sinuses receive blood via this distribution, infections of the upper teeth and face can spread easily via the facial vein into this complex of veins.  The infection causes an inflammatory thrombotic reaction in the vasculature and cavernous sinus cavities leading to a host of severe symptoms. Patients with cavernous sinus thrombosis are also likely to develop acute headaches early on.  Signs of sepsis are an indication of severe progression. If a dental abscess is treated early, before the bacteria have a chance to spread to nearby structures, the bacteria can be contained and removed from the mouth. If you feel that you may have a dental abscess, consult with our oral surgeon serving Chicago IL and the surrounding Chicago-land suburbs to get a confirmed diagnosis and to begin planning for treatment. A home remedy for an abscessed tooth is to pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile to drain the infection. It's not advisable to treat a dental abscess at home, but there are home remedies for treating the symptoms. People who suffer with abscesses of the tooth know the pain involved, the sheer discomfort can be agonizing.
Bacteria from the gums can enter the jaw, the cheek, beneath the tongue and other parts of the oral cavity to cause infection.
In this, the surgeon will administer some local anaesthetic and put a cut into the abscess to drain all the pus. If the infection is in its initial stages, a round of antibiotics taken over a few days will help to arrest the infection and actually reverse the abscess. In this, the dentist will do a proper root canal procedure to numb and destroy the roots of the tooth so that the patient can feel no pain.
If caught early, the prognosis after a root canal is very good and the patient recovers very quickly. Most people are slack and careless with their oral hygiene, which is why they come down with cavities, and tooth abscesses. This will prevent future build up of bacteria and germs especially while the wound is still healing. Put just 2-3 drops of clove oil into the warm water and make sure you rinse your mouth effectively. The clove oil will also help to numb the pain and bring relief.
Prevention by following scrupulous oral hygiene will save you a lot of unnecessary pain and costly dental visits. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

A CST is generally a sudden and severe process with high rates of morbidity and mortality.  Yes, once again, as with Ludwig’s angina and mediastinitis, you can die from a tooth abscess that leads to a CST! Most of the time dental abscesses occur due to poor oral hygiene and severely decayed teeth.
The pain can be very intense starting from the tooth and gum and radiating all the way to the jaw.
If you are planning to take some aspirin orally, make sure that you first speak to the doctor. Taking garlic in the form of pills along with your regular course of antibiotics helps in dealing with the infection. In fact, you can follow this routine on a daily basis, to protect your mouth and gums from tooth abscesses. You must consume Burdock root after simmering its slices for twenty minutes until it is tender.
Roughly one sixth of patients are left with some degree of visual impairment, and one half have cranial nerve deficits. The patient will have to keep coming for regular doctor visits until the wound completely heals.
The abscess can drain by itself but sometimes, this task has to be done by a doctor.The main cause of abscess is blockage of the oil and sweat glands and punctures in the skin. Add this mixture to boiling water and let it steep for three hours. Strain the solution and use it as a wash for the affected skin. However, later on the garlic mixed with lemon juice will help in fighting the infection responsible for the abscess.
There is deposition of liquid in the abscess and it is filled with dead cells and bacteria.
If you have abscess on the face, you can wash the face with the above-prepared solution thrice daily. If there is abscess on the gums, use the solution as a gargle but take care not to take the solution inside and remember to spit it out. The following herbal remedies for skin abscesses have been found to be very useful in treating the condition. Your veterinarian will perform an examination and take dental X-rays of your cat to confirm that an abscess is the problem.
A dental flush is provided by a veterinarian and involves draining the abscess under sterile conditions and flushing the cavity created with a sterile solution.
In cases of severe infection, the tooth should be surgically removed by a veterinarian to prevent further infection or complications. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.

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