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Quietly making waves in the skincare realm, Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle liquid exfoliator that effectively removes dead skin cells.
A product of Toyo Life, Cure was created because its maker found himself with an excess of purified water after a non beauty-related venture.
Cure exfoliates without using harsh chemicals like AHA or BHA (skincare ingredients that can sometimes impart redness and irritate sensitive skin).
Cure preps the skin by clearing and softening it; helping it to more readily absorb the goodness of moisturisers and other nutritive skincare products. Although the company says it is preservative-free, I believe they are referring to preservatives from the paraben family; butylene glycol is most likely the ingredient that keeps it fresh, as well as stable (it stabilises the contents by keeping everything in a gel form). Even though it works on damp skin, I found it to be more effective on dry skin – the dryness helps with the friction for exfoliation and the pilling is more noticeable. Rubbing the gel hard will only result in the gel being rubbed away or into the skin, whereas a gentle massaging action will aid in loosening the dead skin cells. Exclusively available at Watsons and Nishino Pharmacy in Singapore, the 250 ml bottle costs S$42. Look at its adorable stand – modelled after the shape of the bottle with cut-outs for displaying the product (how clever!), the cute little crown on top adds a fun touch to the set-up.
I’m not sure how old this ad is but the cleanser used to be known as Cure Natural Aqua Jel…thanks to Japglish, I suppose!

Toyo Life also produces Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream, a light moisturiser specially created for its staff’s exclusive use (props to Toyo Life for its staff welfare!). If you’d like to try Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Beauty Carousel now offers free sample sachets of the exfoliant.
I really love your blog regarding CURE, but there is no CURE aqua gel in beautycarousel :( I really want to buy.
FYI…The Cure Aqua Ntural Aqua Gel is available in Beauty Bar Stores in the Philippines. Currently CuratingCheck out Lavender's Blues: 7 Lavender Beauty Products by Makeup Stash! Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Made in Japan, its water-based formula is so popular that a bottle is sold every 20 seconds (!). With a desire to put the water to good use, he eventually developed Cure Natural Aqua Gel with a friend in the beauty industry.
This non-abrasive exfoliating gel works somewhat like a chemical peel but without the attendant effects, thanks to its gentle formulation. By increasing the skin’s cell-turnover rate, it is difficult for sebum to be trapped, thus impeding blackhead-formation.

With a little massaging action, the formula reacts with the skin’s surface to produce debris similar to that of eraser rubbings! Once the dead skin cells have come off, rinse with water and continue with your regular skin care routine. When my husband bought me a bottle from Watsons last year, it was still at the promotional price of S$38. If you pay with the Watsons Card though, you can accrue points that can be used to offset future purchases. With very little advertising or marketing and mostly word-of-mouth testimonies, it is a wonder that Cure has been one of the best-selling skincare products in its country of origin for almost 10 years. It apparently removes dead skin cells by reacting to skin proteins and taking away extra amino acids. No mean feat, considering that Japan’s dynamic beauty industry is constantly innovating and developing new products.

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