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Read on for some simple and proven herbal means of curing eye infection caused by chemicals, dust, smoke, microbes and allergic reactions.
Given below are few herbal remedies for patients suffering from sty, conjunctivitis or other infections of the eye. The rots of licorice are very effective in treating the signs and symptoms of acute conjunctivitis. Euphrasia is typically a flowering plant which is being increasingly used for treating eye infections. Very effective for soothing aggravating conditions caused by eye infections, jasmine water has long been used as a powerful medium for treating redness, inflammation, watering and swelling of eyes. A few drops of jasmine extract are enough to reduce the pain and itching caused due to the incidence of conjunctivitis. Also known as garden parsley, this powerful herbal remedy is used by practitioners for curing acute cases of conjunctivitis.
The antiviral and antimicrobial properties of gooseberry are being used for the treatment of eye infections caused by various forms of virus and bacteria.
Fresh and organic honey is a powerful herbal remedy for treating mild as well as severe eye infections. The disinfecting properties of honey help in cleaning eyes, removing infections and making them brighter than before. With these effective herbal remedies in place, you can safely bid goodbye to eye infections-in more ways than one! Pink eye is otherwise referred to as conjunctivitis is an infection caused in the inner layer of the eyelids or outer layer of the clear membrane that covers the eye. There are various types of conjunctivitis and thus the symptoms of pink eye also vary according to the intensity of the infections. Redness in the eye and hence referred to as pink eye, Unbearable irritation in the eyes, Discharge of water from the eyes, Swelling of the eyelids, Pain in the eyes, Difficult to see the bright light, Inflammation in the eyes, are some of the symptoms.
Apply the Chamomile tea bags in your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and now you will feel that your irritation in the eyes are reduced considerably. Dissolve some sea salt in warm water and use it like eye drops which is an additional home remedy for conjunctivitis. Try out these simple handy natural remedies at home to get rid of pink eye problems.
Akshi Tarpana is a unique procedure where medicated ghee is retained over the eyes for a specific amount of time.
A gentle massage is done on the head, eyes and face before a frame is made around both eyes. This Panchakarma treatment will provid strength to your eyes, an essential part of good eye health.
DISCLAIMER: Clients availing our services acknowledge the fact that Divya Ayurveda offers only general ayurvedic wellness therapies and even though it is reported to be beneficial for alleviating a number of disease conditions, our consultations, recommendations and therapies are not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating illness.
Eye infections in babies are caused due to many reasons and this infection easily affects them from the infancy to 2 years of age easily. When you see the symptom of eye infection in the infants just wash their eyes gently with cool disinfected water.
This is one of the important prevention of spreading allergies or the foreign bodies from one to others because the unclean hands are carriers of infections. The eye-bright has powerful cleansing and strengthening properties and it is very helpful for the eye infection.
The parents need to add 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 2 cups of water and should slightly warm it till the salt dissolves.
This herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful during the healing process of the infected eye of the infants.
On the other way the parents can boil the dried chamomile herb and collect the water and should mix a few drops of honey with it. Honey has been found to be an extremely effective natural remedy for the treatment of eye infection. When your infection is still in the early stages, sprinkling a few drops of breast milk in your eyes can do wonders. Apple cider vinegar can also do wonders to help you get rid of eye infections naturally because it contains malic acid that helps to fight against all kinds of bacterial infections.
Take a fistful of fresh or dried coriander and prepare a tea by boiling it in 2 cups of water. Though your diet doesn’t have any direct bearing on your eye infection, but certain nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, B6 and B12 are extremely important for healthy and well-functioning eyes. If your eyes are hurting and they appear irritable and watery, it could be the result of many complications.

