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You should not drink the birch tea very often, because there are other herbs with similar healing effect on the urine, but the birch tea is recommended for dissolving of kidney stones and getting rid of them painlessly. The tea prepared from birch leaves is often recommended to people who suffer from diabetes, in its initial stage. The birch leaves are also very effective in the treatment of skin diseases, and they are also used as healing bath. Birch leaf (20%), rupturewort (5%), corn silk (15%), blueberry leaf (10%), marjoram (15%), nettle leaf (15%), elder leaf (20%). Take one tablespoon of the mixture and pour 2 dl of cold water, cover the pot and heat it until it starts boiling, let it sit for one hour and then strain it.
AboutFor Health Benefits is informational and learning website, created of enthusiasts focused on healthy life and wellness. Kidneys perform vital function of filtering blood and removing waste through process of filtration.
But, these do not provide cure to kidneys, but replace its functioning by an alternative route of transplantation or dialysis. Cucumber is the potent natural remedy for kidney failure patients as it works as the natural cleanser of kidney and support kidneys in excreting out toxins, wastes and acids. Pineapple fruit is useful for improving kidney function as it is rich in bromelian enzyme that inhibits inflammation of kidneys.
All berries including raspberry, strawberry and blueberry are beneficial for renal function as these inhibits inflammation of kidneys.
Drinking as well as eating crane berries is an effective solution in curing UT infections, preventing kidney stones formation and dissolution of any formed kidney stones. Chronic Renal Disease Patients of chronic renal disease are advised specific diet plans that include a low protein diet with limited intake of fluids, less amount of salt (sodium), calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and chloride intake.
Drinking green tea prevents formation of kidney stones owing to presence of plant oxidants or polyphenois. The root problem of patients with renal damage and dysfunction can be cured with Osmotherapy.It is a natural Chinese therapy that focuses on repairing renal damage and improving kidney functions. Dietary meal plan for kidney failure patients focus on repairing, reconstructing and cleansing of renal system.

Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The sap is collected at the end of February and March, and the leaves are collected during the entire vegetation.
You should drink 2 dl of the tea without any sweeteners, three times a day after the meals. Fortunately, there are ways to cure kidney failure and we must try those to get kidneys recovered naturally. Cucumber relieves the symptoms and discomforts of kidney failure and also prevents further damages to kidney and its functions. The enzyme helps to reduce amyloid (starch protein) that gets deposited in various organs like kidneys, spleen and liver and affect their functioning or even lead to failure. Under kidney failure, kidney is not able to function vigorously and by modifying diet, patients can free kidneys from heavy load of routine tasks and avoid accumulations of fluids, which may otherwise lead to edema of legs and feet. Moreover, it is rich in diuretic properties that promotes urination and is a good anti inflammatory agent too. Moreover, it is beneficial in treating heart problems and high blood pressure, the common trouble observed in patients with kidney failure. It does not cause any injuries to the kidney failure patients and do not offer any side effects. It aims at restoring the normal balance of body chemistry incorporating vital minerals and vitamins in the diet. According to national Health Survey almost every 4rth person in the world is suffering from kidney disease. The tea made from the leaves helps in the healing of the affected organ, or it prevents those organs that suffer primarily from the collecting of unnecessary water in the body (kidneys, bladder, liver, joints etc.).
The tea prepared from the leaves and tassels of the birch eliminates the acids form the organism, heals fever, rheumatism and edema. The filtrate left behind, after cleansing of blood is then expelled out of the body in form of urine.

During kidney failure, there is declined renal filtration, resulting in accumulation of wastes and toxins in patient’s kidney and blood. Its diuretic properties improve urine output and flushes out stones and wastes along with urine. Bromelain prevents accumulation of amyloid and development of amyloidosis disease within these organs.
Moreover berries possess high levels of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, manganese and sodium that help in maintaining electrolyte balance. It benefits are limited to individuals suffering from acute urinary tract infection and may cause various side effects in patients with prolonged renal disease. It is designed in accordance to the patient’s disease state, body constitution and other health conditions. The bud contains large amounts of essential oil, but not vitamin C which is concentrated in the leaves.
Hence, all urinary tract function and bladder role are associated with proper functioning of kidneys. Eating cucumber or drinking a mixture of cucumber and carrot juice, is known to be really beneficial for kidney failure patients. The other beneficial vegetables and fruits for kidney health include cabbage, lettuce, basil, ginger, fennel, bitter leaf, onion, eggplant, papaya, watermelon, pumpkin and honey.
Radish is another natural cleanser that helps to eliminate toxics and wastes from the body. No doubt these natural remedies are very effective and useful for kidney failure patients, but not enough for the ones at end stage of renal failure. If it is start then i suggest you to apply these home remedies to get rid from Kidney Stone in few days :) .

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