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A swelling in the pancreas leading to disruption in the production of enzymes is known as pancreatitis. A chronic or sudden inflammation in the pancreas damages tissues in the neighboring organs, thus prohibiting nutrients from foodto be absorbed in the blood. Beta carotene, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin B are some nutrients that release antioxidants in the system. The nutrients fight off the chemical byproducts and free radicals which affect the pancreas tissues during pancreatitis. Your choice of cooking oil helps you to watch your weight to a great extent and thus reduces the swelling of the pancreas.Use only vegetables oils and olive oil for cooking. Most people assume whiplash affects only the neck, but experience and research has shown the  low back can be severely injured also. In the initial stages of treatment therapy is usually directed at reducing inflammation with Massage, Cryothereapy,  Active Release Technique, Ultrasound and Laser therapy. Once someone has had a whiplash injury the status of their spine should be periodically monitored with x-ray to watch for signs of degeneration.
It causes congestion in the chest and the pleural membranes get inflamed leading to severe cough. Natural Cures For Pleurisy Fasting In the initial stages or at the immediate onset of pleurisy, the patient has to fast by abstaining from any kind of food. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!

Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The pancreas gland plays a major role in digestion of food through the release of digestive enzymes in the intestine. Also start indulging in cardiovascular exercises or your favorite sport to reduce weight.The inflammation in the pancreas will also lower as soon as the body weight reduces. Medical studies have proven that antioxidants play a major role in curing the pain associated with pancreatitis. In order to ensure proper functioning and protection of the gland, you have to nourish it with alkali. Take 500 ml of the juice and drink thrice daily after meals.The pain caused by pancreatitis reduces to a great extent by drinking these juices as the biochemical balance is restored in the blood.
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This is a very disruptive injury that almost always leads to spinal degeneration over the long term unless attention is taken to repair the damage. These include the anterior longitudinal ligament, posterior longitudinal ligament, intraspinous ligaments and potentially others. Alternatively fresh organise fruit juices of lemon, orange and papaya also successfully help in treating it. Hot brewing herbal tea helps relieve stress and clears mucus from the bronchial passages and eases pain associated with pleurisy.

Balance the intake of acidic and alkaline substances through the consumption of bicarbonates. An alternative to baking soda is borax powder and sea salt.Take ? teaspoon of borax or sea salt and dilute in one liter water to drink throughout the day.
Muscles are almost always injured and become inflamed, particularly the Longus Colli and Sternocleidomastoid muscles. The reason for this is partly the biomechanics of spinal motion during impact in which the spine is initially compressed, but also seat belts which constrain forward motion and force the spine into sudden elongation. In cases where the progress in therapy is stalled, we have found that many cases continue their recovery when placed on the DRX 9000 C. It is proved and testified to be very effective in treating pleurisy when compared to all other remedies. This can actually rupture lumbar discs, but in the least, cause significant sprains and muscle tearing. It can also be combined with onion or garlic as they help in loosening and breaking up the mucus clearing the airways.

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