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If you’re suffering from acne you have probably tried countless topical pharmaceutical products in the past that have promised to rid you of or at least quell the symptoms of this condition.
Tea tree oil is a 100% natural product derived from Melaleuca alternifolia also known as narrow leaved paper bark (a tall shrub native to Australia).
So the question of whether tea tree oil is an adequate replacement for benzoyl peroxide, appears to be true according to this study. DonateIf you found this website helpful and wish to donate, please use the paypal link below.
All information on is intended for informational and educational purposes and exists on the grounds of free speech. Now-a-days the tea tree oil is often added to shampoos, especially for oily hair and means to care for problem skin. Tea tree oil for hair can be used with the base oil for body wraps, as one of the components of masks for problem hair, for aromatic combing, enriching shampoos and conditioners, for masks. If you do not want to abandon the use of your means for hair, and you do not always have time to make a mask for hair with tea tree oil, you can always enrich your usual shampoo by adding to it 2-3drops of essential tea tree oil for 100 gram of shampoo.
After you need to mix oils in the proportion – one tablespoon of basis for two or three drops of oil of tea tree.
The resulting composition is typically applied to the scalp underneath the film for half an hour, and then rinsed with warm water.
Choose the basis oils not only on the basis of their properties, we recommend to pay attention on their smell, how pleasant it is for you or not, and ease of application. The oils of grapefruit, lemon, patchouli, bergamot, eucalyptus to eliminate excessive greasiness of the scalp.
The oils of rosemary, fir, ylang-ylang, cloves, cinnamon, lemon balm and fir for faster hair growth. Tea tree oil can be added to any popular hair mask if you think that you need to strengthen your hair, get rid of dandruff or accelerate their growth. Well, paired with lavender oil tea tree does work wonders to your mood. Tea tree oil is not only a means for hair care, but also a unique natural antidepressant, with which you gradually relax, removing from their shoulders the entire load accumulated during the day problems. The symptoms of CNS depression can include mild stupor, clumsiness, convulsions, and in cases of poisoning even death.

Unfortunately many of these products carry with them detrimental side-effects that can make your symptoms worse in the long run. It was initially used by locals as a means to treat the symptoms of colds and flu by inhaling the oil extracted from the tree. From my own personal experience I found tea tree oil to work far better than the benzoyl peroxide cream I was prescribed by my doctor, while on benzoyl peroxide for around a year and a half, my skin felt like it was burning, I also experienced severe drying of the skin and bleaching of my facial hair; something I thought was temporary, however to this day I still have several white hairs as a result of using this product.
The notion of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is highly important to put into practice to combat this condition.
It is important however that you dilute this oil before applying on your skin, since 100% pure tea tree oil will cause severe irritation.
In many cosmetic manufacturers, who position themselves as «organic», you can find the series of means with this essential oil.
The oil can be stored up to five years, but only in a dark glass, so if you get oil in plastic, but still transparent, most likely, it will be not very effective.
In order to achieve the stable results apply such wrap once a week, a course for a couple of months.
Just a couple of weeks of such procedures performed regularly before going to sleep, you will notice not only a significant improvement in the hair, but the fact that you sleep more soundly.
The most prescribed topical product is known as benzoyl peroxide, which works primarily as a peeling agent, it increases the rate at which your skin sheds and also contains antibacterial properties to fight the microbes responsible for acne formation. In clinical trials, It has been demonstrated to possess strong antimicrobial properties capable of eradicating even the MRSA bacterium. Pleasantly however I noticed while using tea tree oil that the hyperpigmentation did not stick around anywhere near as long as it did when I was using benzoyl peroxide. The real cause of acne is due to an imbalance within the body; sometimes hormonal such as in those going through puberty, however for those whose acne condition continues well after puberty, the primary cause is usually down to diet and environmental stress.
I battled for years against this condition, experimented with countless topical products both natural and pharmaceutical, with varying results. While benzoyl peroxide does its job and does its job well in some cases, many individuals experience side-effects sometimes worse than the acne condition itself, such as itching, burning, extreme dry skin, redness and sometimes swelling.
In a study conducted by the Department of dermatology in Australia’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, a 5% tea tree oil solution was compared with the efficacy of 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion in a trial conducted on 124 participants.

What is important, because clumsily deleted pimples often leave deep scars, which remove only by acid peels or laser.
Benzoyl peroxide also promotes the formation of free radicals within the body which increases the amount of time your skin will take to heal; it is commonly known to those using this topical drug that hyperpigmentation of the skin can take up to 3 weeks longer to clear.
It was shown by the researchers that both demonstrated similar acne fighting properties; however those treated with tea tree oil experienced far less side-effects than those who were treated with the benzoyl peroxide solution.
Fruit and vegetables contain essential enzymes required for your body to function normally in addition to the nutrients and vitamins present. Your body already has enough toxins to deal with without adding to the toxic load with the pesticides present in standard over-the-counter tea tree oil. Additionally, tolerance to ultraviolet rays from the sun diminishes significantly, increasing the risk of sunburn. Without your daily dose of fruit and veg, your body must tap into its own reserves of enzymes to digest food. Many of the enzymes present in fruit and veg that are essential for digestion cannot be manufactured by the body and must be derived directly from food sources that contain them. Tea tree oil is one such natural alternative, but is tea tree oil actually a good treatment for acne?
When food is improperly digested due to a lack of the appropriate enzymes, it forms a toxic imbalance; these toxins must be eliminated from the body in some way, one of the ways your body deals with this toxic overload is by unloading them through the pores of your skin, these toxins are ripe grounds for the bacteria that cause acne.
So it is highly important that you reinvigorate your body with the essential enzymes and nutrients it needs to remove the toxins before they are expelled through your skin. Please do read our guide on the best foods to get rid of acne, with this I promise you that your acne condition will at the very least be substantially reduced if not completely cured given some time.

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