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Sore throat treatment - An infusion of the seeds mixed with common salt can be used as a gargle in acute condition. The leaves of the holy basil have also been found beneficial in the treatment of sore throat. The throat gargled several times with warm water mixed with a little salt also provide relief from sore throat. Make a tea by adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile blossoms to a pint of boiling water and drink a cup after every few hours.
Diet for sore throat - Cut an onion, put in a cup with a top, soak with honey, cover the cup and leave for one hour, swallow 1 spoon of the honey after every few hours to get relief.
Make a tea with 25 grams fresh sage in 600 ml of water and add one-fourth teaspoon of cayenne. Powerful Natural Remedy, That Helps Getting Rid Of The Sore Or Strep Throat Infection For Good.
For sore throats, get some hot water (but not boiling) and some honey, stir that up, and it's not quite good, but it'll help. This is something I just came up with because I didn't have everything needed for any of the other ones. My Grandma suggested using peroxide as a gargle and rinse, and then put some hot water in a coffee mug, mix in two tablespoons of honey with a little bit of lemon juice. 1: A fresh tomato sliced thick (about the size of 2 regular tomato slices) and fried in a pan til skin is fried and tomato is soggy. I always try to use non-medicinal remedies before resorting to medications or over-the-counter drugs just in case it?s just a passing allergy symptom or something. I try to use only natural remedies and when my 11 year old son has a scratchy or dry thought, I give him a ThroatCooler. I have a sore throat and I just put pure honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper on a table spoon and sucked on it a bit. It's gross tasting, but it's the only thing that works for me when I get really sick, besides medicine, of course. Materials: 1 Juicy Lemon, 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda, 1 Tablespoon Honey and 3 Twosided Q-Tips. Process: Squeeze Lemon into a Small container mix with Baking Soda (let the bubbles calm down). Insert one side of the Q-Tip into the mixture and clean one of your Tonsils(use 3 sides of the Q-Tip for each Tonsil).
Recently I did a google search for "sore throat home remedies" and found many pages suggesting the ACV route so I decided to employ it.
An old home remedy for sore throats is a tea made with lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and honey.
Peroxide is a WONDERFUL Gargle not only for sore throat but also those annoying sores you tend to get if you bite your tongue or inside your cheek.
Although apple cider vinegar may be effective in aiding a sore throat, due to the naturally occurring sulfites, allergic reactions to vinegar are extremely common these days. If you are using it for the first time, especially with a young child or toddler, watch closely for any signs of a reaction.
Obviously Im not saying not to use apple cidar vinegar, like any product just be cautious if you are using it for the first time. Peroxide is FINE to gargle with, it will not hurt you in any way unless you were to drink a large amount. Hello Nikita, your remedie was superb, it healed my throat instantly and i send you my gratitude to you from the bahams (new providence, nassua). I recently joined cheer leading and just the second day in the season, i got a sore throat. I have cured my second case of Strep Throat (earmarked by white pckets all over the tonsils and throat) by using the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. One spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon with half cup of hot water twice a day do the trick for sore throat. I have had this sore throat for 3 days now and I have tried Tylenol Rapid Release, Robitussin DM Max, CF, Tylenol Sore Throat etc. Yeah, guys read up to the one #17 i think, or 16, whichever one is by someone named nikita. Well, lemme just tell y'all that the Pomegranate juice, (didnt get a pomegranate, got juice) is discusting but WOW does it ever work! Prednisone is not a home remedy and has aa lot of side effects; I recommend lemon, water and honey. I tried gargling with salt water and honey and lemon but it tasted horrible and after doing a whole cup it only helped a tiny little bit. 1- 1 tsp of lemon mix it with 3 tsp of honey add a pinch or two of clove powder mix it with luke warm water mix it well. Apple Cider vinegar and honey really helps i've had a slighly sore throat for a week and now its pretty much gone.
Again for those who are to skeptical on hydrogen peroxide try reading the label where it says gargle that is if your capable of doing so.
I have had a sore throat now for about 24 hours and have tried different things posted on this wall and it is not getting any better.
The only thing you're supposed to use peroxide for is in your ears to break down wax build up. I was reading all the post, after#60 I decided to make my own tea version of some of the remedies. A large Fillet Steak, grilled to perfection with a Bernaise Sauce, and some Steamed veg on the side. Some over-the-counter medications help ease discomfort, but do not actually treat the root of the problem – the infection. Fortunately, there are several home remedies for sore throat that work together to help ease pain and suffering, while simultaneously treating the cause of the infection.
