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Blood sucking insects, such as mosquitoes, inflict tiny puncture wounds when they bite, while the stings from bees and wasps contain venom. An allergic response to an insect’s saliva or venom causes pain or itching, redness and swelling at the site of a bite or sting. When the suspected bite is from a tick, you should first localize the redness or the circular rash.
Whether you are a child or an adult you are as susceptible to the damage done to skin and soft tissue by hard activities as anybody else. Everybody gets minor scrapes now and again, and when you spend any time outside you can get bitten by insects such as mosquitoes, midges, blackflies, horse flies – you name it, they will lunch on you as on any other animals. It also appears to possess anti-viral properties, though the reason for this is not clear and is still under investigation. Calendula was used during the First World War by British doctors to dress wounds and prevent infection.
Another plant with similar properties is the alpine Arnica, which is useful to reduce the swelling and pain of bruises.
The sesquiterpene lactones act as anti-inflammatories and boost the immune system, helping to reduce swelling and pain. The active ingredients of rosemary (ledum) include mono-, di- and triterpenes and also the ubiquitous flavonoids and camphor and linalool. Hypericum has uses as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and is therefore useful for exactly the same conditions as all of the above. Considering that they are among the most common antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in the plant world; it is no coincidence that flavonoids just happen to be contained in the vast majority of natural treatments for scratches, grazes and bruises. If you have suffered from insect bites and stings, then you would have been thankful had you brought some Apis Mellifica with you. Finally, if you manage to stay out without getting any bruises, abrasions, scratches or bites, you will be very lucky. These natural remedies can be hard to find growing naturally due to many factors such as the time of year or your geographical location these herbs may grow in.
More information on natural remedies and herbal supplements can be found at VitaNet, LLC Health Food Store.
Calamine lotion is one of the most suggested remedies that you can use at home for different kinds of bug bites, sun burn, pimple, acne and an array of other similar purposes. There are various benefits of making calamine at home and one of them is that it is cost effective. Here Are Some Basic Ingredients For Homemade Calamine Lotion : Zinc Oxide Oxide of zinc has been used since ages for protecting the skin and also for healing wounds and the small cuts. Bentonite Clay This is the most common form of clay used in the calamine lotion that aids in detoxifying the skin internally. Kaolin Clay Kaolin clay is used as a substitute for Bentonite clay, if you do not have access to the same. Iron Oxide If you want that pink blush on your calamine, this is the ingredient that you are looking for.
Baking Soda One of the most commonly used ingredients in home remedies is baking soda and it is also used in calamine because it is an effective anti-itching agent. Essential Oils Remember that if you want to avoid the calamine being too dry and drab, then essential oils are vital.
Recipes For Making Calamine Calamine Using Bentonite Clay Now this recipe calls for almost all of the above mentioned ingredients. Remember, we are not using any oxides here so the color of the lotion may be slightly different. Calamine Using Sea Salt For this recipe, you will need about a table spoon of bentonite clay and equal quantities of the baking soda to it.
Zinc Oxide Calamine Lotion This recipe is something that gives you the exact results in like store bough calamine. Kaolin Clay Calamine For those who want a better substitute of bentonite clay, Kaolin is the option. People vary in their reactions to bites and stings, but in most cases symptoms last only a day or two.

