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I get so many emails where people experience a host of problems with their dog and I know immediately as they explain the symptoms that their dog has worms.
In this series of articles I cover the most common types of worms that infect dogs and how to provide proper treatment against common intestinal dog worms as well as other worm types that can cripple and even kill your dog. As always when talking health matters, I advice that you see a professional Vet, as there is no substitute for their hands on experience when dealing with various types of dog worms. I will also tell you how the big kennels treat their dogs for worms and how you can treat a dog for worms cheap.
For intestinal worms, I use Fenbendazole, the active ingredient in Panacur and Safe-Guard. Few large kennels buy pet owner canine deworming medicine because of the premium price of pet owner prepared health products worm medicine included. There is a lot of information on the internet in regards to dosage for the liquid worm medicince Safe-Guard® 10% Suspension for Cattle and Goats; so do your homework. When I was a kid, my mum used to feed me with a teaspoon of antibiotic-like syrups and was told it is to kills the worm in the stomach.
Vermox tablets are highly effective against pinworms or threadworms - the most common type of worm infection in developed countries. Other worm infections such as Roundworm, Whipworm and Hookworm may also be treated with Vermox but you should seek medical advice first as these conditions can be hard to diagnose. Important: As worms are highly contagious, you need to ensure that your whole family or household takes the worm treatment, whether they have shown the symptoms of worms or not. The tablets should be crushed before you give them to young children, and they may prefer vermox suspension, the liquid form that also contains mebendazole.
All worm treatments only kill adult worms present in the gut at the time the medication is taken. For that reason, it is a good idea to re-check for worms 2-4 weeks after the first dose to ensure a second dose is not required.

Vermox tablets are usually well tolerated at the recommended dose, however, there may be unwanted side effects in a few people. Science has a new weapon in the global war against parasitic worms that kill hundreds of thousands or people annually: xWORM. While testing various drugs, parasitologists spend interminable hours staring down microscopes, checking whether the worms are dead or alive after being exposed to the drug.
Inspiration stuck when Dr Smout was using another piece of laboratory equipment, an xCELLigence E-Plate commonly used to monitor cell proliferation in cancers. Dr Smout worked with scientists from ACEA Biosciences and George Washington University where the E-Plate and the xCELLigence system were originally developed.
Despite containing gold microelectrodes, E-Plates have proven cost-effective because they can be cleaned and re-used, meaning it costs only US$0.05 to perform each test. Although this was not a use envisaged for the E-Plates, ACEA's Vice-President Yama Abassi has welcomed this innovative application. Rising testosterone levels in male slow worms at breeding season may make them more susceptible to infections, say NERC-funded scientists.
New research has shed light on the complex exchange of parasitic worms between wildlife, rats and humans.
It is the best treatment for canine worms and the safest according to a number of studies for many types of dog worms. The liquid inside do look like those common antibiotic syrup which I really hates it but from what I was told, it wont taste the same. It takes 3 days for the medicine to work all the way through the intestine and kill all the worms.
Caution should be taken if you suffer from acute liver disease or are taking the Cimetidine anti-ulcer medication.
This second dose will kill the remaining worms that were eggs at the time the first dose was taken.

With some adaptation, we found we could place parasitic worms into the wells, add a drug, and then use the xCELLigence system to measure the motility, or amount of worm wiggle," he said. My lab is using it as part of our investigations of the different life cycle stages of the blood fluke parasite Schistosoma mansoni, which is also known in tropical tourist hotspots as bilharzia or snail fever," he said. Fenbendazole has been used heavily for worms since the mid 1970's for both pets and livestock.
Worrying this could be possible reason of why my stomach behave strangely (as in it gets hungry when the clock hits 12), I thought I should give feed myself with the medicine. What shocked me was, I need to complete the whole bottle (although the bottle looks small but if it tasted awfully shucks then it does killing me softly). In either of these cases, long-term use of mebendazole can lead to excessive plasma concentration in the blood when the liver does not break down mebendazole sufficiently. It has a fairly wide safety margin as a wormer and is said to be safe for treating pregnant dogs for worms.
Mr Pitbull shows you how to SAVE BIG BUCKS while providing the highest level of health care for your Pitbull. But after taking a little sip of it, behold, it really didn’t taste that bad after all. It didn’t taste bitter, it didnt even have those awful smell but alittle sweet infact.

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