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Garlic has anti – inflammatory properties and hence it is an effective cure in joint and muscle ailments. Pepper when fried with sesame oil should be ground to a paste and applied to the area to get instant relief. Consumption of ginger in food preparations are known to help in treating aliments that are related to the bones and joints. A strict diet that involves avoiding red meats and alcohol, and increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables will help to reduce the issues with muscles and joint pain.
These four natural home remedies for puffy swollen eyes will help reduce swelling and inflammation due to crying, sleeplessness, allergies and dry eyes due to weather conditions. Fortunately, there are non-cream alternatives that can be made using common household items you may already have on hand.

From our necks to our feet, we have joints and muscles that cause us aches and pain and most often than not, we tend to not pay heed to the pain and it leads to severe ailments later on.
Add garlic to your soup and salad preparation or simply mix the paste of garlic with a spoon of honey and consume on the days that you experience acute pain in your joints and muscles. Also, dairy products are rich in calcium and help to strengthen bones thereby making your body stronger. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. There are many people have been dealing with a number of issues around the appearance of their eyes including excessive puffiness.
Many of the typical cosmetics treatments consist of applying messy creams or ointments in hopes to reduce the swelling.

Following these home remedies are much safer than using messy creams that could have potential dangerous side effects.
In this case there are a few natural and home remedies that you can use to get rid of the pain and inflammation. The warm water along with the salt will help to increase the blood circulation and thereby increase the heat in the body to give your muscles instant relief.

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