Some of these time-honored remedies have yet to receive scientific validation, so be sure to consult your healthcare practitioner before trying them out. Remember that holistic medicine should be used in conjunction with, and not in place of conventional care. Sage and rosemary have a sweeter taste, while peppermint and eucalyptus tend to be more soothing. Herbal teas are somewhat more practical because they can be made from items you already have in your home spice rack. Some, such as garlic, are used as natural antibiotics and are believed to help reduce the duration of a cold or flu. Other liquid home remedies for sore throat include drinking raspberry tea, warm lemon water with honey or apple cider vinegar.
While they are not usually thought of as a home remedy, homeopathic medicines are good to have on hand as they can be very effective, yet do not have any adverse side effects. Belladonna (Bell) – Used for sore throats accompanied by high fevers, redness and an aversion to drinking liquids. Cantharis (Canth) – Used for extreme sore throats accompanied by burning or stinging sensations. Lachesis(Lach) – Used in cases where the throat is constricted, or there is a sensation of a lump in the throat.
Pulsatilla (Puls) – The pulsatilla patient has extreme redness and dryness, yet does not feel thirsty. The same essential oils used in your sore throat mouthwash formula can also be added to a room diffuser. In addition, try essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, vanilla, orange blossom and German chamomile which have powerful relaxing effects. The home remedies are the ways by which the use of harmful drugs is avoided while they cure the ailment currently and enhances the other health problems in the later life. Garlic oil is known to be solving heart problems and is recommended by many doctors for their patients.
The fenugreek seeds can be used for gargling in the throat and can be used as an effective medicine for treating the sore throat. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.

Sore throats are mostly due to bacterial or viral infection passed on through saliva and coughing of infected people. Honey is one of the best and delightful remedies that can help treat a sore throat in kids. Gargling is one of the oldest remedies that have been in use for treating sore throat in kids as well as adults. Garlic is an antibacterial agent and call kill the bacteria and virus behind the sore throat. Drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of freshly ground turmeric too will help in healing a sore throat and cough. For smaller kids, ginger tea can be prepared by adding a piece of crushed ginger to a cup of boiling water. Lemon is replete with vitamin C and antioxidants and is an excellent remedy for removing mucus from the system. The vitamin C in lemon is also excellent for boosting the immunity and reducing the severity of the infection. Give this to your child for killing the bacterial action in the throat and also for healing the soreness of the throat. Anything that is taken fairly hot can have a steaming effect on the throat and hence good for healing a sore throat. Kids generally tend to love things that are sweet and when they get a sore throat, it is the perfect excuse for sucking on hard candies. Sucking on a hard candy will also help in keeping the throat moist and this will ease the symptoms of sore throat naturally.
When you have a sore throat, the throat burns and is hot and the first impulse is to avoid giving anything cold to the kid. Sore throats usually occurs with a cold and cough or can be a result of swollen tonsils or an infection and irritation in the throat, which can sometimes lead to pain or ache in the ear.
The water boiled with basil leaves should be taken as a drink or can also be used as a gargle. Powdered spice boiled in a glass on water with a pinch of pepper powder and honey is highly beneficial in the treatment.
I filled a coffee mug a third of the way with water, heating it up, mixed in two spoonfuls of honey and some lemon juice and stir it together.
It sounds weird, but apparently it works, though it might have some kind of placebo effect on people: Wrap a large, raw cabbage leaf around your neck and tie it there with something, and leave it there for half an hour to an hour.
My daughter has been getting sore throats often through out the past month, and she may need her tonsils removed but anyway, the thing that works the best is Apple Cider and Vinegar.
That could be very dangerous, it will completely destroy the flesh if done wrong, making your sore throat much much worse!!!
I?ve always liked ice pops when I got a sore throat- My mom used to give me them when I was a kid.
I had tonsilitis all the time when I was a kid usually every year the doc said that I would outgrow it, the las time I had it was when I was 18 I haven't had it since and I am 37 so I did outgrow it. Related: Keep applying HP on wounds interferes with the healing process - after initial cleaning with HP, honey is better dressing to promote healing. This is NORMAL and there is nothing to worry about if this should occur, it is just killing the infectious organisms (like iodine does in cuts but much less painfully) – not harming you at all! Hydrogen peroxide also helps clean your teeth,brush your teeth and than brush your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and you see a difference! When you feel yourself getting sick either a cold, or a sore throat, try swabbing your neck (thyroid area) and the inside of your wrist with Iodine.
Now I have have the symtops described here, sore red throat, can't swollow or eat and it hurts like crazy.
And #103, if you come back on this website, I'd like to point out that there is the lemon juice gargle thing, or the actually drink which I repeated the directions for. I boiled one cup water with chamomile blossom(thank GOD i had some) they were purchased from a good spices website. Common botanicals to use in a sore throat wash include sage, turmeric, peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and rosemary.