Some people experience a particularly severe reaction to insect stings a life-threatening swelling of the airways.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. So what can you look for if you decide have a day outdoors and face the dangers that you will come across that want to leave you bruised ,scratched, scraped, cut and itching from all the falls, knocks, stings and bites that most people experience when they are more used to spending their time indoors? It can simply be the body’s reaction to a hard knock that did not damage the blood vessels, but prompted a natural swelling to protect the area. You can also get stung by vegetable nasties, though if you do then look around for a remedy.
These are good natural remedies for stings caused through contact with these particular plants, and there are many other natural remedies that can be used for the other everyday hurts that people receive just for carrying out normal activities outside in a natural environment.
It can be applied topically to relieve the symptoms of bruises, cuts and scrapes, and also for the initial treatment of burns and scalds. Marigold also contains carotenoids and triterpene saponins, both of which will contribute to the medicinal effects.
A dressing steeped in a mild solution of calendula extract was enough, and it likely saved many lives. In fact terpenoid chemicals are common to many of the herbs and flowers that have found a use in the relief of pain in swelling and bruises. If you wash down burns, grazes and cuts with a wash of ledum extract, then you will protect the patient from infection at the time when they are most vulnerable to infectious agents. It also has astringent properties, so that like Calendula, Hypericum can be used to prevent the capillary seepage that frequently leads to infections. They reduce swelling, pain and inflammation, and also act as antiseptics by disrupting the cell walls of bacteria. Obtained from bees, this again contains terpenes among many other chemicals, and is used paradoxically in the treatment of bee stings and other insect stings and bites. However, if you get sunburn through being out in the sun too long, just look around for some stinging nettle, or Urtica.
Alternative sources are available at your local health food store where you can find all the above mentioned herbs in ointments and creams specifically formulated for your needs. Basically, you can easily get these lotions over the counter but if you have a little bit of time, then all of these can be made at home. Plus, you are assured that the product you are using is pure and safe, especially from harmful preservatives. It is used in most topical treatments because it aids in quicker healing and is easily available. Bentonite clay is also used in commercial calamine lotions so be assured that the results you will get from these recipes are going to be as good. Not only is it cheap and easily available, it also increases the shelf life of the calamine. Basically any essential oil that soothes and heals works very well for calamine lotions made at home.
Again, it is also used in commercial calamines so be assured that you will get skin that is softer and healthier. Similar amount of sea salt is added to this recipe to help it reserve longer and also provide beneficial healing properties against the sun, cuts, wounds, etc. In some parts of the world, certain ticks transmit such diseases as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, an mosquitoes cause malaria. Repel insects by adding five drop of citronella oil to a cup of water and dabbing on exposed skin.
You should immediately seek medical help id the wound is from a spider or the bite or sting is on the face or in the mouth or throat, or you have hives, breathing difficulties, nausea or vomiting. If you notice it right away, you can lessen the degree of bruising by applying ice or cold water to constrict the capillaries and cut down the flow of blood leaking from them. Let’s have a look at some of the natural remedies that people have used through the ages, and that are still used to this day, even in proprietary creams and salves.
It has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used on inflamed or infected cuts and skin lesions.

The dried flowers or leaves, or the fresh flowers, can be used and it is an old adage that pus will not form where marigold is used. The active ingredients here are again flavonoids, and sesquiterpene lactones along with tannins, carotenoids and thymol.
The same is true of Ledum, better known as Rosemary, traditionally used for the treatment of burns, ulcers dandruff, and dry skin and to get rid of lice among many other internal and topical applications. The active ingredients here are apparently flavonoids again, with their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
However, the active ingredients here are mainly hyperforin and hypericin, which have little to do with the topical benefits of the plant. It’s amazing how many of these old remedies contain terpenes of various types and also flavonoid chemicals.
The leaf contains polysaccharides and lectins that stop the production of prostaglandins in the body that cause inflammation. It doesn’t have an any side effects and is a great option if you don’t get hold of Bentonite clay.
You can use the portion as per the given recipe, but again this really helps in adding to the healing affects of the calamine. You will find that readymade calamine has calcium hydroxide or slaked lime, but you can also use baking soda because it has similar properties.
For this, you will need about a quarter cup of water along with 4 tea spoons of bentonite clay and baking soda each. Then add about 4 tea spoons of bentonite clay to it, along with equal amount of baking soda. Some people bruise easier than others, and excessive bruising for no apparent reason could be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition and you should see your doctor.
This is likely because, after being stung, people just rubbed whatever was handy on the area and eventually these remedies were discovered.
These properties are believed to be due to the high level of flavonoids found in calendula that have anti-oxidant properties and help the immune function to do its work. It is also good for the treatment of insect bites and boils, where it appears to either prevent infection or clear up any that are there. These, along with the flavonoids, stimulate the circulation and carry away any fluids trapped in bruises and swellings. Your sunburn will ease and you be able to return home relatively symptom free from your day outdoors.
Apart from this, it can be used as an-any time beauty treatment, which makes it just perfect for storage.
Mix together all dry ingredients, then combine with water and the oils to create the right paste. Distilled witch hazel and calamine lotion are effective for soothing pain and itching from mosquito bites and other bites and stings. However, if you have a lump under the armpit, in your neck or behind your ears it could be a swollen gland and you should contact your physician.
It has also been proven to prevent the seeping of blood from the capillaries in scrapes, and to promote blood clotting. But before we move on to the recipes,here are some basic ingredients for making calamine and how they help. Apply calendula cream and takes Apis (if the bite is swollen) or cantharis (if the burning pain is predominant). Another ingredient that may be added here would be a spoon of dried fenugreek seeds or paste because it is antibacterial. Take a small bowl and then mix together the fenugreek paste (if you are using along with the clay and the baking soda. To this mixture, keep adding the water to a consistency that is similar to that of store bought calamine.

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