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Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the transparent layer of the eye that lines the eyelid, known as the conjunctiva. Viruses, bacteria, allergies, or foreign objects or chemicals in the eye can all attribute to pinkeye symptoms. Bacterial conjunctivitis is also often associated with the common cold, but is caused by bacteria.
Those with bacterial conjunctivitis may have a gritty feeling in their eye, or feel the need to try and remove foreign materials from the eye, although there may not actually be anything to remove.
Allergic conjunctivitis often affects both eyes and is triggered by allergens, often during seasonal changes with pollen and other substances present in the air. Conjunctivitis caused by foreign chemicals or objects is also not contagious, and can be caused by a number of things. Those that have eyes easily irritated by certain allergens can expect conjunctivitis when exposed to those elements, unless measures are being taken to prevent it. Discarding eye makeup and not wearing makeup are good ideas. Changing pillowcases and washing sheets and blankets in hot water will also be helpful. Staying home from school or work may also be necessary to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis.
A young child with reoccurring episodes of pinkeye may be referred to an eye specialist to try and determine what the cause may be. The most common home remedies for conjunctivitis include putting either warm or cool clean washcloths over your eyes. Another home remedy is to put the leaves of a marigold plant into cold water and to use it as eyewash. Spinach and carrot juice mixtures are also recommended during the duration of conjunctivitis.
Each of these home remedies can be inexpensive, easy ways to provide comfort for those suffering from pinkeye, with relatively no risks to the eye when using them. For those suffering from allergy related conjunctivitis, seeking the help of a doctor is probably the best option. Over the counter eye drops usually cost between $5-10, but they may not work as well as eye drops prescribed by your doctor. There is really nothing that can be done to treat viral conjunctivitis, except to let it run its course.
Bacterial conjunctivitis can go away on its own as well, however if the symptoms are not improving within three days, antibiotics, eye drops or ointment may be needed to cure the conjunctivitis.
Generic versions are available for most options, which will decrease prices and make the treatment more affordable.
If you have contacted pinkeye from some sort of chemical or irritant, the first thing to do would be to try and wash out your eye. Irrigation with Ringer’s lactate, which is saline, potassium, and calcium formula, may also be needed in the case of chemical irritants. If you think you have conjunctivitis, the first thing to do is consider how you may have contracted it. If the symptoms are too severe or you feel the need to contact a doctor, by all means do so. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.
A sore throat can be caused by an illness, excessive screaming, smoking or drinking.You can make yourself a syrup at home and it will be extremely effective. Whatever the cause of the sore throat you must do everything in your power to get some rest in order to get relief from the pain.
Lemon is effective in dissolving the mucus buildup in your throat and the honey helps to soothe the aching throat and prevent swelling of the muscles in the throat. If the sore throat lasts more than 48 hours then it is a sign of a more serious illness and you must take care and consult a doctor. FLASHING a diamond ring and a freshly engaged glow, former reality TV star Amber Renae has admitted and proposing to herself. YOUNG people are living the easy life and people are making sure they don’t have to do menial tasks that adults usually have to suck up.
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Mustard oilHerbs or vegetables that are rich in mustard oil can provide relief and help you fight pathogenic organisms that cause infection, research in the Journal of Food Science shows. ElderberryAn extract of elderberry called sambucol can help to treat symptoms of cold and flu by easing congestion and making you sweat more. AspirinGargling aspirin in a glass of warm water for 30 seconds can help relieve the pain of a sore throat. AS the weather warms up for Spring, be inspired by these stars and their trendy fashletic looks. KNOWN as much for her life out of the pool as in it, we look back at gold medal-winning swimmer Steph Rice.
A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Sore throat is the infectious illness that mostly spreads through nose blowing, kissing, coughing and sneezing. Some of them are: bacterial infection, tonsillitis, viruses, glandular fever and tonsillitis and so on. Sore throat is one of the common problems in time of pregnancy.  Too much of medications are better to avoid while you are pregnant. At the time of gargle, make sure that the water is warm enough but not too hot so that it can burn the tongue. This helps the antibodies to fight bacteria as well as the infections in order to circulate better.

Tea: Decaffeinated tea consumption with lemon and honey mixed to it also is thought as a good remedy for the curing of sore throat. When a person is perfectly healthy, no germs from disease will have the ability to find lodgment and start being active. There are different kinds of pneumonia like atypical pneumonia, opportunistic pneumonia, regional and occupational pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia.
