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So your Local vet tells you there is no other option for the treating or preventing of heartworms? So the multi-billion dollar pharma giants have successfully coerced you over the years into buying their meds (through vets, forced prescriptions, and fear) since it is the only way. Reveals the handful of elite natural products necessary for complete treatment and prevention of heartworms. Nor does it know how to comprehend the sense, any value, or any health benefits from its $1,000 dollar expense or existance.
One that has been created & cunningly vended to the public under the pretense of required need and sole treatment option for far too long. If your dog has heartworms, you are no doubt feeling great concern over the timeline, cost, health risks, etc.
If you want an alternative to conventional heartworm treatment, choose one of the natural cures for canine heart worms. As the worms increase in number and size, they make their way into the dog's heart and symptoms begin. Just as in conventional medicine, using alternative methods and medications to prevent or treat canine heartworm is a complex subject. Many holistic veterinarians and proponents of alternative treatments for heartworm stress the importance of feeding your pet a diet that is healthy and free from commercially processed dog food. A healthy immune system is a strong defense against parasitic infestation of all types including heartworm, fleas and ticks. Since mature heartworms lodge in the chambers of the right side of the heart, keeping your pet's heart as healthy as possible helps protect against infestation. Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and a nutritious diet will help keep its circulatory system and heart strong and healthy. Heartworms and the process of killing them once they are in a dog's system is a dangerous process. GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT ~ Anti-microbial activity against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. GRAIN ALCOHOL ~ Intensifies the herbs in the HWF tincture while acting as a natural preservative. HWF (aka Heartworm Free) is a natural organic herbal treatment which helps your canine fight heartworm aka dirofilariasis imminitis. HWF (formerly Heartworm Free) may support the heart by cleaning the cardiovascular system from unwanted foreign substances. With a natural blend of carefully selected herbs HWF may provide a natural way of helping your dog maintain optimum health by supporting normal daily functions of the cardiovascular system, and assisting the body by synergistically working with the organs to detox unwanted contaminants. HWF is a natural organic herbal treatment which helps your canine fight heartworm aka dirofilariasis imminitis. HWF will help kill the heartworms slowly over a period of time allowing your dog's immune system to help eliminate the heartworm from its body. Note: One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Flea Free is about the use of garlic in the product.
Maintenance: give 1 time daily for 7 days, repeat one week on and one week off, continually. It has been found that heartworms and many other parasites depend on the Wolbachia bacteria for survival. When using the traditional adulticide, Immiticide, many vets have begun administering a 30 day pre-treatment of Doxyclycline, this has been found to destroy the Wolbachia prior to beginning treatment. Maintenance (Preventative Use) ~ Before beginning the Maintenance Program have your canine tested for heartworms.
Step 2: After you have discontinued the Vibactra Plus, start the HWF Basic Detox for 16 weeks. Premium Detox (High Positive) Premium Detox is to be done with dogs who have either tested high positive for heartworms OR started with the Basic Detox and were still positive for live microfilaria at the 9 Week testing. Step 1: IF your dog tested high positive for heartworms, start the Vibactra Plus 4x daily for 30 days. Start by giving amount per weight (see chart above) 2 times daily (once in the morning and again in the evening), increase the amount given by 0.1 ml every other day until amount given is doubled.
Step 2: Administer the doubled dosage of HWF twice daily, After administering the double dose of HWF for 9 weeks, your dog needs to be tested for live microfilaria. Caution: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. For more information about using HWF for canine heartworm prevention, please go to our Canine Heartworm Preventative web page. Visit local natural food store, or one of the pages listed in the reference section for cloves, wormwood, black walnut tincture, garlic, berries Hawthorne and cassava (notice the references) .

