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Swollen tongue is caused due to a large variety of reasons which also includes medicine as well as allergies.
Celery sticks are extremely useful for the curing and providing relief to the swollen tongue. Balding is an embarrassing condition for men, since it destroys self-confidence and lowers self-esteem. Mayonnaise, the very popular kitchen staple, can be put into some great uses other than making yummy burgers and salad dressing. Ataxia is a medical implication that relates to uncoordinated and unbalanced body movements.
Pharmacological drugs, OTC pills and visits to the doctor are not your only choice when it comes to pain relief. Acidity is one of the most common medical conditions where the liquid fillings of the stomach reflux back to the esophagus. Thyroid nodules are generally not harmful and can be treated naturally with intake of right diet and a healthier lifestyle. As most of us changed from teenagers into young adults we picked up several bad habits along the way. Headaches are quite common for all of us, due to some specific reasons like being tired, lack of sleep, stress and anxiety. The possibility of low dose aspirin being prescribed to everybody over 45 years of age is immense in the near future. The inflammatory disorder that causes loss and damage to your gum tissues is known as gum or periodontal disease. Strep throat is a contagious or infectious disease that is caused by Group A streptococci bacteria.
The bacteria that are responsible for strep throat tend to hang out in the nose and throat. This fruit seed extract have excellent anti-microbial properties and is used for creating a solution for gargling.

Besides all these, garlic, tea prepared from licorice root and elm bark, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil work wonders in treating the infection.
By gargling with the mixture of half tea-spoon of turmeric paste and a glass of warm water twice a day, one can get relief from the inflammation and swelling of the ailment. Fennel seeds should be mixed with aniseeds to act as a soothing mouthwash to calm the tongue, remove the breath and arouse and stimulate the salivary glands. These home remedies if followed properly can help in curing the disease easily and effectively without having to go to the physician. This is an abnormal state where the whole tongue or some portion of it is enlarged, puffy or inflated. This condition of the tongue can be formed from allergies, infection, genetic disorder, inflammation, trauma, malignancy, metabolic diseases and abnormal processes. Now mix one half teaspoon of turmeric paste in the glass of water and gargle with that mixture. The high content of water in the celery sticks not only helps to stimulate the salivary glands but is also valuable in the relaxing of the enlarged tongue.
When an individual suffers from swollen tongue, he even finds it difficult to swallow the saliva.
This helps to make it a soothing mouthwash so as to cool the tongue, get rid of the breath as well as in affecting and exciting the salivary glands.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Some of the symptoms of strep throat are sore throat, red and white patches on the throat, stomach pain, swollen and tender glands, trouble swallowing, fever, red and swollen tonsils, headache, feeling weak or sick, rash, loss of appetite, etc.
Hence, sneezing, coughing or handshake can easily spread the infection to the other person.  This infection is very common with the kids and teens. Toxins are removed when one gargles with plain water or water that has lemon and salt in it. By mixing salt and lemon with sage tea and drinking that tea, one can effectively cure from the strep throat.

The grapefruit seed removal has been effectively used for curing sore throat and is a good natural remedy for tender throat.
The drops of these herbs are mixed with water and are used for gargling or for spraying at the back of the throat.
Since celery has high quantities of water in it, it is helpful in stimulating the salivary glands and relaxing the tongue.
Hence one must have lots of gravy, broths, butter, stew, soups and yoghurt to feel relaxing in this condition as one faces difficulty in chewing food. Since in the case of the swollen tongue, one faces the difficulty even in swallowing saliva, intake of these types of food must be avoided in order to reduce the difficulty.
The icy temperature not only helps in the decreasing of the swelling but also reduces the inflammation of the tongue. Hence, it is always advisable for the suffering individual to avoid the salty and the sour foods so as to reduce this type of difficulty. The anti-microbial properties of sage tea have proved to be quite effective in curing the strep throat. For gargling with the grapefruit seeds extract one had to add 5 to 6 drops of the extract to approximately 4 ounces of water.
Mint will help in calming the inflammation of the tongue while aniseed will sweeten the breath and rosemary will act as a germicide and fight the germs. The individual suffering from the ailment gets relief from the inflammation as well as the swelling of the disease.

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