Ginger has been admired as an effective remedy that helps to treat various respiratory disorders.
By gargling with the mixture of half tea-spoon of turmeric paste and a glass of warm water twice a day, one can get relief from the inflammation and swelling of the ailment. Fennel seeds should be mixed with aniseeds to act as a soothing mouthwash to calm the tongue, remove the breath and arouse and stimulate the salivary glands. These home remedies if followed properly can help in curing the disease easily and effectively without having to go to the physician. This inflammation causes the blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become irritated and give off a pink or red color in the whites of the eyes.
Other cold symptoms may be present such as a sore throat or runny nose, and the eyes often will have watery discharges or those filled with a mucous-like substance.
In response to the allergens the body releases histamines, which can cause a red or pink color to the whites of the eye. Any type of foreign object entering the eye can irritate it, causing it to become pink or red and even produce a discharge. Likewise, whether or not a foreign object or chemical will affect a person depends upon the situation and person. For allergic conjunctivitis, avoiding allergens that trigger pinkeye is a good idea if possible. If you or someone in your family contracts conjunctivitis, it is important to take measures to prevent the spread of it throughout the family. Both home remedies and pharmaceutical treatments are available depending upon the situation. For conjunctivitis caused by allergies, cool compresses are recommended, but for bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, warm washcloths may feel better. Drinking the juice of Indian gooseberry and mixing it with honey has also been suggested as a home remedy as well.
However, if the home remedies and solutions do not seem to provide relief, pharmaceutical options may be necessary. Although cool compresses and maybe even artificial tears may provide some comfort, for those with severe cases, antihistamines or other anti-inflammatory medications may need to be prescribed. However, often these prescription eye drops can cost around $50 or $60 for a thirty-day prescription.
While over the counter eye drops and warm compresses may provide some relief, time is the ultimate healer. Ointments may be easier to administer to young infants or children, however they may blur vision for a brief time following being used.
Insurance should cover these treatments as well, which will help keep prices lower in most cases. If water doesn’t seem to be helping the situation, or it was a harsh chemical that came in contact with your eye, a doctor will be necessary to help the situation. Since permanent damage could be done to your eyes depending upon what has irritated it, seeing a doctor is advised.
However, depending upon the type of conjunctivitis, there may be nothing that the doctor can do. Home remedies are the safest as you are aware of the ingredients and hence there are no risks of side effects.
There are several remedies that you can try at home in order to relieve yourself of the pain; though if the pain is due to an illness it will get relieved only when the illness passes on. Treating a sore throat with these blends takes a few days but you will experience instant relief with constant use. A strong dose of antibiotics will be needed if the condition does not clear up within 2 days and with the help of any home remedies. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Grandma’s fix-all really works - a 2012 US study showed that a compound called carnosine in chicken soup helps the immune system fight the early stages of flu. In herbal medicine, it’s used to break up mucous, also a side affect of the common cold. It’s also been shown to shorten the duration of flu by three days, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr John Bell, Specialist Practitioner Teacher in Primary Health Care at the University of Technology Sydney, says that as an analgesic, aspirin "can help relieve the pain of a ore throat, caused by common cold and flu viruses. It is the uneasiness, aching and scratchiness of the throat that makes it painful to swallow food. It has been commonly found that in most cases sore throat worsens in the early morning but continues to progress as the day progresses. The other possible causes of sore throat are allergies, breathing through mouth, measles, sinus drainage, cancer etc. Salt water gargling actually washes away the mucous as well as the dilating capillaries which actually helps to increase the blood supply to that area.
Chamomile, lemon and peppermint tea are also extremely beneficial for the soothing of the sore throat.
Influenza is the clinical condition that results from an individual being infected by the influenza virus.
The affected person can pass influenza with ease to others that are also at a low vital state. The mixture consists of half teaspoon of long pepper powder combined with half teaspoon of ginger juice and two teaspoons of honey. There are several sites on the internet that are dedicated to providing vital information that you need to know about home remedies for influenza. This infection needs to be detected early and treated on the accurate basis so as to evade any complications else it could wreak havoc and become a life-threatening problem particularly for the weak and the aged people. The individuals suffering from pneumonia faces certain symptoms like dry cough, chest pain, fever, headache, troubled breathing, wheezing, exhaustion, bluish colored skin etc.
