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Mono, also known as Mononucleosis or ‘kissing disease’, is a type of infection that occurs mostly in kids and teenagers.
However, there are a number of other forms of contact that can get the kids infected with mono.
Milder symptoms of mono include malaise, fatigue and headache which show up within a span of five days. Mononucleosis spreads through saliva and Epstein–Barr virus is one of the common causes of mono infection.
Children should avoid sports at least for four weeks to prevent the risk of ruptured spleen. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Glandular fever is not highly infectious, even though the most common way of spreading the virus is through saliva from person to person. If you catch glandular fever, you may be potentially infectious for weeks or even months afterwards. In rare cases, glandular fever may lead to serious complications affecting other parts of the body, including inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), inflammation of the sac around the heart (pericarditis), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), pneumonia, ruptured spleen, or cause the destruction of red blood cells.
The diagnosis of glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis is based on your physical symptoms, and will include a blood test and a throat swab. Fever and pain can be treated with pain killers such as non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin.
Homeopathic treatment of burnt tissues and skin saves many troubles of the initial and post-traumatic period. It slows down the pain significantly, accelerates the healing process and prevents formation of scars on the affected areas. Burns from first and second degree which are result of domestic accidents can be entirely mastered by homeopathic treatment.
The application of homeopathic Mother Tinctures on the burnt wounds is very important part from the treatment. There are few homeopathic mother tinctures for treatment of burns: Urtica urens, Cantharis vesicatoria, Calendula officinalis and Hypericum perforatum. When preparing bandages and dressings with homeopathic tinctures, it is important to remember that the bandages should not be removed several days. When the wound is heavy, the dressing should be frequently moistened with diluted mother tincture, several times per day. In serious cases of burns the external application of Cantharis should be alternated with moistening the dressing with tinctures of Calendula or Hypericum. Cantharis is excellent remedy, both for internal and external application, which prevents the formation of blisters. Cantharis cures serious burns from second and third degree where there is terrible burning pain that ameliorates from cold applications. The remedy is curative in cases of burnt mucus membranes, including scalds to mouth and throat by hot fluids or chemical or electric cauterizations.
In serious burns the mother tincture from Calendula, applied in dressing as explained above, prevents gangrene and suppuration, promotes formation of healthy new epithelium and significantly diminishes the pain. Internally Calendula is recommended for burns of the mouth or esophagus, as well as in cases of chemical burns. Schuessler tissues salts are very important in cases of burns and scalds, as in any other processes of formation of new cells and tissues. They should be accepted during the entire period of healing of the wounds, at least 3 pastilles from each salt per day. This page guides to discriptive articles about prescribing and to short repertories for acute prescription in common upper respiratory, throat, laryngeal and gastro-intestinal disorders. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Natrium sulphuricum regulates the water in tissues, blood and bodily fluids, as well as the excretion of substances through the kidneys. An evidence for insufficient quantity of this salt in the organism is the swelling of the feet, shanks, palms and fingers, and the eyes.
The bowels regulation is disturbed and patients suffer from constipation, diarrhea or spasmodic pains. Due to the abnormal functioning of the liver, kidneys and pancreas, the skin accumulates toxins.
Schuessler underlined that the human cells have the ability to let through salt dilution with exact (no less and no more than) certain concentration. When such condition continuously exists, the organism begins to suffer from deficiency which leads to increased desire for salt; however the more salt he or she accepts, the less quantities of Nat-chlr remain in their cells. The diluted Schuessler salt Nat-chlr pass unhindered through the cells membrane and cover the deficiency of this mineral compound.
The ligaments in the most gentle and loose part of the skin – around the eyes – are relaxed.

