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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID is an infectious condition which affects the female reproductive system.
Women who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea are very much prone to develop PID. Timely recognition of the symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is very much essential in order to avail proper and adequate treatment.
The main characteristic feature of PID is the inflammation of the reproductive organs, which is in turn caused due to bacterial infection.
Women suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease will be able to notice an increase in vaginal discharge.
Women suffering from PID will experience heavy vaginal bleeding and that too in an irregular pattern.
Women suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease will experience major difficulties while urinating. Women having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease will experience pain while indugling in sexual intercourse. Along with the above said signs and symptoms, some women may also experience high fever when they are affected with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Pelvic pain can be due to infection or inflammation and it is not necessary that the infection is in the reproductive organs.
Bladder or kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and also muscle strain or spasms are some of the causes of lower abdominal or pelvic pain that is non-reproductive in nature. When an egg gets implanted somewhere else other than the uterus like the Fallopian tube, it is referred to as ectopic pregnancy.
The pain in the abdomen usually starts after the first period is missed and might include vaginal bleeding and spotting as well. These cysts occur during the process of ovulation and women with such ovarian cysts might experience excruciating pain if the cyst bleeds or leaks fluid.
Luckily, most of the tiny cysts will break up without any medical intervention after two or three menstrual cycles. Many times, the pelvic pain can be due to the usual functioning of some of the organs such as reproductive organs.
When women are pregnant they might experience slight pain during implantation along with a little bleeding, which is quite normal. Pelvic congestion syndrome, spasms in pelvic floor muscles, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian remnants, and psychological factors are other causes of pelvic pain.
In a large number of Chlamydia cases, people suffering from the infection do not experience any symptom of the illness. Occasionally, doxycycline intake increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, leading to skin rashes after exposure to the sunlight during the course of the treatment. People diagnosed with Chlamydia can take up to 250mg of goldenseal three to four times a day, for up to ten days. Although vitamin and mineral supplements are not directly associated with the Chlamydia treatment process, they can accelerate the healing process by strengthening the immune system. The discomfort caused by Chlamydia can be reduced with the help of sitz bath with aromatherapy essential oil. There are many herbal and natural remedies to treat prostatitis, but none of them have been approved by the medical fraternity. Curcumin in turmeric has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory  and antiseptic capabilities.
There are hundreds of different viruses that can cause upper respiratory tract infections leading to the symptoms that are known as common cold.
If you have ever experienced Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, then you know the misery you had gone through. Laughing has immense benefits on health in terms of psychological and physiological aspects. These sessions were conducted in a public club and initially received a lot of flak for being a bizarre concept. One of the classic varieties of laughing yoga is Hearty Laughter where you have to look up spreading your arms and laugh out loud, as if it is coming straight out of heart. In normal circumstances, the scalp is moistened naturally with sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp. Gently massaging the scalp while shampooing or with a conditioning agent or oil helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. Applying a hair pack to your scalp and hair, once a week, can reduce the dryness of the scalp.
Scalp dryness is a common outcome of overuse of blow dryers, hair straighteners and curlers.

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fatty fish, fish oil, flaxseed and nut oils can stimulate sebum production. This disease is caused due to bacterial action and affects the areas of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the cervix. However, at certain times , women who do not have any history of sexually transmitted diseases are also seen to develop this condition.The condition of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease manifests itself with many evident symptoms.
In the absence of proper treatment, the condition of PID can get worse and can even lead to infertility.
Therefore, a sudden change in the normal course of your monthly periods should be considered as a warning sign of pelvic inflammatory disease.
The infected person will have severe pain and will also experience a burning sensation while passing urine. The painful sensation usually develops in the lower back region and slowly spreads to the region of the legs. You should also consult a doctor immediately, if you experience a sudden bout of nausea and vomiting. The pelvis may hurt due to several reasons and in some cases it might indicate a medical emergency. If you experience symptoms such as nausea or vomiting combined with fever and abdominal pain and tenderness, you need urgent medical attention. If there is persistent pain in the left or right part of your abdomen along with sharp pain in the right shoulder blade, you need to get in touch with the physician right away. Nevertheless, those cysts that are large and do not resolve themselves even after a couple of months need surgery to remove them. In the later part of the pregnancy, many women experience round ligament pains due to the stretching of the uterus.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Although, the bacterial infection can occur in both men and women, statistics indicate that women are more susceptible to recurrent Chlamydia infections.
Untreated Chlamydia infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease that might permanently damage the reproductive system. The commonly prescribed antibiotic drugs include azithromycin, doxycycline, amoxicillin, erythromycin and ofloxacin.
Your physician might ask you to switch to alternative contraception to prevent any adverse interaction between birth control pills and the antibiotic drug.
The normal activities of the immune system can be preserved by consuming vitamins A, C and E and zinc supplements. It can be acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Drink more water, urinate more frequently and keep the urinary system functioning effectively. Even if your prostate is not enlarged, drink more water to reduce the probabilities to get prostatitis. Watermelon a lot of water which balances the ph value of the urine in the bladder due to its unsaturated fat contents. You can do a lot to prevent these allergies or at least reduce the incidences if you understand them and take corrective actions.
One, it helps controlling body temperatures and two, sweating removes toxins from the body.
It affects the absorption of water in the small intestine causing loss of fluid though diarrhea and vomiting.
Earlier, people used to think that they need a reason or should feel good about something to laugh. However, people gradually understood the benefits of laughter yoga and today more than six thousand groups are operating this form of yoga to help millions of people allover the world. Rather, such centers perform different types of yoga exercises such as funny gestures, yoga techniques, stimulated laughter, systematic guffawing and giggling, etc. In fact, people belonging to any age group can take part in these laughing yoga sessions no matter he or she is fit, unfit, stiff, flexible, old or young. One such variety is Greeting Laughter where you have to greet people like you always do, but don’t speak any word and start laughing instead of that.
Heat treatments and hair styling products can strip the scalp of its natural moisture by damaging the sebaceous glands.
Honey, yogurt, milk, egg yolk, mashed banana and oil are common ingredients in a hair pack for treating dry scalp. Excess heat damages the oil producing glands on the scalp, making the scalp dry and flaky.Even rinsing the hair with hot water dries the scalp.

