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It is important to address all cases red eyes in dogs since many causes can lead to vision problems.
If you visit a veterinarian, your vet will irrigate the eye with water or sterile saline solution.
You can remove a foreign body from your dog's eye at home by yourself if you can see the object. As a virus, the best course of action for treating distemper in dogs is to address any symptoms. Glaucoma is a disease where fluid in the eye increases in pressure beyond normal levels, indicating that fluid is not draining properly.
For an infection caused by a virus, anti-inflammatory medication will be prescribed by your veterinarian.
If conjunctivitis is a frequent problem or if the eye always looks red, consider natural medicine to boost the health of the eye itself. The Dog Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.

In young dogs the most common cause is allergy or something in the environment that is irritating the eye. If your dog is acting healthy, and does not appear to be in pain, rinse the eye using a saline eyewash from any drugstore or one made for dog eye care such as OptiClear. Other symptoms beyond conjunctivitis are eye spasms (blepharospasm), pupil dilation and vision loss.
Conjunctivitis is very contagious, and you don't want to spread it from one eye to the next or make the condition worse if one eye is healing faster than the other.
Herbs such as Burdock (for cleansing), Rosemary (cleanse and soothe), Chelidonium majus (supports the immune system) and Meadowsweet (for soothing the eyes and conjunctiva). After gently squirting in the eye with a eye wash bulb or baster wipe around the eye with a tissue or cotton ball. In this test, an orange dye is put in your dog's eye and then the eye is examined under a special light. Dogs with distemper are treated with intravenous fluids if they have signs of anorexia (avoidance of food) or chronic diarrhea (to avoid dehydration). The best dog conjunctivitis cure or treatment approach are medications to lower the pressure (IOP) and surgery if needed.

Pet Alive Eye-Heal is worth researching as a natural treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis.
Any other foreign objects will show up, and also any scratches or damage to the cornea will show up. You can also use artificial tears, the kind made for humans, which are available at any pharmacy. Since it's impossible to know if the infection is viral or bacterial unless a cultural is done, and that takes time and can be costly, most vets will go ahead and prescribe antibiotics just to be on the safe side. Removing the foreign object is often a dog conjunctivitis cure in itself, but sometimes it has caused an infection in the eye, and then antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication is needed.

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