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Warts viruses are non-cancerous, but are transmittable from one person to another by getting in contact or touching a wart. Tea tree oil is a strong antiseptic and is extremely helpful in fighting infections as it possesses anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Dandelion helps in the treatment of warts due to its antioxidant and blood purifying abilities.
Oil of Oregano possesses great antibacterial properties which can be beneficial in treatment of warts. It is a common myth that mono stays for months but with the right remedies, the lifespan of the infection can be considerably shortened. These mild symptoms are then followed by more severe symptoms such as sore throat with reddened and enlarged tonsils (The tonsils may also be covered in pus), swollen glands, high fever, fatigue, malaise, enlarged spleen, nausea, muscle aches and abdominal pain. Also, toddlers suffering from mono virus recover from the infection so fast that the condition remains undiagnosed most of the times. Finally, the doctor performs EBV (Epstein–Barr virus) titers to check if the child has recently been infected or was infected earlier. Treatment for mono virus infection is generally supportive in nature and includes bed rest, pain and fever control and fluid intake. Infection by virus such as CMV, HIV, Hepatitis A, Rubella, Human Herpesvirus-6, Adenovirus, etc.
In that period, ultrasound check up should be performed to check if the spleen size is normal. Mono virus infection can cause severe fatigue in kids that might last for weeks, months and even years. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Sometimes infectious mononucleosis can lead to symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.
The most common way of spreading the virus is through the transmission of saliva from one person to another.
Recovery usually takes about two weeks and complementary and supportive treatments such as acupuncture and massage can help to improve immune function and congestion of the liver, spleen, and lymphatic system. Though this demarcation is to some extent conditional, the ‘women’ remedies are more often prescribed to female patients than to male ones.
Here are presented few remedies which successfully will bring relief from the acute stage of this disorder.
They are characterized by redness of the affected area, burning, and eventually formation of blisters full with liquid.
Again, it is characterized by diminishing the pains, soft and quick healing of burnt tissues and wonderful restoration of the homeostasis. Sometimes it is even enough for the entire curative process, making it not necessary for homeopath to resort to make internal prescription of homeopathic remedies. This is necessary in the beginning of the treatment; later the bandage may be moistened occasionally. Then the outer layer of the bandages must be removed and the area around the wound should be washed out with dilution of the respective applicable tincture – Calendula or Hypericum. It is useful in scalds from domestic incidents mostly, where there is intense burning and itching pains; when the skin is unbroken and there are no blisters. During the period of convalescence it appears that the wounds heal slowly, cicatrices are forming, gangrene is endangering the tissues, wounds ulcerate and pains are deep. The internal application of the bellow combination will prevent blisters and suppuration and with supplement sucsessfuly the main homeopathic treatment. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Under the lower lid there is (anatomically) little quantity of fat, which is supported by ligaments. They lead to consecutive swelling and then subsiding of the tissues under the eyes, which relaxes the skin and forms bags.
According to Schuessler theory, the bags under eyes are leading facial symptom for exhaustion of two fundamental essential mineral compounds in the organism – two salts of Natrium: Natrium sulphuricum and Natrium chloratum (Natrium muriaticum, common cooking salt).
The bags under eyes are signal for intoxication of the system due to weaken functioning of the liver and kidneys.

It is also possible to have urinary retention or incontinence, due to unregulated micturition. It is frequently observed in such patients to have itching on the skin which aggravates from warmth, or ulcers on the extremities which discharge yellowish-green secretion. The cells membrane impedes the resorption of more concentrated salt dilutions and thus obstructs the replenishment of the necessary quantities of Natrium chloratum. The organism begins to withdraw water from the cells in order to reinstate the homeostasis. This is particularly important for the bradytrophic (vessel-free) tissues like cartilages, tendons, ligaments, disks between the vertebras and the crystalline lens. Therefore, together with the restoration of natural water balance into the tissues, successful treatment of swellings and bags under and around the eyes includes also two tissue salts for restoration of the skin flexibility.
The essential oils rich in citric acid such as lemon balm oil are a great healer in case of warts. You can dilute tea tree oil with water in 50-50 ratio and apply this mixture over the warts . In most cases, the EBV titers and heterophil antibody test show negative results as EBV is not the general cause for mononucleosis.
In some cases, steroids are also used to cure the infection but the use should be limited to cases of excessive enlargement of tonsils.
Also, it is advised not to send the kid to school till the fever (caused by mono virus) is over.
Glandular fever symptoms are typically characterized by a sore throat, high fever, swollen lymph nodes or glands, and extreme fatigue. Coughing, sneezing, and sharing drink bottles, eating utensils and other personal items can also spread the virus.
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This is due to the physical pathology from one side, and to the particular psycho-emotional pattern of the remedies from the other side. Of course, this depends mostly on the defense strength of the persons affected, and also on the gravity of the burns.
The reason behind this prolonged remaining of the bandages is the extreme delicacy and vulnerability of the young tissues.
The remedy draws the liquid and prevents consequences from the burns for the skin, like cicatrices. The idea is to be able to identify your own acute remedy and manage the acute affection on your own, at least in simple cases. With aging the ligaments relax and the fat tissue edges out, forming little edematous ‘pillow’.
The liver cannot overcome the intoxication without the necessary quantity of Nat-sulph in cells and tissues. The liver is enlarged; the inactivating and excretion of toxins and endogenous residuum from the liver is impeded, and so is the metabolism of the alcohol, ammonia and the organic acids. They also have yellowish-green discoloration around the eyes and the chin, yellowish sclera and swelling of the eyelids, and bluish-purple color of the back of nose (drunkards’ nose). And after this they continued to let people ride they just didn't let anyone in the back seat! Apply it over the tainted area and keep it covered by a perforated cloth and let it dry for five to six hours. Clean the area around your warts using a wet cotton ball and put a thick layer of this paste over the warts. The doctors would first go for blood count that would show signs of atypical lymphocytosis. In addition, the virus can also be spread through blood transfusion and organ transplantation.
A frequent change of dressings causes laceration of the newly formed cells and tissues, and brings about considerable pains to the patient.
As a result the intestinal flora is affected and the patients suffer from abdomen distention and fetid, offensive flatus after eating. The wart will be decimated in couple of days ultimately leading to complete cure of this problem. In this article the readers's attention will be drawn up to the particular mental picture of this remedy, and to the pronounced depression it is able to cure.
Warts can be of different types like plantar warts, flat warts, filiform warts and periungual warts.

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