Simply add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to warm water and gargle for 30 seconds to a minute.
Some common remedies you may already have include rosemary, sage, ginger, thyme, marjoram, garlic, horseradish and clove.
They are highly diluted substances, many of which are made from organic materials such as herbs and minerals. Hepar sulfur patients tend to have a splintering sensation in the back of the throat, associated with difficulty swallowing.
Compresses are made by soaking a cloth in warm water mixed with herbal extracts or essential oils. Soak in warm water mixed with 8 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice, then wrap gently around the neck and leave in place for 20 to 30 minutes. These aromatic oils are very soothing, and can help you relax so you can get the rest that your body needs to further fight infection. Some of the home remedies that are beneficial for the treatment of sore throat are mentioned under. Turmeric is a component that is medically important in mixing it as an ingredient in the syrup.
It is also found that difficulty in swallowing because of sore throat is also solved by the consumption of garlic oil.
Clean fenugreek seeds are gathered in two tablespoons full and taken in a bowl along with 400 millilitres of drinking water. Three drops of cinnamon oil is mixed with the one teaspoon full of honey and is used for consumption to get break from sore throat.
The bacterium present in the honey can lead to infant botulism in children below two years of age. When kids get sore throat, it can be a painstaking experience to manage them, as they can get increasingly cranky and difficult to deal with. Though not a serious condition, if left untreated, it can also lead to serious respiratory illnesses. Salt is an antibacterial and healing agent and helps in treating the sore throat naturally. It could be difficult to make them do the inhaling part and also to make them sit still in the hot steam for even ten minutes.
Garlic can also be added to a freshly prepared vegetable juice like a tomato or carrot juice or any other juice of your kid’s choice.
Turmeric can be added to a glass of warm milk before bedtime to ease your kids sore throat and heal it by morning. For older kids, a piece of ginger can be given for chewing and swallowing the juice slowly to initiate the healing process. For making an infusion with pepper and coriander, grind some pepper berries and coriander seeds and add a small piece of crushed ginger as well. Lemon juice can be added to a cup of water and sweetened with honey or sugar and given to children several times a day for easing sore throats and cough associated with it. Take a hot tea, coffee or a juice like lemon juice mixed with hot water and salt to heal the soreness of the throat without other medications.However, care has to be taken when you give hot fluids to kids. Sugar is supposed to be a healing remedy for sore throats and hence good when your child has sore throat.
The cool and sweet taste of the juice bar will ease the symptoms of sore throat to a great extent. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This can be used for gargling four times a day and can be drunk as a tea without adding vinegar. The cabbage leaf is supposed to draw out the pain from your throat, and it doesn't really matter what kind of cabbage leaf you use.
First, take a piece or two and chew them up, using mostly the molars in the back of the mouth. He thinks it?s just an ice pop but it soothes his throat and keeps him in a better state of mind.
She told me to take a small piece of fabric (a folded up clean washcloth would do) and get it wet with cold water.

All the small bouts of nausea, skin rashes and coughing fits I had been dismissing for months had finally turned into a full blown anaphylactic reaction where my airway closed completely and I was unable to get any air in or out.
The peroxide you buy at the drug store is highly diluted, it is 97% water and only 3% peroxide. If it burns slightly, you’ve got an infection and that sensation is the infection being killed off.
It took serious IV antibiotics in the hospital over the course of a week (most of which I was unconscious for) to clear the infection that had spread everywhere throughout my body, including my brain. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow so I won't try the garlic clove just yet (wouldn't want anyone to die from my breath).
I cannot swallow my spit and I have a VERY sensitive stomach so I have to be really careful. So far, I've only taken like 2 sips so obviously nothing has really happened, but when it's in my throat, it feels better for a few seconds (not to mention my lips are tingling awesomely :-D haha!) so I'm assuming that it will work great once im done drinking it.
I'm sitting here, at 2:30 in the morning, sipping a large mug of hot water, lemon juice, honey, cider vinegar and cayenne pepper.
Also maybe you need expand your closed mind a do some reading on why people are addicted to drugs. In another cup: 1 tbsp acv, 1tbs lemon juice, pinch salt and black pepper(next time definetly cayenne) 1 tbsp honey, mixed everything together. Additionally, you can try gargling with salt water, which is also naturally antibacterial, although a bit more difficult to pallet. These culinary herbs double as medicinal remedies because they are naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.
