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The very well known, increasing in incidence, life threatening disease, AIDS which stands for Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome, is caused by a virus known as HIV- Human Immune Virus, and together the disease is named as HIVAIDS-Human Immune Virus Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The HIV virus attacks the immune system of a person, making their body’s defense system weak and unable to fight other diseases. Symptoms of AIDS The symptoms of AIDS should be considered alarming and must be immediately reported to a doctor. Fatigue Unexplained fatigue and tiredness are also amongst the symptoms of acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Persistent Tiredness Fatigue and tiredness can be persistent if the disease has progressed through its stages.
Muscle and Joint Pain Among the symptoms that occur in the early stages of AIDS, muscle pain and joint pain may also be counted. Persistent Diarrhea Among the symptoms of advanced stages of AIDS, persistent diarrhea is also included. Unexplained Weight Loss If not treated early or if left uncontrolled, AIDS may also lead to weight loss.
Seizures Another symptom of this syndrome is the occurrence of seizures in the affected persons.

Effects on Vision AIDS may also include symptoms that are related to vision such as blurred vision or may be even the loss of vision.
Long Lasting Symptoms Infectious symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms and other ones such as fatigue, tiredness, muscle and joint pain, etc.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. There is no treatment for this lethal syndrome but, there are medicines for controlling or interrupting multiplication and growth of the virus. CD4 T cells that are destroyed by the human immune virus actually function in fighting off infections. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, that is, it can be transferred through unprotected sex.
These immune cells when destroyed are then incapable of fighting the harmful foreign body or organism.
But if these symptoms last for long, like for almost 4 weeks or more, this can be a sign that the immune system is weakened and is fighting an ongoing infection.

It can also be transferred through blood transfusion (if the blood is infected), through unsterilized and infected medical equipment such as needles and syringes; or the virus can be transmitted through a mother to her baby.
The infectious symptoms mostly include the onset of fever, headaches, sore mouth and sore genitals, inflammation of throat, appearance of rashes and enlargement of the lymph nodes.
It is characterized by the presence of cutaneous lesions. These cutaneous lesions or blotches may be red, purple or brown in appearance.
Such an affected person is known as a carrier and there is a chance that the virus may become active and start spreading infection at any time of life.
Other types of cancers that are caused in AIDS include Burkitt’s lymphoma, cervical cancer and primary central nervous system lymphoma. Dr Prakash VerekarDr Verekar has developed this skin lightening procedure to make complexion fairer instantly and permanently. Well here is a minute long video to show you exactly what it entails and how it may benefit you.Bow Legs Surgery - How to Straighten Your Bow Legs Without SurgeryClick Here bowlegs-treatment Bow Legs Surgery - How to Straighten Your Bow Legs Without Surgery ?

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