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Top 10 Plants and Herbs for Optimal Lung Health + Cure Infections and Repair Pulmonary Damage - Take control of your health! Did you know that there is a wave of bacterial and viral infections that is rushing and sweeping through the Northern Hemisphere, causing people to be sick for a longer time by slowing down the healing process from the array of symptoms within the respiratory system? If you are trying to get rid of these infections with conventional medicine by taking antibiotics, you are not only piling up the problems associated with antibiotic resistance, but you’re also not helping the healing mechanisms within your body to address the cause.
These herbal remedies not only heal infections and even repair lung damage, but they can boost lung health.
Peppermint oil and peppermint, contains menthol, a soothing ingredient known to promote free breathing and relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract. Dried peppermint typically contains menthyl acetate, cineol, menthol, menthone and menthofuran. Menthol is a fantastic decongestant when combined with the antihistamine effect of peppermint.
Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in syrups and cough lozenges and it is effective because of its compound called cineole.
Licorice is very soothing and softens the mucous membranes of the throat and especially the stomach and lungs and at the same time cleanses any inflamed mucous membrane that needs immune system support.
Native Americans have been traditionally using Coltsfoot for thousands of years to strengthen the lungs.
Although oregano contains the nutrients and vitamins required by the immune system, its primary benefits are owed to its rosmarinic and carvacrol acid content. Plantain leaf has been used for hundreds of years to soothe irritated mucous membranes and ease cough. Sage’s textured leaves give off a heady aroma, which is created from sage’s essential oils. Chaparral is just another herb that the Native Americans used for respiratory support, which contains powerful irritation relieving antioxidants. Baba Ram Dev or more commonly known as Swami Ramdev is a world renowned Yoga guru, who has revolutionized the world with his tremendous approach towards Yoga. He along with his many companions especially Acharya Bal krishan captured heart of Indian and Formed a Trust that at present is operating from Hardwar as Patanjali Yog Peeth. Doctors Are Shocked - One Man's Lung Cancer Death Sentence Permanently Removed by Natural Remedy with Honey and Herbs!Health & Weight Loss Done! Doctors Are Shocked – One Man’s Lung Cancer Death Sentence Permanently Removed by Natural Remedy with Honey and Herbs!
A woman from Bosnia sent her remedy with honey and ginger, hoping that it will help others to cure cancer. After she was diagnosed with cancer(endocrine cancer) she spent twenty days in hospital on intensive care. It’s also essential to always stay positive, regardless of what the doctors or others say. So, now honey is on your side, and is powerful and can heal even the most dangerous types of cancer, even if your situation is very bad. Osha root is indigenous to North America in the area of the Rocky Mountains, and long revered by Native people for its healing properties, the root of the osha plant has definite lung-strengthening capabilities. Osha root contains camphor and other beneficial oils which clear away mucous; improve blood flow to the lungs and increase your ability to take a deeper breath – especially useful if you’re suffering from emphysema, pneumonia or allergies. Pleurisy root has been used for generations for respiratory complaints stemming from allergies, the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis.

