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Kat stood in the cemetery, biting her bottom lip lightly as she watched the head witch of their coven begin the spell. Shay looked at Lyla when she asked him to show her around, "Sure thing." He said as he walked with her.
Shay looked at her, "Look if the witches are on a vengeance then they are gonna go after you and your family.
Rifling through my closet has become an exercise in shame avoidance, thanks to the overflow of clothes I know I never wear but can’t quite seem to get rid of. You’d think this routine would result in a pristinely curated selection of the pieces I love, and nothing more, but that desire remains a dream.
Well, I dove into the research around hoarding, and it provided some surprisingly comforting details. Now, holding on to a few too many Net-a-Porter or Zara finds may not render me the next pop art icon, but I’ll still happily take the comparison.
Hafele Bronze Belt Rack ($33)What’s the best closet-cleaning tip you’ve ever received? Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! 2nd option: mod the reservoir to better trap bubbles or replace it altogether with something like Swiftech res.
If the res is a bit higher, you could use a tube extension on the intake so the input - output is not so close together and thus bubbles coming into the res have a chance to surface.
I cant use a tube extension because my res is near the radiator and I dont want to mount the pump lower because I m waiting 2 5970s so it ll bother the cards because they re quite long. It'll be incredibly hard to bleed unless you run an additional line on top of the res and fill it up completely.
Don't forget to top off the reservoir to the brim every time you see ANY air in the reservoir. 1.10 degree case inclination to left then run pump in that position for 5-10 minutes, keep going until the pump is in danger of pulling air from the res but stop before it gets to that point.
All the while watching to make sure your pump doesn't intake any of the air in the res undoing all the bleeding work. If you're afraid that the bubbles are air being reintroduced into your loop, just check your res.
If you want an instruction set, just put the pump low, then GRADUALLY set it ONE notch higher AFTER you don't see much bubbles.
They were trying to summon a demon to help protect them from the dangers of the other creatures that were near.
She was made aware of this when, after ordering her coffee she decided to walk around the downtown of the sleepy little place she and her clan had decided to recently make home. He looked over as his dad spoke, No need to clean up for us Shay stepped inside with his father and looked around.
She leaned against the loveseat which her parents were seated on as the pack was seated on their couch. A run outside would do her good; with the threat of witches, escaping hunters- everything felt like too much. No matter how many how-to listicles or cult-favorite books I read on the matter of decluttering, I fail to beat the closet bulge.
While I do like to hold on to mementos for perhaps longer than I should (handwritten notes, for example), I’ve gotten pretty good at cutting everything else down to the bare minimum, be it my beloved books, magazines (they all go now), papers, beauty products, etc. I am admittedly quite sensitive, and have always been wildly imaginative—envisioning the future (or, shall I say, a future) sometimes too thoroughly for my own good. That, or it sparks memories of a comforting place or time (anything with bad juju is much easier for me to let go of), reminiscences that I worry would be less frequent if I were to simply throw them out.
It was a supernatural hotspot, a fact which was made all too aware to the petite werecat as she wandered down the sidewalks of the town, exploring what was there. That was a lie, but she wasn't about to let this wolf try to bully her in the middle of town.
She knew how dangerous witches could be; and she didn't want her clan to get caught up in another's war. When I face my closet, these qualities seem to ramp up in a way they just don’t with other objects. Is it really so bad to want a few extra items around that help recall a happy time, or keep me hopeful and striving for more in the future? Kat stepped forward, knowing that she was the one who's blood was going to summon the demon. She was poking around a few clothing racks outside some boutique store, her eye caught by a cute summer dress when she noticed him. But on the way back, she couldn't help but steal glances out of the corner of her eye towards Shay. He was a few yards ahead of her, his Aegean depths piercing and pure, even from a distance.
Don't tell me there isn't more of you because I can smell their filthy feline scent on you." Oh, if she was offended before, she was now rather cross. Her Clan detested wolves, though logically she knew that because of their presence hunters wouldn't think to look for them here. They weren't accusing them of harassing her which Lyla had been a little worried her dad was going to do. She followed Shay to the door, though paused at the living room where her parents were in deep conversation with Shay's. He looked panicked, upset, angry; and as much as she found him irritating at times, she didn't like to see him like this. It was when the wind blew, the shift in the wind bringing a rather familiar and dangerous scent.
