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I will bug many health pundits when I say that most supplements will not work for you and may make you worse!The only way to know is to do personal testing which taps into your inner subconscious mind which can easily guide you as to its compatibility for you. It is so important to undergo a slow and careful process of eliminating toxic build-ups in our bodies.
You must change your diet by stopping those foods that are triggering your condition and replacing them with new ones that nourish you and your prostate.
Then combined with a high quality supplement, you are putting yourself on the road to healing.
So time is on your side.So how do prostate cancer natural cures work?Stop the culprits that are weakening your body.

Cleansing in various ways is the key to do this.Water fasting works for a day once a week for a few months, as does a cleansing diet for a short period using fresh made vegetable juices first thing in the morning.
If you want to be notified when the question is answered, please make sure to add your email address. Despite what you may read elsewhere, a raw juice diet is not a healthy practice to do by itself for more than a short period.
I don't collect or store these emails after they are used to send you your answer, and they are not posted with your question. Most men have very poor knowledge of what constitutes a truly healthy prostate diet.Your properly optimized diet customized for you is the essential first step to begin natural cures for prostate cancer.

There are at least 3 methods to do this simple test.I have found that when I take supplements without doing this they make me worse. I have found it to be a wonderful healing device.Another good suggestion is to get a hair analysis test to see what major toxic minerals are in your body like mercury and aluminum.
The test will also show imbalances in your mineral profile like calcium and potassium which affect your metabolism.

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