Licorice root is somewhat of a wonder herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when it comes to treating respiratory diseases and promoting healthy lungs.
Mullein is native to Europe and Asia, but has been successfully grown in America since the time of European colonization. It can be used to successfully treat coughs, bronchitis, allergies, asthma plus many other pulmonary diseases.
If you are suffering from respiratory ailments, try one or more of these excellent herbal supplements. Natural Health 365 is a premium source of trending and popular health-related news, science, testimony & research articles on the most up to date and relevant natural health information. In addition to exploring health benefits of certain foods, vitamins and supplements, we also aim to connect healthy eating and balanced consumption of dietary supplements to long-lasting health and adding healthy, happy years to your life. Peppermint oil also contains small amounts of many additional compounds including caryophyllene, limonene, pulegone and pinene.
Americans, Aborigines and Germans have all used the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus to soothe throat irritation and promote respiratory health. Cineole has numerous benefits — fights congestion, it’s an expectorant, soothes irritated sinus passages and it can ease a cough. It occurs in more formulas than any other single herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, because it is thought to harmonize the action of all other herbs. It produces powerful antiseptic essential oils which are classified as anti – fungal and naturally antibiotic.
Both compounds are histamine reducers and natural decongestants that have direct, positive benefits on the nasal passage airflow and respiratory tract. Many of its active constituents show antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, as well as being antitoxic and anti – inflammatory. These oils are the main source of the many benefits of sage tea for common respiratory ailments and lung problems. It also contains NDGA which inhibits the energy – producing ability in cancer cells and acts as an antihistamine. It’s also important to avoid any contact of the honey with metal, so use a plastic or wooden spoon. Unfortunately, chemtrails, second hand smoke, poor quality food, and aerosol contaminants (to name a few) create a greater risk of respiratory diseases. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and has been used with great success in treating allergies, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.
It has a remarkable ability to clear mucous from the chest and lungs, which makes it easier to heal from a variety of respiratory ailments. With a long track record of success in TCM – dating back thousands of years – it, also, has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.
It was considered an important healing herb back then, and, according to the University of Michigan, studies support that tradition today. It is also an excellent expectorant and soothes the mucous membranes when they are irritated.
While you should never quit taking your medication without the advice of a trusted, medical professional, you may find these herbs help you feel a lot better, and without negative side effects. The Food & Nutrition articles found herein are meant to inform and advise our site visitors on eating healthy, nutritious foods and safely using supplements and vitamins to achieve optimal health. We seek out scientific solutions with proven results and it is our mission to keep you informed!

For example, did you know that eating Granny Smith Apples on a regular basis can reduce your chance of building up unhealthy gut yeast? Please join the conversation on Facebook, post comments here on the website and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. All the way since 1600s, lungwort has been used to clear congestion and promote respiratory and lung health.
Even more, eucalyptus supports the immune system during a cold or other illness, because it contains antioxidants. It has been shown in recent researches to assist with bronchitis, coughs, soothes the mucus membranes in the lungs, asthma and helps with other lung ailments. Thyme tea has the power to chase away and eliminate viruses and bacteria so it doesn’t matter on what is your infection based on, it will do its job. Better than the most common antibiotic treatments, the oil of oregano fights off the dangerous bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.
The best benefits can be felt if consumed as a tincture, while the tea works as an expectorant. The popularity of Baba cam into limelight in early years of 21 st century has he taught people with is command over Yoga and pranayam. Then she started using a remedy from honey and ginger and in few days she came back to life.
You should always use clean and organic honey, so make sure that you buy it from a producer that you trust.
To make matters worse, many of the medications doctors prescribe for these respiratory problems have a number of unwanted side effects including insomnia, nausea and irritability. In addition, it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which makes it excellent for treating lung diseases caused by these things.
Articles range in topic from the cancer fighting qualities of Olive Oil, to the remarkably high concentration of anti-oxidants found in blueberries, to how to make your own almond milk, to a nutritional comparison of organic vs conventional produce, to an analysis of the health benefits of tree nuts.
Or that ingesting ground hemp seeds can significantly reduce inflammation throughout the body?
Thyme has been used as a lung remedy consumed since antiquity and is used extensively to day to treat and prevent bacterial infection pneumonia and respiratory tract infections.
The rich aromatic properties arising from sage’s volatile oils of thujone, terpene and salvene, camphor can be put to use by inhaling sage tea’s vapors to dispel sinusitis and lung disorders. He is one of the most popular faces as he is also a social activist and speaks on issues like medical conditions, and very latest on the corruption issue and black money. This Institution was responsible to running a research based program on Ayurveda as well as yoga. Perhaps you didn’t know that Fresh Organic Produce has been found to have higher concentrations of key, cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and vitamins than conventional produce? Alternatively, make a strong pot of sage tea and place it into a bowl or a vaporizer, and with a towel cover your head over it and inhale the steam.
At preset he is also fighting against corruption and black money issues and wants amendments accordingly in law. As per the part of the research documentation of various medicines effect on different diseases are also seen.

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