Don't tell me there isn't more of you because i can smell their filthy feline scent on you." He said. They seemed to be getting along though Ava paused when she noted her daughter in the doorway.
Sure the coven was strong, but things were only getting worse.Kat gasped when she felt the knife cut her hand. He couldn't wait to give them the news about a new creature.Shay stepped onto the street, smiling as he inhaled the air.
If this was true, wouldn't it make sense to join the wolves in their crusade to either make peace or destroy the witches?
She wasn't sure if this was a threat, a warning ,or him simply refusing to believe that her Clan wanted to steer very clear of werewolves. He looked down at her, waiting for her to catch up.He ran til he came to his territory, stopping when he saw one of his friends staggering through the woods. They had pushed the vampires into the shadows and the coven of witches tended to keep to themselves.Shay looked her over for a moment, she was small, but that meant nothing about her supernatural strength. We have fought too hard to gain control of this town and i won't have it ruined." When the male spoke, his voice was sure and confident.
Shay turned back to his normal form and changed into his clothes he left in the tree he was at.
We have fought too hard to gain control of this town and i won't have it ruined He spoke calmly and assertively. He walked with her, taking her back to her house.Shay walked inside going over to his dad and telling him what was going on.
I will go talk to Cynthia tonight Shay sighed when his dad said he was going to go talk to him.
He could never raise his voice, but yet he would be intimidating.We have reason to believe that the witches are cooking something up. But if the witches were on the warpath, and went after the wolves and they were wiped out- who would be left to help the cats?
He knew by himself they could take him, but not as a pack.Shay walked through the town the next morning with his friends, looking around.
Though we aren't concerned about them because we did away with their most powerful witch years ago. They would either parish or have to run again- and she didn't want to put the Clan through that again.They were nearly to the house when she jogged a few steps, catching up to Shay and bumping him with her hip. Although, to be fair werecats were normally just as territorial and aggressive towards wolves. Can i have your word you won't disturb the peace we have over this land?" It was at this Lyla had stiffened. Shay sighed as he stepped towards her again, looking down at her.Kat jumped when she saw someone come into her room. The memory of searing flesh, fire and gold-tipped weapons sent a shiver up Lyla's spine.Never again would her Clan face something like that- she would do her damned best to make sure. So okay, maybe Lyla was less Switzerland than she thought, and maybe Britain- but what else could she do?
He stared in shock when the young girl ripped the skin from the older witch leaving nothing but her muscles. Hopefully her Clan could just stay out of it.She didn't dare speak, while she was to be the next Diente, her mother was the current one and she was the one who made the decisions.
Already Lyla could tell there was going to be a lot of space to run around; and her clan as long as they didn't get dragged into any supernatural wars, were going to be happy here. The flight part of her brain's war won out and keeping her head down Lyla made her way into the store. Their parents were both still talking in hushed voices, though they abruptly stopped when the two heirs walked into the living room. She couldn't sleep because she felt like someone was watching her.Shay stood on a cliff that looked over the town and scanned the area.

So quaint." She didn't think the wolves would just sit back on their heels if they knew her clan was weak from the hunters. They are constantly fighting with each other and they expect us to do their bidding for them. They were going to be angry, and Lyla was going to have to do her best to convince them that the Clan wasn't in danger.
She seemed innocent but he wasn't so sure about that.Kat looked at him, "Of course they know.
Ava looked concerned at the shadow on her daughter's face, and said nothing when she noted the leaves and twigs in her hair from the run. They have no idea what we are capable of and i want them to know i can wipe them off this earth if i really wanted to." She said as she looked at him. Being next in line for the Clan's Diente meant that they were often overprotective of her; and they were going to be furious that she had put herself in a situation like this. Shivering at the memory she didn't notice he'd stepped back until his shadow fell across Lyla's form once again. The walk back was bleak, the skies were dark and by the time she managed to find her way home, a light rain had begun to fall. With trembling hands Lyla made her way to the back of the store's aisle of clothing, pretending to consider a faux leather jacket.Thinking she was in the clear, Lyla was about to call her mom to pick her up when the doorbell of the shop rang. Needless to say Lyla Silvermen was rather cross by the time she yanked the door open, storming into the spacious home and kicking her shoes off. She really didn't want to fight, and Lyla was really cursing herself for not listening to her mother and father to stay home. There'll be no trouble from us." That was a little more information than Lyla would of given- but she could see why her mother was being so honest. Where in God's name have you been?!" Almost at once her mother's voice shrilled from the kitchen. There wasn't really even any place to hide as the shop had a pretty open layout, save for the tiny corner she was pretending to shop in, while keeping an eye on the male out of the corner of her eye.
