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Conjunctivitis or pink eye causes sudden irritation which in a way is coupled with higher levels of discomfort to the patient. Eye drops can be used but often the allergens involved can aggravate the conditions further. Ways To  Natural Cure For Pink Eye Using Chamomile Effectively This comes around as a better option in treating the conditions associated with pink eye. This can also be made into a paste which in turn can be applied to the eyes with an application time of around fifteen minutes. Tea Bags and the Beneficial Aspects When chamomile cannot be availed naturally, the tea bags containing the same and related components can also be used.
The procedure remains simple as the bags need to be kept in the warm water so that the extract can easily add up to the same.
Usefulness of Fennel Seeds These can be effectively used to relieve the eye of the redness and the associated itch. Warm Milk Compresses An exclusive but highly useful natural therapy involves the warm milk which needs to be used for compressing and comes out to be a well adapted homemade option for the ailing patients. The heat capacity and the medicinal attribute go a long way in curing the redness and the bacterial advances. Potatoes and Implications One can also use compresses made up of grated potatoes as they have some soothing capabilities associated.
Aloe Vera and Positive Effects This comes around an anti inflammatory option with some added cooling capabilities added. Juices extracted out of these can be used to wash the eyes which can help reduce the varied pink eye implications. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
Make a combination of one teaspoon of comfrey root, one teaspoon of raspberry leaf and one teaspoon of goldenseal root.
Applying ice pack over the eyes would help in reducing pink eye symptoms like itchiness, redness and swelling. While honey has antibacterial properties, milk has soothing and calming effects that reduces inflammation.
Consuming two thousand to six thousand milligrams of vitamin C on a daily basis is helpful in protecting the eyes from damage. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are extremely contagious and since they most frequently occur in children, it becomes hard to keep children from infecting both eyes. One of the greatest home remedies for pink eye is putting a drop or two of honey directly on your eyes or you can also put 3 tbsp of honey in 2 cups of boiling water, stir to dissolve, allow it becoming cool and then use as eyewash couple of times a day.
You can also make turmeric solution, which is best home remedy for pink eye using 2 tsp of turmeric powder to one cup of boiled water and use for as warm compress.
Many folk pink eye treatment suggest applying a poultice made from live yogurt culture every day. Pink eye remedy - You can also make a tea using of powdered root bark of barberry in one cup of water.
Another home remedy for pink eye is using boric acid eyewash and making a solution of one quart of boiled water and 1 tbsp of boric acid; allow becoming cool and then use with a clean washcloth or gauze piece thrice a day.
Some of the people suggest applying cold bread onto closed eyes will reduce the inflammation and will soothe itching. One of the simplest home remedy for pink eye is putting one drop of castor oil in the eye three times a day. Tkae 3 ox of water and 3 drops of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo and use a cotton swab to drop the solution in the eyes.
I am a teacher, my husband works in a hospital, and my two sons both go to school, so we have had a lot of pink eye exposure. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious; therefore adequate precautions need to be taken once affected.
Anne - If mothers milk works its probably due to the fact that it contains Hydrogen Peroxide, natures way of fighting bacteria. I had a friend tell me of taking a warm wet tea bag and placing it over the eye for 10 minutes or so throughout the day, and I found a lot of people online were also suggesting this method.
One person suggested using cold tea as drops for the eye so I tried that 10 minutes ago and it felt SOOOO much better. I am now going to continue applying cold tea in an eye dropper until my eye fully recovers but already I am feeling so much better.
Soft Contact Lens Solution is designed to disinfect and is specifically made to be safe for the eyes.
I mixed a little bit of honey in a bowl with some warm water (warm to help the honey dissolve) then put a few drops into my eye and it feels a lot better!
I was scared to try straight honey after some of the comments I read so I filled a cup halfway w hot water and mixed a tspoon of honey, then added a tea bag and let that set a while to absorb some of it.
Anything with anti-bacterial properties, astringent to cleanse and warmth to promote circulation will help. Poster of #61 and #62 - I'm following up to report that the raw honey remedy is indeed a remedy.
