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Nail fungus is a kind of infection which occurs in the form of yellow or white colored spot at the tip of the nail. The infected nail may start getting thick and might have crumbling edges, with the condition becoming more and more painful, if not treated soon. Nail fungus can be treated with the help of antifungal products available in various drugs stores, which may consist of oral medications and topical creams. There are several home remedies which can help to deal with the problem of nail fungus in an effective way. A mixture of Vaseline and tea tree oil in equal amount works as a very good home based nail fungus treatment. One of the oldest, but very effective, treatments for nail fungus is application of Vicks VapoRub on the infected toenail. Application of oregano essential oil on the affected nail is also regarded to be an effective way of treating toenail infection.Most of the topical anti-fungal creams also contain this oil. A solution made of water and bleaching agent works as a successful home remedy for nail fungus.

Mix tea tree oil, manuka oil and eucalyptus oil together and apply few drops to the affected nail and skin around nail fungus 2-3 times daily. The infected nail should first be soaked in a mix of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. The band-aid should be removed next day in the morning and the whole procedure should be repeated. It is important to ensure that the VapoRub gets deep inside the infected nail, where the fungus survives. The use of this oil on the skin may have some irritation, but it has proved to be a successful home remedy with respect to toenail fungus.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It thrives in warm, moist and dark places that start in nail bed and spreads to the other areas. Also, the chemicals in oral medications may not suit everyone and have side effects at times.

This nail fungus treatment should be carried out for three to four days to get rid of fungal infection from the nail. This treatment would definitely produce a bad odor, but you need to ignore it and concentrate on the nail fungus treatment. Hold it on the place with bandage or tape that helps to relieve itching as well as kills the fungi.
You can also use any one oil from above oils as all of them contain natural antifungal properties. It may be difficult to treat and reappears after some period of time.It is important to stop the progression when symptoms of infection are first seen. Usually doctors prescribe strong medicines to destroy the fungus; it may include oral anti fungal and topical medicines.

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