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The Journal of Dental Research conducted a study that showed people with symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or chronic heartburn, experienced relief when they chewed a piece of sugar-free gum for 30 minutes after a meal. Green tea is a rich source of natural antioxidants and hence can be used as an effective herb for gum recession.
Aloe vera is also a natural anti inflammatory and antibacterial agent and hence can give you relief from gum recession.
You can also use this gel as an effective mouthwash and wash your mouth with this gel after every meal.
Lemon being antibacterial and antiseptic will remove all the bacteria and prevent tooth decay and gum recession effectively. Gum infections are often very embarrassing and irritating considering the trauma, pain and discomfort one experience due to frequent pain, bleeding, inflammation and sometimes due to very serious complications.
The usual treatment approach involves consultation with a dentist and antibiotic therapy followed by painful surgical intervention in several cases. Prolonged antibiotics treatment along with the surgery cause mild to severe side effects and surgery in particular causes pain. To control your gum infection from spreading, use a fluoride containing toothpaste and a mouth wash containing antiseptic or fluoride. Mix one teaspoonful salt in 250 ml of warm water and use this mixture to rinse your mouth after you have your meals. Tea tree oil has exceptional healing and antibiotic properties and if it is applied topically as a gel on the affected gums, you would notice tremendous outcomes within few weeks.
You can use this toothpaste twice daily for a few weeks to prevent bleeding, gum infections and gingivitis. Clove oil has been used as the best and simple home remedy for any kind of gum and tooth problem since ancient times because clove oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds. Direct application of clove oil on the gums may cause severe burning sensation; therefore, mix clove oil with olive oil, and then apply this diluted mixture to the affected gums.
Yoghurt is naturally fermented food product and it is one of the richest sources of friendly bacteria called probiotics. Pomegranate has good healing properties as it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents. According to many research studies garlic, ginger and honey contain excellent and powerful antimicrobial agents that restrict the growth of pathogenic bacteria anywhere in the body. Biologically active compounds like triterpenes and azadirachtin extracted from the seeds of neem tree have medicinal importance and are very beneficial to treat infections.
Vitamin C deficiency and gum diseases are very closely associated and therefore vitamin C is not only essential for the overall health of the body, but also necessary for the health of the gums and the teeth. Powdered form of vitamin C can be safely used for topical application on the infected gums two to three times daily until the infection vanishes. The resin of Myrrh, an African tree, contains essential oils, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds. Calendula tincture is very effective against oral bacterial infections and the infections of the skin because it contains antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory agents. Very hot, cold, sweet and spicy foods irritate your gums and make your infection severe by causing burning sensation in your mouth and increases sensitivity of the teeth. Goldenseal tincture or capsules are very effective against oral bacterial infections and the infections of the gum because they contain antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory agents in addition to the gum toning agents. High blood sugar needs to be monitored and kept within normal levels to avoid both short term and long term complications.
India is home to natural cure for high blood sugar with several plants available to cure the high sugar levels like Indian gooseberry (Jamun), Neem and bitter gourd (Karela).

