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Whenever we need a beauty treatment like a facial, most of us directly head to an expensive beauty parlor. Estimated cost: It is free of cost since you are using materials that are already available in your house.
Your skin will become fresh and the mask has a very regenerating, cleansing and toning property which is suitable for the summer season.
The mask provides a lot of nourishment to the skin and is very good for those people who have lines and wrinkles.
Yogurt if mixed with one teaspoon of sugar and massaged gently on the face can act as a very good exfoliant. Next: Does marshmallow vanishing cream show good results in getting rid of acne scars without being greasy? You don’t have to use vodka in the recipe at all, but I like to include it otherwise my frozen yogurts and sorbets becomes giant blocks of fruity ice.

You can get away with using moderately lifeless strawberries for this recipe because the added sugar helps to enhance the flavor, but that’s not how I roll. After the berries macerate for an hour, drop them into a blender or food processor with the rest of the ingredients (just the yogurt and lemon juice) and blend it up.
When the yogurt is done in the ice cream machine, you can eat it soft or put it in a container and freeze it for scoopable frozen yogurt.
Irene – I’m sure if you searched about you should be able to get SOME kind of good berries! Little do we realize that in order to look good and keep our skin glowing, it is not always necessary to spend on costly beauty treatments. Apply plain yogurt directly to your face and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off.
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It would be a great way to make myself eat the bland (non-organic) strawberries we get in NYC. I got to chat with them at a food expo here in Cali, it seems like a lot of people are requesting they make plain.
Ergul – I think adding a little sugar helps to macerate the berries and make them more palatable. Just have a peep into your kitchen and you will find numerous simple things that can add a sparkle to your skin without having you to spend even a penny. Yogurt is found in almost all houses and the best part about it is that you can even use it after it is spoiled.

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