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Some obvious signs that you have an ear infection are pain in the ear include, headache, fluid draining from the ear, compromised hearing, nausea, tugging feeling in the ear, pain with fever and sleeping problems. Although it is important to contact a medical professional when you have an ear infection, there are many time tested home remedies that can help reduce the pain and inflammation of an ear infection. Garlic has potent antimicrobial and pain relieving properties that make highly effective as a home remedy for ear infections. Make your own garlic oil by cooking two cloves in two tablespoons of mustard oil until it becomes black in color.Strain the liquid and when it is just hot enough for you to bear, put a few drops in the affected ear. In addition to the above remedies with garlic, you can also consume a few cloves of fresh garlic daily to help boost your immunity and speed up healing. There are many reasons for an ear infection but one very common one is when wax in the ear is attacked by a fungal or bacterial growth which leads to a blockage in the Eustachian tubes. To use apple cider vinegar for ear infections, mix one part apple cider vinegar with one part water. Tea tree oil has a number of amazing therapeutic properties including; antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial, fungicide, insecticide, balsamic, expectorant and stimulant. All of these properties make tea tree oil and excellent herbal remedy to turn to when you have ear pain or infection.
Onions also contain antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that help to bring relief to an inflamed and sore ear.
Although it may seem too simple to be effective, a warm water bottle can bring great relief to ear pain.
Ginger root has a very strong anti-inflammatory properties ( gingerols) and antibacterial properties that can help remedy ear infections. While you may be used to putting hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scrapes, did you also know that it can help with an ear infection?
Peppermint has strong anti inflammatory, antibacterial and even mild anesthetic properties that can help remedy an ear infection. Mullein is a plant with very soft, velvet-like leaves and a number of healing properties contained in the leaves, roots and flowers. To use, place a few drops of mullein oil in a bowl and dip a cotton ball  in the oil and place in the infected ear for about five to ten minutes. You can also mix a few drops of mullein oil with garlic oil and place a couple of drops of this mixture in the affected ear. Although radishes may be a delicious addition to your salad, they also hold remarkable therapeutic value. To use, mix a teaspoon of small radish pieces in 2 tablespoons of mustard oil and warm on the stove for about ten minutes. Note: As with any home remedy, it is always best to conduct extensive research before using any therapy.
Whether you’re adding decadent-yet-mild flavor to your favorite recipes, reducing inflammation, or moisturizing your hair and skin, coconut oil is the ultimate culinary and beauty multitasker. Diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas does not produce the hormone insulin, which is responsible for controlling glucose levels in blood.
Steamed asparagus drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice is a mild diuretic, which is a very good home remedies for diabetes mellitus .

Parsley and watercress may act as a diuretic as well as lower blood sugar levels and hence may be helpful to diabetic patients. Bengal gram is found to be effective in controlling blood glucose levels of the diabetic patients. Black gram eaten in combination of bitter gourd juice and honey is useful in combating the malnutrition that may arise in a diabetic diet. Essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, lavender and tea tree oil can be used to decrease stress and cope up with the diabetic condition. A combination of natural remedies, dietary strategies, and lifestyle changes that will stabilize your blood sugar. A scientific invention that jump-starts your body to do its natural work, which is to heal itself and reinstate the pancreas’ natural function.
The pain can range from a dull throb to an outright burning and sharp stabbing distraction. Although ear infections occur more frequently in children than adults, many adults do suffer. Despite its strong aroma and acidic taste, this vinegar made from fermented apples has a plethora of healing properties.
Known for its ability to fight chronic yeast infections, apple cider vinegar can also tackle fungus that may cause ear infections. If you know that the location of your infection in in the Eustachian tubes, you can try gargling with apple cider vinegar as well. Although they may make you cry, onions are worth considering for any number of conditions, including an ear infection.
By reducing the inflammation, onions can help the body go to work to heal and ear infection while substantially reducing pain. Fill a water bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel and lay it against the infected ear.
To use, put the juice from fresh peppermint leaves in a clean dropper and place two or three drops inside the infected ear. Commonly used to remedy such conditions as constipation, high blood pressure, dehydration, constipation and fever, you can also put them up against the pain and inflammation of an ear infection.
This condition causes increase in the blood sugar since it prevents the metabolism from using glucose resulting in the raised concentration of glucose in the blood. Type- I Diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin and another type of diabetes disease, which is called type- II diabetes when the body becomes resistant to insulin. Gooseberry juice is particularly effective when taken in combination of bitter gourd juice to fight diabetessuccessfully. It is advised to eat at least three fruits a day if you want to save yourself from diabetes disease. This is particularly helpful since Bengal gram increase the utilization of glucose and the insulin dependency of the diabetic patients was considerably reduced. Some causes and things that may make an ear infection worse include wax buildup, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, genetics, nutritional deficiencies and upper respiratory infections. Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger root with two tablespoons of olive oil.

The extract is commonly mixed with garlic in oil and other herbs in teas to treat coughs and respiratory conditions. However, the past … [read more]11 Time Wasting Things You Are Doing In The Garden That You Should Stop Right NowDo you indulge in a lot of unnecessary gardening chores by force of habit or even ignorance? As it may cause various other health complications, it is essential to treat diabetes and you can try a few time tested home remedies to keep the disease in control. Bitter gourd juice taken in an empty stomach and bitter gourd powder can be added to the diabetic diet. Moreover, mango leaves can be dried and powdered and can be eaten everyday to treat diabetes patients. Type – II diabetes patients can control their glucose levels by keeping their weight under control with a balanced diet and regular exercise regime. Having an ear infection makes it difficult to concentrate and the pain can even radiate down into your jaw or even your neck. It is important to treat an ear infection as soon as you suspect you have one so that it does not cause complications such as damage to the ear or a ruptured eardrum.
Remove the cotton ball and lay down on your opposite side so that any residual vinegar can drain from your ear.
Let this mixture set for about ten minutes and use a clean dropper to put a few drops in the infected ear. The time wasted in such activities could be gainfully … [read more]7 Expert Hacks To Double Your Tomato HarvestA bumper crop of vine-ripened luscious tomatoes is every veggie gardener’s dream. Bitter gourd decoction, which is got by boiling the pieces in water, can effectively diabetes mellitus treatment.
In addition, if you let ear infections go by untreated, they can lead to chronic ear infections and even deafness. When you can stand the temperature, lay down and place the cloth on the affected ear for about ten minutes.
The success of this warm season vegetable depends on the length of … [read more]Do Not Kill This Weed! If diabetes is left untreated, it may cause heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and many more illness. Alternatively, mix a few drops of holy basil oil with an equal amount of coconut oil and soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Diabetes condition may also lead to blindness, nerve disease and may cause stroke and impotence. Wipe gently just inside the ear, around the outside of the ear and behind the ear with the mixture.

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