The individuals who are suffering from the ailment are advised to consume 10 ml of fresh ginger juice or about one to two grams of dried ginger powder together with honey twice on a regular basis.

All that one needs to do is to take a glass of lukewarm water and mix a teaspoon of honey to it. Since celery has high quantities of water in it, it is helpful in stimulating the salivary glands and relaxing the tongue.
Hence one must have lots of gravy, broths, butter, stew, soups and yoghurt to feel relaxing in this condition as one faces difficulty in chewing food.
Since in the case of the swollen tongue, one faces the difficulty even in swallowing saliva, intake of these types of food must be avoided in order to reduce the difficulty. However, for viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, merely being exposed to someone with this type of pinkeye can trigger the symptoms. Placing cool, wet chamomile tea bags over your eyes has also been recommended as a way to decrease the redness in the eyes. Eating foods rich in Vitamin A and B2 may also be helpful in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
Usually within a week viral conjunctivitis will go away on its own, although its not uncommon for it to last up to two weeks. If nothing more, the doctor will be able to determine if you have damage or need additional assessments. Home remedies are a natural way of healing and soothing your throat and preventing a loss of your voice.
When it cools down pour it in a bottle and drink the syrup throughout the day or when you feel soreness in the throat. The warm blend of the water and salt will help to heal the sore passage of the throat and also clears up the mucus build up in your throat. It can also be beneficial in treating sinus infections, a common side-effect of the common cold.
The aspirin acts as a local anesthetic, quickly targeting and numbing the pain as well as relieving the inflammation in your throat.
Kieser also recommends being creative with your water intake, to stay hydrated and flush out all the bugs. The influenza virus affects the upper respiratory tract the most as well as the throat and nose.
When an individual has been infected by the influenza virus he will also feel weak and miserable.
However, before you begin using one of these influenza treatment, you are going to need to contact your family physician.
As per the statistics, this ailment has been found to be responsible for the death of 60,000 Americans each year and still continues to be the leading cause of death among kids worldwide. Just mix a tablespoon of linseed, a touch of salt, a tablespoon of honey to the mixture and devour on a regular basis. Add a touch of ground black pepper to the juice and consume it at an interval of six hours. Mint will help in calming the inflammation of the tongue while aniseed will sweeten the breath and rosemary will act as a germicide and fight the germs.
It has also been found that those that wear contacts may have an increased risk of contracting conjunctivitis. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis usually resolve without any treatment at all, although it may be unpleasant to endure. Washing the eyes with chamomile flower tea has also been suggested as a way to provide relief. Even using a cotton ball and placing baby shampoo over the closed eyes has been determined to provide relief for those suffering from conjunctivitis. Maintaining good hygiene is of utmost importance for those suffering from viral conjunctivitis. It is important to use good hygiene and even stay home for a day or two if you think you may be contagious.
These types of teas’ are extremely beneficial not only for the hydration but also for the curing of the sore throat at a fast pace.
There is even the chance that it will spread to include the involvement of the bronchi and the lungs. Lack of proper exercise, worry, living in stuffy rooms, overwork and keeping late hours are just a few of these conditions that can bring on the influenza virus.
While it’s not a pleasant thing to get, conjunctivitis is not fatal, although if your eye has come in contact with some sort of chemical, there could be lasting damage. The influenza virus is also highly contagious and it has the ability to cause what is labeled as a widespread epidemic which can affect a great portion of the population at any given time. This inflammation can spread down to the lungs through the wind pipe which will result in a sore throat, runny nose, runny eyes and a cough.
There are many people today that don’t even go to the doctor, they just do the necessary research and begin their own home remedy for influenza. After answering those questions it can help you determine what type of conjunctivitis you may have. Although it can be pesky and annoying, conjunctivitis is a simple problem to fix with often minimal effort. In the mild cases of influenza virus, the temperature will rise to one hundred and two degrees. Long pepper is also useful when it comes to avoiding complication that is known to follow the actual onset of the influenza virus.
Unless a chemical has come in contact with your eye, most doctors would suggest letting the conjunctivitis run its course for a few days.
In the severe cases, an individual’s temperature can reach one hundred and four degrees. When using turmeric as a home remedy, you will be able to prevent complications that influenza causes. It also activates the liver because it becomes really sluggish during the time the body is under attack.

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