This town is being over run by supernatural creatures that are trying to kill off our coven." She said. If the stony expression he was giving her was anything to go by- this male didn't believe her reason; not that it was that convincing.
If I may ask, what exactly do you mean, the witches are cooking something up?" Ava carefully avoided asking what exactly the alpha meant when he said they'd done away with a powerful witch.
Her fur was a rich orange with a juxtapose of black stripes; while her face also bore white markings.
He watched as his father was murdered by this beast.Shay led them through the woods, retreating from the witch. Her delicate ears picked up that his heartbeat was strong and steady; not the least bit afraid of her. She gasped as the blackness crept into her eyes and she saw everything he had scene in the past. The back of each ear had a white dot and the thing that stood out were it's luminous green eyes.Her long sleek tail whipped side to side as she got used to her new center of gravity. Once she was almost ready Shay, a beautiful white wolf, larger than most threw her a glance before taking off into the woods.
She walked through the woods to meet the wolves the wind beginning to whip through the trees as she walked.Kat stopped when she saw the wolves and crossed her arms as she stared at them. Rather literally backed against a wall Lyla decided that she may as well attempt diplomacy.
She looked over as Cynthia talked, We are done serving you mutts Kat watched all of them waiting for them to make a move.
Half of her wanted to keep talking to him about everything, but the other half needed to get some rest for the next day.
Are you hurt?" Tomlin Silvermen hurried over to his daughter, examining her for bites or scratches. The unfamiliar growth and brush slowed her down time to time, but whenever she thought she'd lost her way- Lyla would catch a flash of white and she'd charge after him. She looked at him, "Sometimes i can't control it." She admitted to him as she walked into the room, shutting them inside.
Kat frowned when the lady brought up her mother.Her mother had been one of the most powerful witches in the town and had died a horrible death. It was beautiful, just enough forest that eventually gave 'way to rocky soil, and a cliff that was just right for sunbathing.
She was sick of waking up and wondering if there were hunters watching them.Or she supposed now if the witches were going to set their wroth on her small clan. She was about to find a good spot to make herself comfortable, maybe see if she could track down something to chase when Lyla's delicate ear's picked up on crashing, staggering footsteps. Were's should stick together right?" If the witches wanted a war, they'd have one regardless if the cat's wanted nothing to do with it.
However her guard was still up, turning so they were facing each other she noted the subtle scent of cigarettes that clung to him like an inoffensive cologne.
She didn't know what his plan was, but she couldn't exactly whip out her claws in the middle of the store.
We're just trying to live peacefully." She didn't know if he believed her, but a little bit of honesty on her part probably wouldn't hurt this situation. He wasn't exactly specific though."Tomlin's eyes flashed amber as if this were a personal offense to all werecats. Hopefully tonight they could avoid a war, but there was an ominous feeling in the pit of the brunette's stomach. That could spell trouble- tigers weren't exactly native to this region.Her fears were assuaged when a wolf in human form approached them. If worse came to worse, she was pretty sure her shift could overpower a single wolf and make a run for it.
Scaring an unprotected woman." It wasn't exactly like that, though before she could protest her mother heaved a sigh. Through the clan-bonds Lyla felt her parents concern; though they made no move to go after her. Her sharp eyes could pick out the nasty burns around his neck, and by the way he was walking likely had a concussion. They had to continue talking with the wolves, trying to convince them that they meant no harm.
After few goodbyes, the wolves were gone, leaving the Silvermen family with one question- had they jumped out of the fire and into the frying pan?A somber heaviness fell over them for the rest of the day, with Tomlin going to his sister's to explain the situation. The sulfur stench, the screams and other horrors he couldn't even begin to explain were his daily life. And this is why I told you not to leave the yard." Her mother was not pleased and Lyla winced as she continued on. Making her way to the kitchen she poured herself a glass of water, sipping at it with a vacant stare. Unsure of what to do she was about to remain in her form until Shay threw a pair of clothes at her. She was had been scrolling through her phone when her mother knocked on the door letting Lyla know that it was time. Hearing footsteps she expected her father, or mother but rather a familial blue-eye wolf stood in the doorway. Tomlin saw them off at the door, giving his wife a silent worried look, and his daughter a hug before they set off. Gently picking them up in her mouth Lyla padded a little further into the treeline to change. Thankfully the wolves' territory wasn't too far from their own, and it didn't take them long to get to the meeting spot. We'll deal with all this in the morning." There was little room for argument so she nodded, and turned up the stairs. When that was done she carefully picked her way back to where the males were, picking up their conversation.