This is the first time i HAVRE EVER had pink eye, and I must say after reading about the honey I am happy to say it Really Works. Really nervous to try but seeing that Ive had it for about two weeks and one week been on medication, I just want it to be gone!!! Umm is there any one a 9 year old could perform by herself im thinking about #42 with the rice in the sock but everyone is saying GO HONEY and well i dont how to do it I NEED HELP I HAVE TO GO TO A PARTY SUNDAY AND ITS BOWLING HELP! I got pink eye in both eyes and after reading the posts I decieded that I would try the honey and water as it seems the most natural. Please when you're posting keep it G-rated we have a lot of kids who are on this site and I would hate for them to run into things theyshouldn't be reading. I put honey in both eyes it helped to take the stinging and weeping away after its initial stinging and weeping, I've also made a tea of elderberry and honey I dab a paper towel in it and put it in my eyes, it also seems to be working puffiness and redness is still there, but oh what a relief it is, oh thats for something else lol! A large piece of wood fell onto my face on new years eye~ (before drinking, even) and nicked a tiny cut under my eye. I am pretty sure that mouthwash, acne meds or toothpaste will all work in a bacterial infection since they're job normally is to kill of bacteria. 2 weeks ago my 2 year old twins came down with pink-eye (and gave it to me) so I used Polysporin over the counter pink eye treatment which worked fine for them but 2 weeks and several fresh bottles later I still have it worse than ever. I woke up with pink eye and real irritated, used one cup of mild hot water and two tablespoons of honey.
I found that honey boiling hot water and chamomile mixed with the anise is REALLY GOOD !I'm 13 and tried this by myself! I mixed the honey with some milk from the fridge and heated it in the microwave for just a few seconds enough to warm it but not make it hot took a clean q tip and saturated it and let it drip in the corner of my sons eye u wouldnt believe the money this has saved me milk and honey is the way to go with 6 kids id be in the clinic every day for something like this that is so contagious.
I just tried the honey thing, and it didn't burn, slightly uncomfortable, but immediatly after my eye was even more pink, now it's been a few minutes and its slowly clearing up. Rub pet milk round outer part of the eye and pink eye will be gone in a day or two use it on my daughter works great don't put finger back in clean milk pour in a bowl.
I am not one to usually post but had to tell you I just tried one big spoon full of honeymixed with a spoon of hot water to make it more liquid and found near instant relief!
My 6yr old has been suffering with pink eye on and for a few weeks now and i had a script for it and it didnt work so now i am doing the tea and honey hopfully she will be much better by tomorrow i love my lil jellybeans fingers crossed!!!
The best home remedy is the Viscaria WHITE flower, you boil it with water and then once water is cool do compress w cotton ball, leave it on your eye and you will feel refreshed and it clears all the mucus in the eye.! I use Coconut oil for almost every thing and I am always amazed with all the stuff it's good for but my eye feels soooooo much better and my 5 year old didn't even throw a fit about it in his eye and says his feels better too.

I decided to give it a trial, though i never believed in herbal medicine but i was in a way convinced with the sort of amazing testimonies i saw online i decided to contact him, with the response he gave, He promised to prepare and send the \"TATAHWE\" Medicine to me.
Pink eye also known as conjunctivitis is the infection and swelling of the outermost layer of the eye and the membranes which line the eyelids. Other causes for pink eye are allergies, certain diseases, exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, bacteria and fungi and vitamin D deficiency. Cow’s milk has an abundance of probiotics which strengthen the immune system and help it to function optimally. Boric acid has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties which bring quick relief in the symptoms of pink eye. The moisture from the compress will soothe the inflamed eyes and provide tremendous relief in the redness and itchiness. Pink eye is otherwise referred to as conjunctivitis is an infection caused in the inner layer of the eyelids or outer layer of the clear membrane that covers the eye. There are various types of conjunctivitis and thus the symptoms of pink eye also vary according to the intensity of the infections. Redness in the eye and hence referred to as pink eye, Unbearable irritation in the eyes, Discharge of water from the eyes, Swelling of the eyelids, Pain in the eyes, Difficult to see the bright light, Inflammation in the eyes, are some of the symptoms. Apply the Chamomile tea bags in your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and now you will feel that your irritation in the eyes are reduced considerably. Dissolve some sea salt in warm water and use it like eye drops which is an additional home remedy for conjunctivitis. Try out these simple handy natural remedies at home to get rid of pink eye problems. Conjunctivitis or commonly known as pink eye is caused due to inflammation of membrane covering white part of your eyes and the lining of inner surface of eyelids which is also called as conjunctiva. There is nothing to panic about it as it poses no danger to your eyes but is quite irritating. Conjunctivitis is especially common in children because illnesses spread so quickly in daycares and schools. Natural remedy for pink eye tip 1 – Boric acid eyewash may help relieve the discomfort associated with pink eye, as it cleans and soothes the infected eye.
Natural remedy for pink eye tip 2 – Place a moistened chamomile tea bag over the affected eye. Follow acupressure to get rid of painWhat do you do when you suffer from pains and aches in your body?
What your tongue tells about your healthWhen words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.
How to tackle wisdom teeth problemsWisdom teeth usually appear when you are 17-25 years old. How to tackle bad breathHow often have you felt that people step back from you when you talk to them or somebody commented on your bad breath? What better idea to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that are funky, cool and fashionable.
