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Natural antibiotics are those remedies that are capable of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms or delete them. Besides garlics and onions, very known for its antibiotic properties, we can point to a number of foods that will help us to combat infectious diseases. A team of researchers at the Croatian pharmaceutical company Pliva, Gabrijela Kobrehel, Gorjana Radobolja-Lazarevski and Zrinka Tamburasev led by Dr.
Colloidal silver is an aqueous solution created when pure silver wires are electrified allowing for silver ions to mix with distilled water. There are an innumerable amount of benefits to taking colloidal silver, but here are a few key ones. To briefly describe myself, I am a student-athlete in an accelerated Electrical Engineering degree program.
After ten days of worsening conditions, and continued inflammation of all my lymph nodes in my neck, I knew what I had couldn’t be a viral infection.
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The reason for this property is due to its ability to stimulate the immune system, producing more white blood cells. The cineol component is a powerful natural antiseptic that kills bacteria that causeA bad breath, being a recognized remedy for halitosis. Rosemary herbal preparations can help fight germs of the respiratory tract or those causingA digestive diseases. Probably old people discovered these properties when they realized that the bodies found inside swarms were without rot because they were involved in a sticky substance.
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Colloidal silver can be dated back to the 1300s where wealthier elites consumed silver to prevent being infected with the Bubonic Plague.
For starters, colloidal silver can be used as a natural antibiotic in alternative medicine.
As many of us are already aware of, viruses cannot be cured with standard drugs or medicine.
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Used as a flavoring for food, at the same time, it prevents the proliferation of pathogens.
Such very well known edible fungi as mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) or milk caps (Lactarius deliciosus) have been proved to possess natural antibiotics in their composition.
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It was patented in 1981, and was later found by Pfizer's scientists while going through patent documents. Although it is claimed that consuming colloidal silver can yield to argyria, a condition where the skin can turn blue-grey, this is only the case if one consumes a bad batch of silver.
However, the intake of colloidal silver has been proven to alleviate, and even get rid of herpes, pneumonia, and shingles to name a few.
After only a week of being back in school, I came down with pounding headaches and inflammation in my neck. Make sure when buying colloidal silver to ensure that it contains nothing but silver and distilled water. In today’s pharmaceutical savvy society, new antibiotics have to continually be created to kill an increasing number of superbugs that are resistant to standard antibiotics.

Minus taking ibuprofen once a day to alleviate the horrible pains, I was not taking any supplements or medication. After a few short days the swelling in my neck died down, and my lymph nodes returned to their normal non-infected size.
Every few weeks I would have an outbreak, with the worst part being that I could not hide the outbreaks because they consumed most of my face.
More so, to add insult to injury, I visited my school’s Health Services after five days of worsening headaches and inflammation continued. I decided to continue the silver as a daily supplement, to see if it could curb my outbreaks. Antibiotics just create a resistance or immunity to the bacteria that is causing an infection.
However, with colloidal silver the substance stops cellular respiration in the bacteria cells ultimately suffocating the cells. She told me to continue taking ibuprofen to reduce the swelling, but I didn’t because prolonged ibuprofen intake can lead to an eating away of the stomach. But what I can say is that by taking the colloidal silver whatever it was died and my good health had returned. I’m going on a year now without having a single outbreak, and to me that is remarkable.
The best part is, this process does not affect cellular respiration in normal cells found within the body because the process to stop cellular respiration is attracted to the sulfhyrdal (H) groups that surround bacteria.

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