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Yeast is a major issue not only with bulldogs but also with many other breeds.  Dogs, like people develop health issues sometimes because of a lack of a sufficient and balanced diet. One thing is certain, if you do not disinfect your dog’s ear from time to time and you feed a high carbohydrate diet, your dog will develop a yeast infection. A healthy balance of yeast on a dogs body, depends greatly on how healthy that dog’s immune system is. The bad news is that antibiotics are popular for obliterating all of the good bacteria in a dogs body.  In essence, conventional medication do not always help, they can hurt also.

This means things such as potatoes, corn, wheat, rice etc and all other carbohydrate sources need to be eliminated from it’s diet. If your dog’s immune system is under-active, this can definitely lead to a more serious yeast infection. Anti fungal foods such as garlic or oregano to your dog’s diet, can be very beneficial in the fight and prevention of yeast on your dogs body. Before long your dogs will be more comfortable and it’ s yeast problems will be under control.

Even more, if your dog has an over active immune system, this too can lead to a  yeast infection and many more sicknesses.

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