The wolves were already there and subconsciously she skimmed her gaze over them until she noted Shay.
This town is being over run by supernatural creatures that are trying to kill off our coven." Normally he wouldn't care less.
A few wolves noted their presence but other than weary looks no one said anything as they made their way to the alpha and his family. The tension was obvious on Shay's face, and as Ava and Shay's parents began conversing she nudged him, "Are you scared?
Wolf-boy likely knew the area, and if she wanted to go explore the woods having him as a guide would probably guarantee she wouldn't get lost.
He'd heard of demons being summoned before, but it was such a rare occurrence that he'd thought it'd been lies.
Still the greedy pile of sinful flesh that he'd overheard other upper-rank demons talking about?
They aren't working for us anymore Shay." She'd been leaning against a tree, the bark pressing into her flesh.
If it gets too intense for your family you are welcome to some stay with us." He said to them, taking his new role as leader serious. Anyway, one moment he was in his own plane, doing what he'd been created to do; and the next he was transported to a clearing.
When she did sleep, in her dreams she saw flames, snapping teeth, and heard the cries of her kin. Shay turned to him, "I don't recall asking your fucking opinion." He growled as he stepped towards the guy.

He couldn't really tell if it was normal or not, as this was the only room here he'd ever seen. Ambition that ran chills up his spine shone in Kat's hazel gaze, and he couldn't help the smirk on his lips.
His job was half-done; oh if they weren't frightened of him now, they'd be running for their hills after this. The connection was there, he was sure of it but it was faint.The demon paused, drinking in the lush surroundings. If someone was going to summon and control him; he couldn't imagine a better witch to do so. Her days came and went with no disturbance from the outside world.No witches or covens, or wolf with pack. He was practically vibrating with excitement as she finished getting ready, leading him out of the house. Instead of the rocky, barren soil of his plane, his feet were tickled by blades of soft grass. It was midday of the fourth day since her encounter with the absolutely not attractive irritating blue-eyed wolf, with still nothing. Overhead the harsh sunlight shone down on them and he smiled languidly as the rays warmed his skin. He was in rough shape but would be okay, and able to make it back to wherever it was he called home.
Ancient power of this town was palpable, and his mossy colored gaze took in the clearing with the sense of a newborn.
The walk downtown was pretty much just him listening to Kat as she explained how this all started, which side was more obnoxious- which apparently were the wolves. Before she could so much as react, her mother appeared from the other room walking briskly towards the door. Kat had gone through a lot of black magic to summon him, and he wanted at least one wolf rug before going back to hell. They were no longer to be the alpha of this town- their new alpha were going to be the witches.
What supernatural creatures exactly are we talking about?" Turning back he realized again she was staring. Before her was an unfamiliar man, with what looked like his wife; and it was when her gaze fell on a familiar blue-eyed werewolf did Lyla's breath catch. Their first stop was the clothing store, replacing the dirty looking rags he'd been transported in for something nicer. The connection, that pull he first felt when transported here became stronger, much, much stronger. Before anyone could say anything the graying male cleared his throat, "I think our families should talk." Family? Jeans that showed off his figure rather nicely, a men's tank-top patterned with black and white stripes, with a quarter-sleeve jean jacket and sunglasses. A creature who delighted in brutality was certainly not use to being around the company of a woman this exquisite looking. Checking himself out in the dingy mirror deciding this would do very nicely he watched as Kat did something up front before leaving.The human world was wonderful. Don't accept any peace offers until you showcase off our true power- until they're begging for your mercy and their grandchildren's grandchildren tell tales of why not to mess with a coven such as your's."He'd be disappointed if Kat's coven accepted a peace treaty. He moved further into the room, closing the door behind him as he sensed the presence of another. Her lifeforce was old, elderly so he assumed it wouldn't be hard to extinguish it should she cause a ruckus.Sitting on the bed, without really asking for her permission.
