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Besides these, other reasons like air pollution, allergies, nasal decongestants are also some of the causes of runny nose.
Intake of plenty of fluids not only helps you to keep hydrated but also helps in the thinning of the mucus. You must exercise daily to avoid gaining weight and to lose any excess weight that you may have gained. Yet another remedy requires you to boil water and add a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Common head cold symptoms could include headache, coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, a low-grade fever, sinus and nasal congestion, sinus pressure, ear ache, and a sore throat.
A lot of times head cold symptoms are mistaken as allergies, hay fever and other respiratory problems. Headaches and low-grade fevers can also imply head cold symptoms and not some other sort of infection. When the sebaceous glands become overactive and produce a lot of sebum, it makes the skin oily and greasy and makes it a perfect breeding ground for fungus and yeast which infect the skin and cause seborrheic dermatitis. It is a common skin condition that occurs mainly on the scalp and other areas where the skin is oily or greasy like the creases of the nose, lips, middle of the chest, eyebrows and eyelids and outer ears and other hairy areas. The skin becomes inundated with patches of greasy white or yellowish scales that keep flaking off like dandruff and cause intense itching. Excessive stress, a very oily skin, fatigue, poor hygiene, obesity, heredity and neurological conditions are linked to seborrheic dermatitis. Tea tree oil has antifungal and astringent properties that help to regulate the secretion of sebum.
Take ten to twelve drops of tree tea oil and apply them on the patches on the scalp and on other affected areas. These fatty acids are also potent antioxidants which remove all the harmful free radicals from the body and set the stage for quick and effective healing.
Add one tablespoon of honey and three to four drops of fresh lime juice in the water, mix it and drink the solution while it is still warm. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This leads to a condition where your body has an excess production of sugar and needs artificial ways to reduce the amounts of it.
Non starchy vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants and hence they help to stabilize the amount of blood sugar in the body. A regular exercise routine that includes walking for 30 minutes daily, cardio workouts and strength workouts help to reduce your chances of getting diabetes.

It is common in winter because of the moisture in the air and in summer because we tend to drink cold water and eat cold foods that affect our throat. While there are several medicines available to help you get out of this predicament, you must try a few of the remedies we mention here for immediate relief.
An easy way to determine if you have a head cold is by the color of the mucus coming out of your nose.
High-grade fevers are not a symptom of a head cold and indicate another type of infection, such as influenza. Since children’s bodies are still developing complications can result if the head cold is left untreated. Sometimes poor quality lotions and shampoos too can increase the risk and result in hair loss. Biotin also known as vitamin B7 is a crucial nutrient required for tissue development, healthy skin and fatty acid utilization in the body. It curbs the overproduction of sebum and brings relief from dermatitis. Egg yolk also contains other B vitamins which are needed to remove the itchy flakes and maintain a healthy skin.
Its antifungal and antibacterial properties destroy all types of microbes rapidly and heal the skin most efficaciously. It destroys the malassezia furfur yeast that causes seborrheic dermatitis and leaves the skin and the scalp clean and healthy. It has marvelous antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties which kill all types of microbes and yeast too. It eliminates the itching, softens the skin and enables the crusted skin to lose the thick crusts and scales.
They reduce the inflammation and itchiness and work as carriers for the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E all of which are very important for healing the skin. Runny nose is mostly the result of viral infection and cold and flu are the main culprits of runny nose. Honey helps to relieve the runny nose as well as the cough of the individual who is having it.
The hot steam helps in the unclogging of the nose and also kills the virus that is responsible for the runny nose.
It is a serious condition that can lead to numbness in the hands and feet, vision problems and kidney failure. However there are a number of natural and herbal remedies that will help target specific symptoms.

The mucus normally starts as clear in color and changes color as the cold progresses to be greenish-yellow in color. Children will typically develop inner ear infections and bronchitis as a result of a head cold. Though this condition is not a threat to  health, it is socially damaging and causes unpleasant repercussions. If you have applied the oil to other parts of the body rub it in the skin gently and leave it.
Warm some olive oil and before going to bed massage your scalp thoroughly, reaching the roots of the hair with your fingers.
Leave overnight and in the morning before bathing brush away the loosened scales and flakes of skin.
Continue taking this oil for some time even after your seborrheic dermatitis has been cured. Swap your consumption of white rice with brown rice and make sure that you eat plenty of whole grains. If you do not have the time or inclination to exercise then you must look at alternate ways to get physical activity like walking the dog or walking to work rather than driving. The body will fight off the infection normally within a week, with all symptoms being gone in about two week’s time. Another way to tell if you have a head cold is if you feel sinus pressure on your face or have minor ear ache pain. Within no time your skin will regain its healthy look and will enable you to be free from all embarrassments.
The honey soothes your throat while the lemon helps to dissolve any mucus that may be in the respiratory passage. When sneezing or coughing, you should cover your mouth and face to prevent the spread of germs.

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