Increase the doses given every few days because as you do the treatment, will develop a tolerance to it. Give a balanced diet while doing the treatment but others feed him because that way you can stress your system. The parasite is spread through mosquito bites and mainly affects the heart and lungs of your pet dog.
While you can avail a conventional heartworm remedy from a vet, there are some simple natural treatments that will help your dog to remain free from the parasite. Spraying small amounts of the tea tree oil and Lavender oil will act as a mosquito repellant. Extracts from the Yucca root are treated to reduce the symptoms of bloating and coughing that accompanies the problem of heartworm in pets. Other than enhancing the immune system of the body, licorice extract helps to purify the blood.
The use of Black walnut in treating diseases dates back to the Greek period.  The hulls of the nuts are beneficial in improving the functioning of the intestinal system. Natural heartworm remedy also includes a balanced and healthy diet, clean environment, frequent visits to the vet and de-worming of the pet at regular intervals. Ingredients that this site has advocated for nearly ten years to successfully rid canines of heartworms throughout the world. It reveals why those products work so effectively well at removal of heartworms See a sample of he report. The decision to use, or not to use, any information on this page or the following pages is the sole responsibility of the reader.
Spread through the bite of an infected mosquito dirofilaria immitis, commonly known as heartworm, is able to live in a dog for years without there being any signs of the illness. An essential aspect of holistic heartworm prevention and treatment is keeping your dog as healthy as possible with a strong immune system. In many instances when a dog has an immune system that is strong and healthy, its own body is able to defend itself against heartworm larvae, killing it while it is in the bloodstream.
A strong fit heart and good circulatory system carries an ample oxygen supply throughout the dog's body and provides plenty of white blood cells to fight off any infections that may develop. Giving your dog a heart and circulation tonic, such as PetAlive Heart and Circulation Tonic, on a regular basis also increases heartworm protection.
A natural organic herbal product, Heartworm Free helps your dog's body slowly rid itself of existing heartworms.
Your veterinarian should always be involved in the treatment of your pet, even if you do decide you want to use natural cures for canine heart worms. It is known to be relaxing to the central nervous system, eases tension and anxiety, induces sleep.
This is why dogs that test a high positive for heartworm will need a little more treatment time and why we recommend the natural Kidney Rejuvenator for the more heavily infested heartworm dogs. Your dog's kidneys can become overwhelmed with microfilaria and not eliminate them as quickly as they should.
This helps keep the kidneys healthy making it easier to eliminate the dead microfilaria and in many cases make it easier on the dog, hasten their recovery from heartworm, and help them to test heartworm negative more quickly.
They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. This product may help support normal cardiovascular function by detoxing foreign contaminates left by environmental stressors. Because HWF works slowly your dog does not need to be confined, as required by traditional heartworm treatment. Wormwood has been known to depress the central nervous system and can cause mind-altering changes leading to psychosis when used over long periods of time (usually months).
Dead worms can clog small blood vessels causing organs to fail making it imperative that your animal be confined to a small space to try and prevent this from happening. Due to the organisms protective characteristic it is thought that Wolbachia may be the cause of blood clots and the potential shock involved in traditional heartworm treatment that results when the heartworms die. Select proper dosage from chart above; give 1 time daily for 7 days, repeat one week on and one week off, continually.
If your dog tests negative for live microfilaria, continue the HWF for 7 more weeks, at the same dosage, twice daily; total of 16 weeks detox (at the doubled dose), then proceed to Step 3. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. In regions where the parasite is of common occurrence, pet owners are advised to test their pets for the infection on a regular basis. The juice of the natural product increases the immune system of the body and also enhances blood circulation.

The body produces anti-bodies that are capable of fighting the harmful effects of the parasitic infection.
The ingredients found in the plant helps to inhibit the growth of the parasite inside the blood stream of your pet. It supports the tissues of the lungs and fights any kind of inflammatory action of the parasite in the organ.
It has a positive health effect on the conditions of the liver, stomach, kidneys, respiratory system, intestine and the immune system.
These are some ways by which you can ensure that your beloved pet remains free from all parasitic infestations.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Heartworms often live in the dog's lungs while microfilariae, the larvae of the heartworm, live in the dog's bloodstream for up to three years.
Generally, the heartworms infest the heart's right side first, and then spread to the arteries of the lungs, the veins that enter the heart's left side and the veins of the liver.
Tonic for the digestive system, eases irritable bladder syndrome, good for sluggish livers, and cleanses the blood.
Older, sick, or pregnant animals may not be able to tolerate traditional veterinary treatment and some dogs are simply sent home to die without care, as the traditional heartworm medications would kill the dog. Whether you use choose to use traditional heartworm treatment or natural heartworm treatment for your dog, there are risks. Please visit our IS GARLIC SAFE FOR PETS?" webpage for information regarding the safe use of garlic. The addition of Vibactra Plus to the treatment plan may increase the effectiveness, as well as make the treatment an even safer process. The treatment offered by veterinarians for this problem is very expensive and some dogs die during implementation.
The symptoms of the parasitic infection include coughing, lack of energy, weight loss, breathing difficulties etc.
It is used to keep the coats and skin of the pet clean and thereby attract fewer parasites towards itself.
Certain ingredients in this natural product contain bitter principles, making the dog less appealing to mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Within weeks, you may notice an increase in energy and a decrease in symptoms such as coughing and weakness and a healthier coat. With this information, Amber Tech developed This natural HWF that (in the long run) may be more beneficial to your dog. In addition, the antioxidant properties of Vibactra Plus can help to boost your canine's immune system to guard against the effects of heartworm die off.
If your dog tests negative for live microfilaria, continue the HWF for 7 more weeks, same dosage, twice daily; total of 16 weeks detox, then proceed to Step 3.
The information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician or veterinarian. For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds and the recommended dose for an adult is 150 pounds, all doses divided by 3. HWF's slow method of heartworm treatment has its benefits, which allows the dog to recover slowly. At the end of this 4 week period, please take your canine for testing, at this point all dead heartworms should be flushed from the system, your dog should now be Heartworm Free. This information is not intended as a substitute for the reader's independent judgment and personal responsibility.
If you would like to continue using HWF as a preventative, please see the maintenance (preventative) protocol above. If a dog is harboring a 3-foot long heartworm the time to rid the body of heartworms can be 36 weeks or longer. The severity of the heartworm infestation and condition of the heart will determine the results with the HWF treatment. It is extremely important to consult your pet's veterinarian if your dog shows symptoms of heartworm disease or if you feel your dog is not well. Amber Tech does NOT guarantee the health of your dog, due to conditions out of Amber Tech's control.

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