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Ear infections are the most common condition why children see a doctor in their first years of life. Increasing numbers of people are rediscovering the wonders of essential oils — natural extractives of plants, which have an impressive list of uses. Naturopaths generally recommend that the ratio of essential oil to carrier oil be about 10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil. Naturopaths advise against applying undiluted essential oils on your baby’s skin, because they may be too strong and irritate it. For undiluted application, you’d want to use the milder essential oils, such as melrose and lavender. If your child is young, you may need to use a distraction, such as a toy, so that you can apply it. Some chiropractors are trained in adjusting bones surrounding earlobe, to open up Eustachian tube and allow fluid to drain into the throat, as it does normally. If your baby has an ear infection, or gets ear infections sometimes, hold baby in an upright position when nursing or bottle-feeding. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised its recommendations to pediatricians, asking doctors not to be so quick to prescribe antibiotics, the usual cure, because of the long-term harm that excessive antibiotic use can cause to a person’s immune system. And because of what we know now about how harmful heavy antibiotic use can be, many parents are looking for natural ways to cure their babies’ ear infections when a cure is needed. Here are some of the more popular methods American moms are using to relieve an infant’s earache and restore his or her delicate ear structures back to good health. You may want to buy more than one of these oils, so that you can see which works best on your child.
Good carrier oils to use are olive or coconut oil, as they have antioxidants of their own that help fight inflammation and restore skin cells to health. So, if you’re making a teaspoonful of medicinal oil, put no more than 2 drops of essential oil onto the teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, and blend the two oils. Most natural health and conventional medicine experts advise against putting undiluted essential oil drops into the baby’s ear canal.
Please consult with your pediatrician before using any diluted or undiluted essential oils on your baby. You can make your own garlic oil to treat your baby’s ear infection by crushing one garlic clove, then mix it into an ounce of olive oil.
One or two drops in each affected ear, several times a day, may be all that your infant will need to cure the ear infection.
This will relieve fluid pressure and discomfort from an ear infection, and it will help prevent future ear infections by allowing fluids from the ears to drain more easily.

Colloidal silver consists of tiny (sub-microscopic) particles of silver in a carrier liquid. With a cotton ball, spread some of the oil mixture inside the baby’s earlobe, on the outside of the earlobe, and on the skin both behind the ear and the front of the ear.
However, a number of moms posting comments on different websites, and one well-respected medical website (WebMD), say that applying 1-2 drops of undiluted essential oil into your baby’s ear canal with a dropper, multiple times a day, can be an effective and safe way to cure an ear infection.
Additionally, never apply diluted or undiluted essential oils into your baby’s ear if he or she has a perforated eardrum. It will cause bubbling (which is a good sign, as the tissues get oxygenated and disinfected), and it may sting just a bit. Do one ear at a time, allowing hydrogen peroxide to stay in ear for a few moments, then place clean washcloth as you turn baby on that side, to drain out excess peroxide. Although some people say this works for ear infections and other health conditions, this product can only harm a person in the long run. The idea here is to allow the fumes from the essential oil to gradually penetrate the baby’s ear canal, thus promoting healing. Therefore, getting silver into your system can only be harmful later on, even when it may take some time before the damage is seen.
Jennifer Ashton most ear infections are viral in nature and won’t respond to antibiotics anyway.
Their canal is straight across or horizontal, [meaning]A your baby doesna€™t get much help from gravity to get the fluid to drain out of the lymph nodes and the ears into the throat and out of their body. The problem comes when fluid and congestion build up in the lymph nodes in the neck and throat and cannot be moved or flushed out of the childa€™s body.
The AAP Guidelines now state that antibiotics should not be prescribed unless there is an obvious ear infection – a very bulging tympanic membrane.
If fluid is present some parents might insist on a swab culture to confirm it is bacterial rather than viral before considering antibiotics.
If they do, chances are the earache will resolve on it’s own before the results come back. For those that prefer to avoid Tylenol and other pain medications thatA may delay the healing process, here are ideasA .
They also found that it often worked in a fraction of the time.So what does this mean for ear infections?
Garlic also has been shown to inhibit some viruses, which some feel makes it a better choice than antibiotics, which only cover bacterial infections. Please keep in mind that some oils should not be introduced until child reaches a certain age. Gerber makes a distinction between betacarotene and true Vitamin A, which is only found in animal products such as fermented cod liver oil.

If ear inflammation is due to food sensitivities, it may also be beneficial in helping to moderate and even reverse those sensitivities over time using protocols such as the GAPS Diet. Haggerton, “The lymph nodes need properly functioning muscles to contract with your babya€™s head movements in order to flush out lymph fluid and congestion that pools in the area. A If the bones in the top of your babya€™s neck become restricted (due to birth, or any other type of physical stressor), the muscles around that area cannot contract and work correctly. A If the muscles dona€™t contract perfectly, then the body has a hard time flushing out the fluid in the ear canals. Among the various natural remedies for ear infections, it isA a favorite with those who want to support the immune system naturally. Bake it face down on the oven rack at 350 degrees until you can just start to smell the onion, and it’s just beginning to recede. Place the onions over the ears like ear muffs, and then wrap them completely using a natural cloth such as a 100% cotton towel, or 100% wool scarf. You do NOT want to have the chemical fumes from an acrylic fabric going into the ear canal.
What you are doing is wrapping the top of the head, covering the onions, and then keeping it sealed by wrapping it loosely around the neck. Place it on the affected ear (testing first to make sure it won’t burn) until it cools. For that reason, rice works just fine for us.When To See A DoctorThere are times when contacting a doctor is necessary. Instead, a parent can safely wait 48 to 72 hours, giving pain medicine as needed, and watching to see if those symptoms simply go away. Using some tips now on my ear infection ?Y™‚ to Carla simpson'>reply to this comment CyndiMay 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM Great article!
Our 5 kids are ages 6-15yrs old and with any ear irritation we have always used warm garlic oil or warm onion oil, colloidal silver, peroxide and lavender oil on the outside with great success! My kids have only had one mild earache each, and it was resolved in 1-2 hours with ear oil and gentle massage. I would also add that any oil put in the ears should be warm (I stick the bottle in my bra to warm it to my body temperature). We used it for the kids and our own eye infection and link eye episode we had last year to great effect! I had a millions errands to run and did not want to smell so I warmed some silver 500ppm in my bra 2 drops in the ear.

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