It felt like this was the place he was supposed to be.Quietly, he reached out turning the knob and opening the door.
Excuse the mess, we're just unpacking." Her mother spoke as she hurried to the living room, probably the cleanest part of the house. Well, there was a new apex predator in town now; and Matthew was going to make them submit to his summoner's coven.
If the witches truly wanted to be free from the wolves, wanted to be left in peace, wanted revenge for all the years of mistreatment- they wouldn't accept any surrenders until the wolves were drowning in the blood of their own, and numbers fatally crippled.
They needed to deal blows that wouldn't heal for years, and would leave lasting scars; a permanent shadowy stain on their history. They have no idea what we are capable of and i want them to know i can wipe them off this earth if i really wanted to." A tool to assert her dominance in the supernatural world? The second they were through the door Kat wasted no time in calling out, "Cynthia!" Almost at once a middle aged woman made her way towards him and Kat. The supernatural creatures of this town would remember why witches were, and always have been a force to be reckoned with. I must tell you he is more amazing than anything your mother ever conjured up."Okay, maybe Matt's ego was inflated just a liittlleee bit from this compliment. No supernatural creature will take you for granted again." Matthew promised, his dark eyes glinting with amusement and excitement.
Before this Cynthia could respond, not that he was all that interested in what she had to say, the doors were flung open.At once the stench of dog invaded his delicate senses and Matt narrowed his eyes with annoyance. Suddenly and all at once she let go of him; just as that familiar rush of power thrummed in her head. Hopefully if Matthew did a good job, he could convince Kat not to send him back to hell when she was done using him.
He was babbling that the witches had to help them, and thankfully Kat seemed to share his irritation.
It had been such a long time since he'd gotten to do anything other than torture tormented souls on the rack; and his life was in sore need for a change. Hell is boring." As he spoke he could feel his eyes flashing black, their true nature as he spoke languidly and quietly his brows knitted together. It wasn't terribly long to get to the meeting spot, and Matt would admit it was wise of them not to go to the witches' territory.
And if she so desired, she could let him stay on this plane.This plane that was infinitely better than the one he'd come from. There was so much to learn here, so much mischief to cause- Matt would hate to go back now.
He didn't say anything as he moved quicker than anyone had expected, hand firmly wrapping about the wolf's throat before tossing him as if he were a pile of straw. The spot was located in the woods, and Matthew could sense their life forces long before they reached the little clearing. His was difficult to pronounce, and if he was going to be on earth he may as well have a new name. Bigger than he'd expected and he'd have to admit- the witches had a pretty nice setup here.
Raising his hand, lifting the male up into the air he imagined invisible hands choking the male.
They had almost everything a witch could ever want or need.A room which held alchemy like ingredients, tables that had goblets holding crystals. At once it felt like air was rushing through his skin and Matt couldn't help the shocked little gasp. It was when his lips were turning purple did Matthew release him; dropping the mutt to the floor in a heap. The tour ended in a room filled with plants; though the second that Kat stepped foot into the room they began to wither. And make sure to tell your pack the witches have officially withdrawn their support." The display of his demonic abilities hadn't even left him in a light sweat as the wolf scrambled out the door rather quickly. For too long they have rolled over onto their backs and taken whatever shit you've thrown at them. You lost your respect for the witches long ago, and from this moment on witches will not help you. He had felt her rush of power, but didn't know what exactly had happened and he felt like maybe he shouldn't ask. Should we see you around our territory, we will not hesitate to take actions to protect ourselves.
Heed my warning or learn the meaning of fear- these witches are not your's to bully around any longer. Besides, I often find control overrated." Matthew looked positively devilish as his gaze drifted to the flower.
Questions?" Black rushed forth covering his eyes as Matt revealed his true nature, a sinister grin curling onto his lips. He was sure that these wolves would rebel against his word, and as soon as they did he would be there to slice them down.
It'd been ages since he'd been summoned, and an even longer time since someone who was worthy of summoning him did so.
He had his doubts about her at first, but he was growing more confident that she was worthy. I'll fight for your cause, fall on your enemies claws for you, and do my best to drag as many to hell as I can.
When I've done that- then you may thank me." He stated, getting back up to his feet and brushing his knees off. If she's a weak leader, well that's worse than being no leader at all." He offered, in his smooth, rich tone.

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