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I don't know who Mitsuki is, and I thought you said Mizuki for a second there!, because I don't read the latest stuff or watch it. New series - I assume they're doing another - isn't out, haven't seen the new movie, but I've read the 10-chapter spinoff and the Rock Lee-esque manga special they did, too. Ninja pals is pretty good, though the anime for it is better and longer than the manga from what I can tell.
If you stop a majority of animations doing fast motion at the right frame, you can get some pretty silly things that you wouldn't notice from watching it normally. Pein vs Naruto, for instance, didn't really have much fighting with Pein and the 7-Tailed Naruto.

Just that their animators probably went a little too far in some motions, which is why stuff like that happened. They stopped the anime for a 20 episode filler a bit ago for no reason, and that was after the manga had already ended. It was kind of over rather quickly in the manga, but the animators filled in the missing parts, which caused stuff like this to happen.
What about when Madara had the Rinnegan too early, when Naruto used the first Rasengan on him? Bunny Mom's fight, for instance, was just Sasuke and Naruto trying to touch her chest at the same time.

Still, more content to me is good, at least non-filler content, for the most part ( like extra bits in fights ). Literally no point in having fillers, especially with characters that have already been dead for a long time, like Fuu.
Suddenly, I'm trapped in a giant ball of rocks and I'm talking to Dad!" Fight over, more or less.

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