This, being a highly contagious disease needs to be addressed immediately on its occurrence using effective methods and inclusions along.
This calls in for natural therapies which go a long way in providing relief and reducing the associated discomfort.
Better known as Eyebright, these seeds can be used in the form of tinctures by adding them with a glass of water. With added astringent properties, potatoes are one of the most cost effective options at the disposal of the user but can take a few days to show the results.
It contains allicin that has antiviral and antibacterial properties which are beneficial for the patients suffering from pink eye. Consuming zinc supplements is beneficial in the treatment of pink eye. Using half to one teaspoon of this tincture form every hour would help in reducing the symptoms associated with pink eye. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
In this condition, the material that covers the white part of the eye and lines the inner parts of the eyelid (known as the conjunctiva) becomes irritated and inflamed.
The honey carries antibacterial properties and it will also soothe the eye promoting healing. Place milk into a sterile eye dropper, place drops in the eye through out the day as needed and within 2 days it will be cleared up. Putting a small dab of babywash in the eye at the first sign of pink eye can help to ward it off, and if done over and over as needed, it will complete cure it in a couple of days. I had him close is eye and put pure honey in the corner, then it would seep in the inside of the eye. It was becoming so sore and swollen I could barely see out of it and so I was looking for relief from the pain. I will post another comment once I am recovered so people know how long it took but this is very promising! Then I held the tea bag over my eye occassionally sqeezing some of the drops directly in my eye.
Hence the "warm tea bags, honey and warm water and contact solution." Flush eyes, warm compress and anti-bacterial eye drops and you're set. I plan to try it again tonight and the real test will be if I am goop and itch free in the morning. The burning is not that bad and after adding honey to hot water and rinsing my eye with it my eye is really clearing up.
Two of those times were in the month of October and I've discovered that the prescription medication I've paid for has not been curing me. I woke up the next morning with my eye HUGE and swollen shut with gooey yellow stuff sealing it.
JUST TRIED IT AFTER SUFFERING FOR 3 DAYS YES IT STINGS FOR A MIN BUT THE END RESULT IS WELL WORTH IT!! Just tried the honey applied directly to the eye with clean fingers from a honey packet from our cafe, it did burn slightly for about 30 seconds, but really no big deal. I boiled one cup of water and 3 tbsp on honey and dipped a cotton ball in the water and dropped some into his eye.
Yes it stung at first (not too bad I just kept eye closed for a bit) and now while it's still red and looks horrible (it was almost swollen shut before) it's open and feels completely fine.I am following with tea bag compress. I just used to put the breast milk directly from the breast into the inner corners of the eyes. Leave a small cup of milk out all day and apply a couple of drops of milk to each eye at night before bedtime and leave each eye closed for a few minutes. Last time I got an ointment from a doctor- this time I am trying the Raw Honey diluted in Distilled water--2 drops in each eye every few hours. And I think the reason for this is everyone is under the false assumption that the virus is not curable. It was not up to a week after i placed an order, I got the medicine and he instructed me to drink the medicine for two weeks ( only evenings before bed) after which, I should go back to the hospital for a Re-Test. This lining is known as the conjunctiva and when it is exposed to bacteria or other harmful elements the tears help to wash away the bacteria and irritants and protect the conjunctiva from infection. Conjunctivitis is mainly caused by bacteria and viruses and being very contagious is easily spread from one person to another. The main symptoms are burning and itching in the eyes, blurred vision, watery eyes and gritty feeling in the eyes. These healthy bacteria kill the offending infection causing bacteria quickly and efficiently. The pink eye is followed by irritation in the white part of the eye, sometimes it is accompanied by swelling in the eye lids. If you come across certain symptoms then immediate action should be taken to get rid of pink eye problems.

You don’t need to make a tea out of the chamomile, just soak the bag under cool, running water. It has one of the richest concentrations of natural Vitamin C of any edible plants on this planet. Mostly caused by the viral and bacterial entities, pink eye comes around as a painful ailment grasping the patients. This needs to be applied once every hour to accentuate the healing process and to provide relief to the patients.
It has anti-viral properties and dissolving them under the tongue is helpful in treating the viral pink eye. Echinacea is helpful in boosting up the immune system and is useful for treating flu and common cold.
The potato can also be made into a poultice and can be placed onto the affected eye for about twenty minutes. Safe natural medicines a combination of potentized homeopathic remedies, vitamins and sarcodes.* Biogetica offers treatment protocols based on these principles (C5,). I put a little on my finger and put it directly on my eye, that may be what caused some of the burn.
