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Flea bite dermatitis is a painful condition that is the result of an allergic reaction between the flea’s saliva and our dog’s skin.
Pet owners can safely sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth on a dog’s coat, bedding and other areas to repel fleas. Neem seeds from the azadirachta indica tree’s fruit are ground up to create a powder. Pet care companies manufacture herbal products such as shampoos, oils, sprays and dietary supplements to care for dogs.
Dry Skin on Dogs Treatment – Help Your Pet Feel More ComfortableOwning a pet, such as a dog, is pretty much like bringing an extra child into your family. Healthy Dog Food RecipesHealthy dog food recipes are very important to your canine’s health and longevity. Dog Food for AllergiesDogs with sensitive systems and allergies may live a rather uncomfortable life unless you can do something to alleviate their allergies.
Dog Skin Allergies RemediesAll dog owners are aware of the fact that puppies and dogs are known to have problems with their skin and allergic responses to the environment around them.

The essential oil of this plant is used for perfumes, bath oils, candles and other products.
It has been heat treated and the silica in the diatomaceous earth has turned into a crystalline structure which makes it high risk for causing lung damage if inhaled! The powder is added to water and sprinkled on a dog’s fur to deter fleas from attaching and laying eggs.
These products are made to repel, and kill fleas on a dog’s coat, bedding and other contact areas.
Just as a person’s diet is central to their overall health, so is a dog’s, and most commercial dog food just doesn’t cut it.
Dog food for allergies tends to take away many of the ingredients dogs are typically allergic to, and helps to build up their natural immunity to other allergens.
There are neem-oil products for dogs that include soaps, shampoos and other fur treatments. These herbal products are available at brick-and-mortar and online stores that sell pet care products.

These neem-oil products such as oils, shampoos and soap are available at online and brick-and mortar stores. The essential oil from the flowers is added to water and sprayed on a dog’s coat to act as an insect repellent.
Several applications are required to get rid of the total population of fleas from a dog’s fur and sleeping areas.
Alternatively, a pet owner can make homemade dog treats, and add some garlic to the recipe. Many pet owners prefer natural remedies for destroying fleas instead of using dangerous chemicals.

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