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It spreads easily from one person to another through contact with contaminated hair, brushes, combs, clothing or bedding.
Welcome to the Natural Wellness Pet Center, where wea€™re dedicated to all things dog and cat.
Our Pet Center will cover all of this and more, as we explore home remedies, natural solutions, and prevention methods for some major pet problems. Wea€™ll identify myths about supplements, and share recent research and surprising facts about what a supplement can (and cana€™t) do for your pet. Is There a Catnip Equivalent for Canines?What herb are dogs passionate about, and what does it smell like? Beef Stew for Two (Your Dog and You!)Sure, it would be nice if we had the time to actually make our dog’s food. 5 Signs Your Dog May Have ArthritisMany pet owners aren't aware that dogs can develop severe arthritis. Our Natural Wellness Pets newsletter is filled with articles youa€™ll love to read including quick pet care tips, recipes, exclusive discounts, and much more. The information and products shown on this website should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician evaluation or treatment. Natural Mobility Pet SupplementWith ELK VELVET ANTLERNaturally Supports JOINT & HIP FUNCTION For DogsFind relief for your peta€™s joint and hip pain. Common symptoms of head lice are a feeling that something is crawling on the head, an itchy scalp and sometimes red bumps on the scalp.If you or someone in your family develops head lice, you must take care of the problem immediately. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a natural insecticide that can effectively kill head lice and help soothe the itching.Mix together three to five drops of oil for every one ounce of shampoo.
Pets are members of the family, and as pet owners, we know how much your furry friend means to you. We continually talk to veterinarians, animal trainers, pet nutrition experts, and enzymologists to give you the most accurate information out there. As new research is published, wea€™ll be adding more articles to keep you informed and on the cutting edge of supplement science. Users are advised to seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Nit picking and combing your hair with a nit comb can help a lot.But these methods can take a long time and are most effective when the problem is caught early.

Wea€™ve created the Pet Center to provide you with all kinds of information on keeping your pet healthy and happy for years to come.
The Natural Wellness Pet Center is here to answer some of your most detailed questions about your peta€™s habits, behavior, health, and wellness. Head lice need blood from the human scalp to survive, which is why they do not survive for long after they fall off a person’s head.Though head lice infestation can occur in anyone irrespective of age or gender, it is most common among children ages three to 14. Use this mixed shampoo for at least two months.Alternatively, mix three tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil. Massaging the jaw joints, which lie just in front of the ears, will help relax tight muscles. The next morning, wash your hair with your regular shampoo.Alternatively, dilute vinegar with an equal amount of water and use the solution to rinse your freshly shampooed hair.
Lemon JuiceLemon juice can also be used to remove lice and nits from the scalp due to its acidic nature. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wash your hair again with fresh water.Use either of these treatments two or three times a week for two months.
It’s also very effective at preventing an infestation if your school or daycare has told you that lice was found on other children.Apply some fresh lemon juice to the scalp.
Use this treatment once a week to prevent a lice problem.To eliminate lice, add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to a fine paste of four large garlic cloves. To combat both muscle tightness and pain, you might also try alternating heat and cold treatments; apply heat for about 20 minutes, followed by cold for about five or ten minutes, switching between the two until you achieve relief.
Coconut OilThis kitchen staple is an excellent smothering agent and also good for your hair. Become aware of and eliminate habits -- such as resting your head on your hand, cradling the phone between your shoulder and cheek, or clenching your teeth -- that tend to stress the jaw joint.
If you work at a desk, sit up straight in a supportive chair and raise your work surface if necessary to prevent yourself from hunching over with your head propped on your hand. If you need to use both hands while talking on the phone, invest in a headset or use the speaker setting if available. And, if you often catch yourself unconsciously clenching your teeth while reading or working, try holding a cork gently between your front teeth to keep your jaws separated and relaxed. I then put conditioner through her whole head and brushed through with the nit comb and they came off with ease.

After several minutes of enjoying this visualization, take another couple of slow, deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.
A dentist may need to create a special mouthpiece, or "splint," to help the muscles relax, especially at night. The jaw may need to be permanently realigned through subtle shaping of the tooth surface (equilibration), moving teeth (orthodontics), or moving bony structures (orthopedics).
And if you're struggling with reducing or coping better with stress, you might benefit from a visit with a mental-health professional.
Look for professionals with whom you feel comfortable and who will take the time to explain things to you. You can ask for a referral from your regular dentist, contact your local dental association, or check the yellow pages to locate a TMJ specialist. Then use the following questions to help evaluate candidates and ensure that you get the expert care you need: What is your experience in treating TMJD? The author of four books, Gower is also a contributing editor for Health magazine.Alice Lesch Kelly is a health writer based in Boston.
Spritz their hair and this will act like a repellant because they don’t like the mentholated smell. Linnea Lundgren has more than 12 years experience researching, writing, and editing for newspapers and magazines. She is the author of four books, including Living Well With Allergies.Michele Price Mann is a freelance writer who has written for such publications as Weight Watchers and Southern Living magazines. He is author or co-author of four books, including The Common Symptom Answer Guide, and has written for publications including the Boston Globe, The Lancet, and USA Today. Using a good lice comb (one with long prongs) I would comb out my hair section by section then turn my hair upside down & comb that way.

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