You could have blurred vision if you are suffering from diabetes and your eyes could turn yellow if you are suffering from hepatitis. Boric Acid can also help to clean the infected eyes and a warm compress can help to remove much of the discomfort.
Calendula an antiseptic can be used against allergies and pollutants, and jasmine flowers that have been soaked in water can act as soothing eye drops to charm the pink eye. Its root extract can be used to reduce redness, alleviate painful conditions and decrease the incessant watering of infected eyes.
It is very effective in taking care of reduced vision caused due to redness, swelling, conjunctivitis, and eye strain. The medicinal and therapeutic properties of babul are used for curing the swelling and redness of infected eyes. Sambucus helps in restricting the growth and development of such virus and reduces the painful symptoms caused by the same. Though bitter in taste, orange root boasts of several anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The pink eye is followed by irritation in the white part of the eye, sometimes it is accompanied by swelling in the eye lids. If you come across certain symptoms then immediate action should be taken to get rid of pink eye problems.
Divya Ayurveda does not claim that our therapies will cure or diminish any specific disease and our therapies are not a replacement for medical care provided by a licensed primary care physician. These infections can also occur even while babies come through the birth canal or they are handed to the infected hands. This washing cleans out all the discharges temporarily along with reduction of pain and inflammations. They need to wash their baby’s eye with this sea-salt solution to make them free from watery discharges and crusts. So the parents need to boil 2 cups of water and then need to add 5 drops of chamomile oil in it. Then this intake should be given to the infants 2 times per a day to strengthen their immune system to resist any kinds of infections in their bodies.
There are a variety of forms of eye infections, amongst which the most common ones include conjunctivitis, blepharitis and styes. This is because breast milk contains immunoglobulin that helps in regulating the growth of bacteria. Simple dilute 1 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of cold water and use it to wash your eyes with the help of a cotton ball.
Besides this, minerals such as zinc and antioxidants like lutein are also important for maintaining good eye health.Therefore, you should consume fresh vegetables and fruits in abundant amounts as they are great sources of vitamins E and C. The dust, smoke and wind can also cause allergic reactions to the eyes resulting in pink eyes.
Tea bags can be boiled and placed on the infected eye and you can make a tea that is usually stronger and absorb the vapour of the tea in each of the eyes. Proper care and effective herbal remedies go a long way in keeping our eyes free from bacterial and viral infections. Licorice root extract is equally powerful in controlling the inflammation caused due to viral infections. Once the eyes are covered with the ghee, the patient opens and closes them several times before the ghee is removed.
Clients may continue to seek the advice of their primary care doctor and any specialists they have consulted and should not modify or suspend their medical treatment unless advised by their medical doctors. These eye infections have different names like strabismus, blocked tear duct, lazy eye and pink eye, etc.
As a result of which the chances of spreading of the infection to the other eye and to your body, becomes very less. The parents can pour 2 to 3 numbers of breast milk drops in the baby’s eyes with a sterilized dropper to reduce any kind of eye infections. To use this remedy, simply mix a few drops of raw or organic honey in a spoonful of rose water and drop it into the infected eyes with the help of a dropper.

Use this mixture to give your infected eye a wash twice each day till the infection subsides. Fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, herring and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids whereas milk, meat, whole grains and eggs provide zinc.
Exposure to some electric lights or in some cases the sunlight can aggravate the pink eye conditions. This also causes a blockage in the tear ducts or lot of drainage making the eyes dry or watery.
Compress with cotton balls that is soaked in warm water with some salt in it, helps kill the infection in a pink eye. But it is highly recommended that you repeat the process for another two days for complete cure of pink eye. The Ayurvedic professionals providing the Ayurveda consultation and therapies in Divya Ayurvedic Centers do not assume responsibility for treating any of the health problems of the clients and that responsibility rests solely with their primary care physician. During the infection there are several symptoms shows in babies such as; teary eye, swelling, itchiness, pain or white and yellow discharge from their eyes.
Then with the help of this cotton wool you need to sweep the outer and inner edges of the eye to clean all kinds of discharge and debris. Then just squeeze the liquid out of those balls and apply gently on the eyes of the infants. This procedure also reduces conjunctivitis in babies due to the medicinal effect of the breast milk. On the other way the parents can dip fresh cotton cloths in that solution and place those cloths on the eyelids of the infants to reduce their infections. Then those cotton balls should be placed on the eyelids of the infants to cure their eye infections. Though these infections are not serious in most cases but they can largely vary in severity and may sometimes even be grave enough to put the vision at risk.In most cases, natural and home treatment options suffice to restore the normal health of the eyes.
Alternatively, you can also prepare a cold eye bath by mixing 2 teaspoons of raw honey in 2-3 cups of cold water and using it to wash your eyes.This eye bath will help to strengthen your eyes, get rid of the infection as well as restore the natural sparkle and expression of your eyes.
For this cure to work, it needs to be performed a minimum of 3 times each day till the infection is cleared. This will help to alleviate the burning sensation that often accompanies the eye infection as well as reduce the swelling and pain. This remedy is extremely helpful in reducing the inflammation, redness and pain associated with eye infections. This is a problematic state as this causes pain in the eyes, blurring of vision, and discharge in the eyes.
If this condition is not treated at the primary stage, then it may lead to different health issues in the infants. Due to the anti-allergic properties of eye-bright, the itching and swelling will be gradually reduced in the baby’s eye. In fact, they are usually preferred over conventional treatments as they are much gentler as well as easier to use.
Simply prepare this eye wash, dip your face inside a sink or basin of water containing the wash and blink your eyes several times.
So there are some home remedies and herbal cure are described below to cure this type of infections in the infants.
However, in case the infection persists for a long time, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor. Warm compresses to the pink eye a few times in a day can get rid of the itching and the disturbance.
Here are a few of the most effective and popular natural cures for the treatment of eye infections.

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