In the morning it was still there a bnit but I did another drop in each eye and by 8 that evening I was looking pretty normal! I've been putting honey in my eyes alternatively with the eye wash and it's amazing how fast this works. I wish I could post before and after pics, it's really amazing how fast the raw honey cleared my eyes up.
It seemed to work well although I cannot compare it to a) a different remedy b) doing nothing at all and letting time take it's course but in this case I would say that the honey and water mixture seemed to work well. After 5 hours waiting time I walked out with 2 scrips that couldn;t be filled til the next day. Considering I had it once in November, twice in December, I guess January 1st was an appropriate day for it to start AGAIN! I careful touched the outer edges of my eye and it stung like a b**** BUT I was not satisfied so I did the same process again but used acne medication.
An hour later and my whites are finally clear!!!I put a little honey on a spoon and with a very clean finger I wiped it into the corners of my eyes and along the lashes- it slowly seeped in and burned and made my eyes water for a few minutes and then my eyes started to feel cooler and not itchy. I read that this is common and the irritation comes from the upper eyelid, and especially the edge of the eyelid, so on a hunch, I tried the old eyelid cleaning trick of pulling the upper eyelid out and down over the lower one and voila, as long as i kept it there, I had relief. Put a drop right in corner of eye, closed eye for a few moments and wiped away excess with damp cloth. Followed that up with Chamomile tea sachet prepped in hot water with honey, that was really soothing, though skin felt dry and itchy after the sachet due to the astringent qualities in the tea.
My husband got a bad case of pink eye and could not stop itching his red, swollen, puss filled eyes that hurt so much so I decided to try out the honey as I only like to use natural remedies for the family. I followed his instructions and i discovered that my urine became yellowish for good two weeks so immediately i finished the medicine i went for the test the following week, it was very surprising i tested negative.
Curd is full of cultured bacteria that crowds out the harmful bacteria and effects rapid healing. The only precaution which the patient needs to take is not to use the same tea bag twice as the effectiveness reduces considerably. Compressing the eye surface with the created infusion helps in lessening the inflammation and the discomfort. Compress prepared using warm cloth would help in reducing the negative side effects associated with pink eye. Add five drops of eyebright tincture in it and apply over the infected area using the cotton ball. It burned for about a minute but for the first time in 3 days, I can actually see white around my irises. I figured at first that it was probably because of the injury I'd endured the night before. I don't know how long to use it for but I will put it on at night for probably 7 days which is how long the drops were supposed to be taken. So I got some medical paper tape and taped the upper eyelid in this position by running a small piece of tape from the eyelid down to my cheek. This morning I broused the web for home remedies and found this site and I tryed the honey this afternoon and I already feel sooooo much better. While I was waiting for my husband to get off work and bring me the honey I tried the slice of potato. I can\'t thank dr Boadi enough, so I decided to promote him because he cured me from my disease, there\'s no disease he can\'t cure with his medicine. But it is highly recommended that you repeat the process for another two days for complete cure of pink eye. It is quite an embarrassing and uncomfortable infection; so many people are interested in learning about avoiding the spread of infection, and even using home remedies for pink eye. I used a cotton make up pad instead of the toilet paper and found this the easiest way to get a drop in the eye.
I know I have touched my eye, but like ONCE since my last case, so why do I keep getting it!? I put honey in a cup and swished it with a little warm water, dipped a cotton swab in the honey part and let it drop in my eye about four times. I'm a breastfeeding mom, so I tried some of my milk in my eyes, and I'm going to try some honey too.
I have almost complete relief, without meds, and stopping the irritation to the eyeball can't be bad!
Allergic and chemical Conjunctivitis are not contagious but pink eyes contagious if it is due to viral or bacterial infection.
Living in Southern Arizona w have easy access all kinds of herbal remedies from Mexico and the Reservations so one call to a neighbor and the manzanilla was in my hands! This morning, expecting it to be gone, I woke up only to find that both eyes were infected. Thank you so much for the suggestion as I didnt' want to subject them to going to the doctor.
We had two other boys come over during the infection and neither one of them ended up with it!
Went back to bed and woke up with just a little discharge in the corner so I used my contact cleaning solution to clean out my eyes. Since I'm nursing, I really don't want to give my daughter the drops AGAIN though my milk, so I think I will try the honey today. I have always used prescriptions since I'm a complete germaphobe and I don't want anyone else in the house to get it! That nurse saved me a boatload of urgent care fee, prescriptions, waiting time and being exposed to others illnesses!
I expect I will still need to see my doctor in the morning, but the honey wash helped over the weekend.
For those that have pink eye, make sure you change your pillowcase and sheets so you don't reinfect or transfer it to the other eye. I even have used an eye dropper and placed a drop of strong tea into my 3 year olds eye, instead, and this worked well.

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