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Also called as ‘tracheobronchitis’ or ‘doggy flu’ (a more common term), Kennel Cough is a common occurrence in dogs and cats. A strong immune system would be able to fight off viruses and bacteria that cause flu and its related symptoms.
Eating a few cloves of raw garlic or adding some garlic to your existing diet can help deal with the symptoms of Kennel Cough effectively. A spoon of raw honey would go a long way in easing a sore throat and treating Kennel Cough.
Essential Oils are usually loaded with plenty of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help deal with all kinds of infections, including Kennel Cough. Consuming two teaspoons of pure coconut oil at least twice a day can help alleviate the symptoms of Kennel Cough to a great extent. For better (and quicker) results, mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of coconut oil. A strong cup of peppermint tea can help clear nasal blockages and alleviate sever coughing in addition to soothing the muscles that line the throat.
Make a soup consisting of chicken and vegetables like sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips and celery stems. If you suffering from Kennel Cough, make it a point to sterilize your plates and water glasses with some hydrogen peroxide. Cinnamon contains potent antiviral properties that help to effectively fight off the virus behind Kennel cough. Drinking plenty of water can flush out the virus behind Kennel cough from your system and soothe an irritated throat.
The symptoms of Kennel cough can sometimes aggravate if you exposed to a sudden draft or chillness. Or at least reduce the intensity and duration of your exercises until you are cured of kennel cough completely.
Take a steam bath at least once a day to clear nasal blockages (including mucous blockages in the throat). Place a humidifier in your bedroom (and other areas of the house if possible) to get relief from kennel cough and its symptoms. It can come via virus contamination from canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine para-influenza, and canine corona virus. Unfortunately, this condition can last for weeks and it should be dealt with ASAP so that your pet will not have to suffer or develop additional complications.
Your poor pet could experience the typical dry dog hacking cough for several days, without treatment this could go on for 10-20 days or more.
Since there are no age restrictions you may see anything from a puppy cough, to adult coughing dogs, and to the cat cough.

You may have seen or heard of some whacky home remedies for Kennel Cough that probably don’t work since a home treatment for Kennel Cough will need an antibiotic at the very least in order to quell infections that have come up.
The great news is that successfully treating Kennel Cough, dog flu, or Kennel Cough cats at home is very achievable. Traditional Kennel Cough medicine that you would get from a vet will be chemical-based and therefore have various side-effects which could exacerbate the problem or create additional problems, which you certainly could do without.
Now, if you are not convinced that herbal products can work and you want to put all of your faith in chemicals despite the fact that herbs from the earth have been healing people and animals for thousands of years, then please leave now. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat all manner of ailments, and kennel cough is no exception.
Find out about Primalix KC and how it can help your dog get over kennel cough quickly and safely.
Discover why you should not get your dog vaccinated for kennel cough, and read some of the horror stories other people have experienced.
The kennel cough home remedies that we recommend are natural, chemical-free and very effective for both cats and dogs. APRIL 2016 SALE - Put 3 - 4 oz bottles of the following sale products in your cart and the 4th bottle will be added free at shipping. For some reason Yahoo has blocked my newsletters, I apologize if you do not receive the newsletters if you have a yahoo e-mail account, but it is out of my control, you will be able to sign up, but newsletters are returned as undeliverable.
However, that doesn’t mean that the concerned individual would need to put up with the discomfort associated with it.
A compromised (or suppressed) immune system could easily attract the virus responsible for Kennel Cough.
You can do this by eating plenty of foods rich in Vitamin E, a substance which is a natural immune system booster. Garlic contains potent antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help get rid of the infection quickly and provide extended relief from the condition. Alternatively, you can add some honey to warm water and drink the mixture several times every day for extended relief from condition and its symptoms. In addition to producing a soothing effect on the infected area, these oils also help promote quick healing.
Take this natural medication two times every day to get relief from Kennel Cough and its symptoms.
So opt for a cup of peppermint tea twice a day in the morning and night (preferably before you go to bed) in order to get extended relief from Kennel Cough. In addition to preventing the infection from spreading, this would effectively help bring down the symptoms of the condition. The spicy taste of cinnamon can also clear nasal passages, and promotes quick healing of a sore throat caused by Kennel cough.

A humidifier would keep the surrounding environment humid and warm, thereby clearing your nasal blockages and keeping your airways hydrated and clear. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In addition to standard medications, kennel cough can be easily cured with certain home remedies.
The antibacterial properties of honey also help to clear congested nasal passages of the infection and reduce nasal discharge to an extent. The antibacterial properties of soup would get rid of the virus causing the infection while the anti-inflammatory properties would soothe an irritated throat and promote quick healing. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to a canister of water (that contains approximately 8 ounces) and drink the same several times a day to get relief from the condition and its symptoms.
So make it a point to sprinkle some cinnamon onto the foods that you cook for better results.
Add plenty of water rich fruits and vegetables to your existing diet in order to keep your body hydrated (this would facilitate easy and quick removal of the virus causing the infection).
Avoid going out lest you may be exposed to triggers like smoke and dust that can aggravate kennel cough and its symptoms.
So make it a point to rest properly and wait for the infection to disappear before exercising again. A 20 minute steam bath would also open up your bronchial tubes and help you get rid of the phlegm clogging your air passages effectively. You can also opt to add a few drops of essential oils to the humidifier to produce an environment that is soothing on the throat. In these cases, the concerned individual would start developing the symptoms of the condition and would probably have to be treated for the same.Kennel Cough can be confused with normal cough or chronic cough. If possible, try adding some Astragalus herbs to your diet as they contain substances that can boost immune system health and function in addition to healing the bronchial tubes. Chicken soup can also keep your body hydrated for longer periods, thereby alleviating the symptoms of Kennel Cough to an extent. The telltale signs of an infection in individuals include nasal discharge, runny eyes, severe bouts of coughing at night, severe bouts of coughing after exercising or performing a strenuous activity and vomits containing mucous (usually after severe coughing).

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