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Yeasts infections are irritating and can be quite depressing too, but taking extra precaution and timely treatment can save you all the embarrassment.
Candida yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, is fungal infection usually occurring in the oral cavity (thrush), vagina, skin, diaper rash or the nail bed.
In the earlier stages, it shows up as a pale or white colored growth on the affected area, accompanied by inflammation or irritation. Oral fungal infections can be very disturbing and embarrassing, but luckily, there are a lot of treatment options available.
People using dentures should make sure they clean them before using them and make it a point to maintain optimum oral hygiene. These are to be massaged on the affected area for usually 1-7 days, depending on their formulation and the severity of your condition.
Majority of the people who experience fungal yeast infection, particularly the chronic and recurrent cases, find it hard to determine a single yeast infection cure. There are several ways on how garlic is used as yeast infection cure depending on which part of the body is infected. Just as friendly suggestion (not professional advice), have you tried to control your diet and reduce sugar intake? About UsAt Yeast Infection Fast Relief dot Com, we try to provide highest quality of articles and information related to yeast infection. Start sharing your experience, story, insides, remedies, recipes with our readers, with our community. Men normally catch yeast infections from sexual intercourse with an infected partner, antibiotics, and drinking too much alcohol. When a man catches a yeast infection he will notice symptoms such as dry flaky skin, jock itch, rash on and around the genital area, and unwanted penile discharges.
The live acidophilus cultures in plain yogurt make it one of the best home remedies for yeast infections. You can use coconut oil by applying it directly to the infected areas on your skin to stop symptoms like itching, burning, and irritation. Limiting sugar intake is important for men to get rid of the yeast infection and keep it from returning.
Men can also use apple cider vinegar to treat themselves by applying the raw vinegar to their skin.
The natural antibacterial properties in aloe vera gel make it an effective treatment for yeast infections.
A reduced immune system and prolonged intake of antibiotics are a few reasons for yeast attacks. It is widely exploited for its antibacterial and antifungal properties for centuries.
Sometimes, the yeast will get inactivated and die even before the person can experience any symptoms.

This infection usually occurs in moist and humid areas of the body, a favorable environment for the growth of this yeast. It is important to treat this infection as soon as it is diagnosed to prevent further spread of the yeast and reduce the severity of symptoms. Since the area in the diaper is most likely to be wet, it is an easy target for both fungal and bacterial infections. For children suffering from thrush, mothers should check for candida infection before continuing breastfeeding them.
Maintaining cleanliness and personal hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent the spread of the infection and increase the severity of the condition. Pregnant women should consult a gynecologist before applying these creams to avoid possible complications. Lactobacillus-rich food like milk and milk products help maintain a healthy pH in the vagina, thereby discouraging growth of candida albicans.
However, being discovered as an alternative medicine to various conditions, researchers and experts explore more about this food ingredient. Besides, bakers are even aware that breads and other pastries that require garlic have special preparations. It can be taken orally like antifungal tablets if the fungal infection is within the gastrointestinal tract. It is characterized by inflammation, redness, pain and itchiness (pruritus) in the vulva and vagina. If the fungal infection just started, a whole peeled clove of garlic can be inserted into the vaginal opening during night time and leave it there until morning comes. One type of treatment may relieve someone from the signs and symptoms of the said fungal infection while others take the relief from other types of cure.
Simply eat a clove of garlic 2 or 3 times each day to start killing the yeast bacteria in your system.
You can take the yogurt and apply it directly onto the affected area on your genitals or skin. The coconut oil will also help heal any cracks or scratches on your foreskin caused by the yeast fungus.
Ofcourse there are plenty more out there that you can be using to treat yourself naturally. Initially thought to be predominant in females, these days’ men are also affected by these infections. Because yeasts thrive on acidic environment, yogurt will help neutralize the condition and prevent growth or formation of yeasts on the body. Some studies also suggest that an application of petroleum jelly or barrier creams like zinc oxide before giving your baby a bath may also be beneficial in preventing and treating the condition. Also, gargling with antifungal agents like Mycostatin, Nilstat and Biostatin can reduce the fungal infection to a considerable extent.

Miconazole, Butoconazole and Ticoconazole are among the best treatments your physician may suggest to treat the vaginal infection.
Without knowing, an efficient home remedy can relieve yeast fungal infection and it is available in the kitchen; no other than garlic. Usually, garlic is added when the dough has already risen because the antifungal property of garlic will alter the function of the yeast and the dough will end up flat. Some women have a distinct discharge which often appear like cottage cheese and smells like yeast but not malodorous. However, if more severe symptoms are already manifesting such as the cheesy vaginal discharge, a clove of garlic can be sliced into halves and insert half of it into the vagina.
Hence, take into consideration that if other treatments are not effective, then garlic can be the definite resolution to one’s suffering from yeast infection. If you don’t like the taste of garlic you can take it in the supplement form to help stop symptoms.
The gel will quickly give you relief from symptoms and consistently using the gel will completely get rid of your yeast problem. However, it takes a longer time to diagnose and detect yeast infestations in men complicating the condition further. Secondly, there are a lot of OTC antifungal creams available which usually reduce and remove the infection within 4-7 days.
Moreover, garlic brings good news to the yeast infection sufferers because it can relieve yeast overgrowth as well. In fact, garlic can completely kill the yeast so it is added when the dough is about to be placed in the oven for baking.
In this case, a paste form of garlic can be applied around the vulva and skin around the genital area which are affected by yeast infection.
Any cut into the surface of the garlic’s clove actually makes the effect of garlic more potent. In some cases, the entire treatment can last for just a couple of days but in other cases, it might even take a year to get rid of the disease completely. Just pound it until it is crushed and when its texture is pasty, apply it into the skin which has overgrowth of yeast for at least once a day.
While a clove of garlic can be used as vaginal suppository to treat the inner portion of the genitalia, particularly the vagina. Just ensure to tie something on it or stitch a string on the midpoint of the clove before inserting it. One of the indications that the garlic is completely removed from the vagina is that the garlic after-taste that is usually experienced while the garlic is inside will be gone.

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