Intake of 10 mg of crushed methi seeds in the morning that has been soaked overnight in 100ml of water helps to control high blood sugar.It is considered as boon for all diabetic patients as it normalizes even cholesterol and triglycerides levels, in addition to blood glucose. Regular intake of bitter gourd juice, Indian gooseberry and paste of Neem leaves help to reduce blood sugar levels and keep it within normal range.These plants have power to revive the pancreas that inturn produce insulin to regulate the blood sugar levels. For controlling sugar levels, make fresh juice of bitter gourd, spinach, carrot, cabbage and coconut.Consume the healthy mix of juice on regular basis for rapid improvement.
A decoction of leaves of blueberry will drop down the blood sugar levels that remain stable for a few weeks. Natural sweeteners with low glycemic index are best for keeping check on high blood glucose and its associated risks.
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This is because chewing gum stimulates the salivary glands, and increases the flow of saliva. As the gums recedes, they leave behind gaps between the teeth and that leads to the growth of bacteria and other germs. Green tea is known to be the cure of numerous health problems and drinking a cup of green tea every day early in the morning will keep your gums and teeth healthy. Green tea will reduce the inflammation and also help to get rid of the infectious bacteria thereby preventing further infection and bad breath.
Massage this mixture on your gums every day to cure gum recession and prevent further infection. Clove oil has antibacterial and antifungal agents that can heal decayed teeth and also prevent infection. You can also massage your gums with mixture of tea tree oil and water to get results. These are only few herbs for gums recession.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Ensure that you use floss and brush your teeth or use sugar-free gum after you take your food and then rinse your mouth with salt water. Tea tree oil is not advisable for oral consumption; therefore, do not use tea tree oil for oral application, but use only the commercially available tea tree oil based toothpaste. Use yoghurt for both internal and external purpose in order to make the friendly bacteria available to fight against the pathogenic ones and ward off infection of the mouth. Therefore, when you notice even a slight hint of infection, you should immediately start incorporating all these three food stuffs in your routine diet plan. Rinsing your mouth with the mouthwash prepared from neem tree seed oil extract gives immense relief from gum infections and infections of the mouth in general. Similarly, to a warm water cup, add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract and lemon juice and mix it properly, and then rinse your mouth two to three times daily until you feel comfortable. Calendula officinalis has been used for mouth and throat infections since ancient times and many botanists and herbalists recommend this plant for various infections. If you are suffering from gum disease, it will be better for you to restrain yourself from such food stuff. The compounds like canadine, berberine and hydrastine are powerful alkaloids with powerful medicinal properties.

These are referred as plant insulin as they are very potent in lowering down blood sugar levels like the hormone insulin. Then sieve out the ginger water and consume it on cooling.Even after the sugar levels reach to normal range, keep consuming ginger extract water as it helps to regulate the sugar levels. Cinnamon is significant in its role of lowering sugar levels due to its stimulating effect on digestive tract.Cinnamon can be easily included in diet by adding to the morning coffee, before brewing to have a healthy start. Low glycemic foods help to avoid blood sugar crashes or spikes that can turn dangerous for pre diabetics and diabetics.
Any acid that has built up in the gut is diluted and washed away or cleared out more quickly.
Lemon will also help in the growth of new tissues which means the damaged tissues would be replaced by new healthy tissues. Keep a clove inside your mouth for few hours every day or massage your gums with clove oil. In addition to its potent antioxidant nature, it is also good as antibiotic as it helps fight gum disease.
The essential oils extracted from the resins of Myrrh can be diluted in warm water to prepare a biologically active mouthwash.
Calendula usage on a regular basis boosts immunity, but the usage should be in moderate doses. Goldenseal tincture is very effective for mouth and throat infections.Goldenseal usage on a regular basis boosts immunity, tones gum tissues due to astringent properties and improves immunity. Ajwain water is also beneficial for lowering sugar levels when consumed in the same manner as ginger extract. Around ? teaspoon of cinnamon can be added to soup or oatmeal to ensure its adequate intake in order to regularize the blood sugar levels. Natural sweeteners are stevia and agave nectar.Stevia is used as the commonest natural sweetener and is considered the best substitute for sugar, since past many years.
You do not always need to visit a dentist if you are suffering from receding gums as there are many simple natural remedies to treat this problem effectively. Rinsing your mouth with this mouthwash regularly gives positive outcomes within short span of time. However, the tincture made from calendula extract can be directly applied to the infected gums. However, goldenseal is not recommended for those who are nursing, pregnant or having cardiac problems.
The long term affects can lead to kidney, heart, nervous disorder, gum disease or blindness. It is possible that the same school of thought could be applied to occasional heartburn as well. Hence, high blood sugar level is not a normal condition and must be addressed as soon as one acknowledges the abnormal state. Agave nectar is choice of sweetener for those who are heavy tea and coffee users as it instantly get mixed. It’s our regular saliva that we swallow that actually makes normal bouts of reflux here and there completely painless.

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