Because of their mild effects, they are also considered safe for both infants and children. Popular choices for compresses include eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint, which is believed to be a natural analgesic. Place 3 to 4 drops of the essential oil of your choice in water in the diffuser and leave in the bedroom. If the cinnamon oil is not available, a little amount of cinnamon powder mixed with little bit of pepper are boiled in 300 millilitres of water for a period of five to seven minutes. Honey helps in soothing and healing the throat and also reduces the soreness and itchiness of the throat.
Steam through the mouth by inhaling deeply so that the steam reaches the sore areas of the throat and heals it completely. Recently, I found a product called Throat Cooler which has honey and Vitamin C in it and less sugar than the ice pops I've been having. Wash it and eat with the skin on, but this time eat it alot slower letting the juices run down your throat. Should clear whatever you have in there within just two to three days, versus the week to two weeks it takes with antibiotics!
Do the math, a $1.00 bottle of H202 sure as hell beats a $100 doctor’s visit charge as a hell Mary to cure it, or even a $1,000+ hospital stay if that doctor’s visit and his prescription doesn’t do it for you, now doesn’t it?
So in the morning I will be eager to find out if the combination of all the remedies used will make the sore throat go away for good.
But I will gargle with salt water, eat a fried tomato with salt, cayanne pepper and honey, and do the whole wrap something cold around your neck throughout the night. It does not immediately take away the pain of your sore throat but it will clean your throat and speed up the healing! Then the water is allowed to reach normal temperature and it is filtered to remove all the remaining seeds. The preparation is done by mixing honey with the same quantity of apple cider vinegar to the eight ounces of warm water.
Then, take another piece or two of the garlic and swallow them with water, just like you would medicine. Early in the morning, i drank 3 teaspoons of milk and garlic, it is not a pleasant feeling, but i stopped coughing. I plan to keep my freezer stocked with these healthy ice pops during the upcoming fall allergy season.
You can also use vick vapor rub on your feet and cover them with a pair of socks and retire to bed.
I also heard an Epsom salt bath could help: 2 cups of Epsom salt dissolved in hot water and then add it to your bath and soak for 15 to 20 minutes to let the minerals do their job.
We also take one shot glass of Apple cider vinegar (which by the way is extreamly healthy and should be taken once a day).
And there's one that I tried on my own by just putting together some of the things that are commonly used.
This turmeric water can be taken little bit every day and the same is repeated for three days.
It actually tastes GREAT and it slowly (not extremely, like 4 days to heal) heals your burning feel.
From my understanding if a sore throat last more than 2 weeks it is recommended to see a doctor to make sure that it is cared for properly in regards to making sure that it's not something really serious such as cancer. Wash the effected area (throat) and your body with the Epsom salt and don't add your own soaps because your body is absorbing the salts.
The people who are suffering from ulcers must not consume it with bare stomach while other people can take it. Vinegar can also be used for gargling in another form that comprises of salt, water and vinegar mixture.
This remedy helps best when you drink hot tea immediately after, though, probably because of the burning sensation the raw garlic will usually inflict on your tongue, and it might get the mucus in your throat working up a little bit, but the relief should be pretty much instantaneous. Keep yourself from drinking, cold beverages, if you're going to drink water, drink it warm. This is a horrible feeling remedy for about 2 seconds but the results are almost instant and always well worth it once its done.
I also would take a bit in my mouth and tip my head up for a couple minutes, letting the liquid sit in the back of my throat. In the glass I have, it was about 1 cm high from the bottom, and then I got some very hot but not boiling water, filling it to almost the top of the cup. The fresh raw garlic sort of both numbs your mouth and throat and helps to kill the bad bacteria in your esophagus. Sounds odd that a pear of all fruits would help but I use this rememdy every time along with alot of vitamin C. I got mine from my water cooler which can make the water hot but you can just heat up some water to your preffered tolerable temperature or something. I am actually going to get some sleep now though I am still taking the day off tomorrow, keep up the garlic compress treatment and get some honey lemon ACV too just to get it gone. Boil the appricott, until its melted, dont boil too much just what you think you may be able to drink, well actually eat because it has appricotts. Went to the walgreen clinic and found out I dont have strep (duh i know what strep feels like, had my tonsils removed when I was 6). The effect may not appear right away, but it will help your throat, when it feels the warm appricott, and open the passageways. Sugar was just for better taste, so it's optional if you're on a diet or just can't have sugar for allergies etc.
You tell me it could be H1N1 and your sending me home telling me to gargle salt water, and a few antibiotics. She said this has something to do with the cold bringing blood to the area allowing for quicker healing.
Well today I wake up having taken 1 of the antibiotics and my fever is finaly gone, body aches gone, headache gone. I have tried just about all of these lovely tricks, the only one that was nice was lemon, ginger, honey and water, because now when i burp it smells good :) oh yeah Ill try the cool towel over my throat tonight sounds promising.

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