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Home Remedies - The Best Home Remedies and Natural Cures Home Remedies and Natural Cures Heal yourself naturally at home! I am just a thirty-one year old woman who has had her fair share of uncomfortable vaginal yeast infections and frankly just got sick and tired of the pain and discomfort, not to mention the messy over-the-counter and expensive prescription treatments. Vaginal infections are very common in women so don’t feel like you are the only woman who experiences these problems. I even gave up on having a sexual relationship with my boyfriend because of the intense pain and odor. If you have experienced the same kind of pain and embarrassment that I have gone through then you know what I am going through and can sympathize with me.
Like I said, I am not a medical professional – so before you give this solution a try, you should speak with your doctor. The only apple cider vinegar you should ever use for yeast infections is organic ACV which still contains the a€?mothera€? apple.
You can buy olive leaf extract in tincture form (such as this one) and use it as a vaginal or penis spray. Baking soda is a terrific yeast and fungus killer (although we do admit it doesn't taste the best). This new treatment that I am going to tell you about has definitely helped me and I hope it will help you too.
When you scratch the itch and tear the skin the result is a painful burning sensation during urination. I was embarrassed because of the foul odor and because I was constantly scratching my vaginal area. I was even afraid to use a public restroom because I thought that the woman in the next bathroom stall could smell the odor.

However, if you find you really can't handle the taste, take the easy to swallow tablets or capsules instead. Not to mention the painful burning sensation and disgusting vaginal odor that comes with vaginal infections.
No matter how many times I took those foul-tasting antibiotics the infection continued to return and here I am just a few weeks later, having to go through the problem and treatment again. It works incredibly well for thrush and bacterial vaginosis and gives relief from the burning and itching in as little as 20 minutes. The information provided is NOT intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Home remedies and natural cures offer us powerful and often inexpensive ways to heal our bodies, or fix any embarrassing or annoying problems and can ensure that we are healthy and happy.  Home treatments are a great alternative to western medicine, which although can be very useful, usually fails to treat our sicknesses holistically, giving us relief from symptoms, but failing to tackle the root cause of our ailments. When you cut yourself you wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide to clean out the bacteria and prevent an infection. Sometimes, when a woman thinks she has a yeast infection, it's actually bacterial vaginosis instead.
Additionally, much of western medicine can cause unwanted and nasty side effects, and even end up making us worse. Trying to tell the difference between the two can be tricky too, however, with the hydrogen peroxide remedy it doesn't matter.
Not only can you cure your conditions with my home remedies, but you can also help to prevent future illness.
By home remedies I mean things that you can take at home, without having to go to the doctor, frequently using ingredients that either come from nature or perhaps that you can find in your cupboard!  (Apple Cider Vinegar and honey are two key ingredients!) They can consist of dietary changes and detoxing, making use of herbs and natural ingredients, stimulating your immune systems through exercise or other lifestyle changes.
Or alternatively, purchase a vaginal douche and use this instead, which is much more effective.

A wide variety of illnesses and annoying conditions can be cured or relieved by using home treatments.  I will be initially adding the most popular remedies and sought after cures, but eventually this site will become a large resource for anyone looking to heal themselves in their homes. Common ailments and problems that can be effectively treated or cured include coughs, colds, sinus infections, cold sores and sore throats. Alternatively, if you feel the itching or burning coming on, apply some of the 3% solution straight from the bottle to affected area.
I will also explain how to relieve pains associated with irregular periods, tooth ache and headaches, as well as some great preventative tips for those suffering from migraines and asthma.
Other home remedies on this site provide help with embarrassing conditions such as relief from excessive gas, zits and pimples, head lice, piles and hemorrhoids, wart removal, sweaty armpits and dandruff. As well as treating existing ailments and illnesses, home remedies can also be used to improve our wellbeing, and make us generally more healthy and happy, and I will tell you some brilliant tips and tricks for getting glowing skin, how to get rid of razor bumps, some excellent info on teeth whitening, natural cures for depression, and tips to improve your digestion which can help those suffering from gout and heartburn.
But in particular if you are embarrassed to go to the doctor about your problem, or don’t have the money to go, or you just want to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home.
Despite what I’ve said about western medicine If you have a persistent illness or symptom, I highly recommend you do visit your local physician, as sometimes it may be a symptom of a larger problem, and certain aspects of western medicine are very useful.  That said, for many smaller ailments and illnesses you may find that you need to visit your local health care provider much less after reading my handy guide to self healing!
People have been using natural treatments to cure common illnesses for centuries, and there is a good reason for this – they work!
In this site I will show you the best natural cures that I know of, and I will be drawing from folk and indigenous knowledge from around the world, as well as medicine systems such as Chinese, Ayurvedic (Indian), American Indian and African. So take a look round the site today and get healthy and happy with my wonderful home remedies!

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