Deficiency of these essential fats can cause dryness of the skin and the scalp.Moreover, omega-3 fats can reduce the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, reducing the risk of your scalp becoming dry after exposure to sunlight. Dry skin conditions such as Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema that make the scalp flaky and dry are often linked to vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 deficiency.Leafy green vegetables, bell pepper, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fish, turkey and organ meats are common dietary sources of vitamin B6. This can be a cause of great discomfort and should be considered as one of the very early signs of PID. At times, the discharge will also be accompanied by  pain and burning sensation in the vaginal region. While some women feel only a mild pain, some others may experience sharp pains that last for long periods of time. There is a possibility of bleeding in the abdomen due to bursting of Fallopian tubes, if left untreated. However, when they cause trouble such as menstrual abnormalities or pelvic pain or pressure it is better to seek medical attention.
This cramping pain or ache is disabling and severe in some women while it is mild in others. It is usually not a cause for concern, but if there are severe cramps or pelvic pain along with bleeding and backache, it is important to get urgent medical care.
In a small number of cases, Chlamydia patients might experience mild stomach pain and diarrhea while taking these medications. The herb helps to strengthen the immune system, thus helping in enhancing the body’s defense against the infection causing microbes.
Garlic is one of the powerful antibiotics in nature that can be taken daily to improve the body’s defense mechanism. To improve the body’s resistance to infection, Chlamydia patients can consume 5000 International Units of vitamin A, 500mg of vitamin C, 400 International Units of vitamin E and 20mg of zinc daily. The gland enlanges with age and in some cases the enlarged prostate clamps the urethra and restricts the flow of urine leading to difficulties in urination, leakage and urinary tract infections. Raw pumpkin seeds added to salad which also has tomato is the best combination to cure enlarged prostate. Most allergies are preventable and it is our inability to see it coming that puts us in sneezing and "ah-choo" mode. However, this perception has changed and now people can start laughing from nothing as they consider this as a type of exercise. Such stimulated or fake laughter has equal psychological advantages like spontaneous laughter, says several scientists and doctors. These classes teach how body can be integrated with soul and mind with the help of laughter.
Some laughter clubs choose public parks or beaches as the location, while some centers perform these sessions in the hospitals, classrooms and conference rooms.
Select a shampoo with conditioner or use a conditioner after washing your hair.Remember to rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove all traces of shampoo. Moreover, the nutrients present in the oil nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.Almond, olive, coconut, rosemary, jojoba, sage and lavender are commonly used for moisturizing the dry scalp.
The bacteria might travel into the respiratory tract and eyes of the newborn, leading to pneumonia and conjunctivitis.
You can consume two to three cloves of fresh garlic daily or 500mg of garlic supplement each day. The Doctor has performed severe research work before establishing the first laughter club in Mumbai, India.
Unlike the other forms of exercises, you are not required to wear any particular attire or use any prop or equipment. For best results, gently massage the scalp with any warm oil and leave it overnight, giving your scalp enough time to absorb the oil. Herbal preparations containing wild oregano, saw palmetto berries, olive leaf or turmeric can be taken by people suffering from Chlamydia. The enlargement of prostate tries to clam down urethra, but when the water pressure keeps the muscle around the urinary tract working and strengthening its capacity to resist the clamp down by the enlarged prostate. Therefore, if you drink a lot of water as suggested earlier and eat tomato then you will not develop kidney stone but delay aging of prostate gland.

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