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For such busy people work-desk is the best place where they can practise some easy and effective yoga exercises.
This has a negative effect on our health as there is no fresh supply of oxygen in the office. In order to do these exercises sit on a chair or stool without armrest, so that the shoulder or hand movement is not restricted by the armrests. Now start rotating your shoulders in this folded manner ten times in clockwise direction and repeat ten times in anti-clockwise direction. Sit straight on the chair and bring both the hands at the back of your backbone and hold the palms together so that the fingers of both the hands intertwine. Since the neck muscles help in keeping our head straight and balanced it is most important to relax them. First sit straight and now interlace the fingers of both the hands and bring them near the knees in such a way that they are aligned. Strep throat or sore throat is a very common condition which affects people regardless of their age.
Here, the throat gets swollen up, thereby causing pain and making the process of swallowing food a difficult one. The action of salt helps to combat the infection causing bacteria and thus helps in relieving the pain associated with strep throat. Repeating this treatment at least 4 times a day will help you obtain quick relief from the condition of strep throat. It is seen that inhaling dry air can irritate the mucous membrane and increase the chances of one contracting strep throat. Having a solution made by adding 1 teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice to a glass of hot water, is an effective way to combat strep throat. Along with following the above said remedies, you should also have plenty of fluids like hot water and chicken broth on a daily basis.
You should also avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and other air borne allergens as they can cause irritations in the mucus membrane , thereby leading to the development of strep throat.
It has been estimated that the maximum number of hospital visitors are suffering from a sore throat and pain in the throat. Garlic Garlic has very potent anti-bacterial properties that can soothe a sore and irritated throat. If you have frequently experienced profuse nasal discharge, recurrent episodes of sinus infections with persistent nasal congestion and sneezing, your nasal cavity may be housing nasal polyps. If such nasal polyps expand in size, they can pose a problem for people while breathing, and many may eventually become mouth breathers (which has its own set of problems).
Since ancient times, garlic has been resorted to as a natural curing agent for a long list of ailments. This is said to be possible as the herb Allium sativum contains loads of compounds that impede the activity of certain enzymes (like, cyclooxygenase) that, in turn, produce inflammation inducing prostaglandins or thromboxanes.
Thus, if eaten raw or taken as a supplement, the presence of typheramide, as well as alfrutamide, attenuates the risk of polyp growth.
To fight off nasal polyps, nothing works better than citrus fruits; for example, lemons, oranges or grapefruits.
Other than ascorbic acid, these delicious, juicy fruits also contain bioflavonoids, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, as well as nasal tissue, thus, make it a habit to have at least one or two fresh citrus fruits every day. The microbes and inflammation fighting potency of Hydrastis Canadensis, otherwise known as Goldenseal comes from the natural presence of active ingredients, like isoquinoline alkaloids. Its anti-inflammatory action on the mucous membrane along with killing of bacteria makes it a natural cure which deserves notable mention.
To ensure the elimination of allergens or irritants that may be responsible for the formation of nasal polyps, make use of a nasal rinse. For the saltwater rinse, add and dissolve a teaspoon of normal salt to a cup containing water. Vitamin D is regarded as an important nutrient that aids in controlling the growth of nasal polyps.
One of the simplest natural cures to treat nasal polyps is by having adequate amounts of water. Water not only hydrates the entire body, but has an essential role of keeping the mucous membrane lining of the nasal cavity thoroughly moist.
It is best to keep a close and constant track of all those food items or allergens that may exacerbate allergies (one of the most common offending stimuli linked with development of nasal polyps).

If possible, get into the habit of maintaining a food dairy or go to a doctor for a skin scratch test.Tobacco smoke, dust, chemical fumes etc. Horseradish is an effective medicinal herb which quickly clears the nasal pathways, thereby, bringing immense relief to the affected individuals. To mask its heavy-duty flavour (which makes it difficult for many people to consume alone), mix approximately two cups of finely grated horseradish with equal quantities of honey.
The flavonoid and tannic acid rich powder derived from the root bark of Myrica Cerifera, a shrub help in relieving nasal stuffiness and other symptoms associated with nasal polyps. Strep throat is a common infection which affects people of all ages but it mostly occurs in children and teenagers.
Turmeric has very powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antibiotic properties which make it a very popular remedy for treating a vast number of diseases and ailments. It is a strong antioxidant which purifies the blood and the body of all impurities and harmful free radicals. It destroys the bacteria at the root of the infection, reduces swelling and pain and promotes quick healing. Chamomile has natural and powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the swelling and pain and do away with the fever.
Garlic has been endowed with such powerful healing and curative qualities that it has become a miracle root bulb. Keep your hands straight in front of your chest and fold them inwards so that the fingers touch your shoulders.
Now inhale and while exhaling raise both your shoulders upwards as much as you can, stay in this position for five seconds and then while exhaling bring the shoulders downwards in normal position. While keeping your elbow straight bring both the palms inwards and outwards for five times and then get back to normal position. Just rotating your head in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction ten times each will help in relieving neck pain.
Now while inhaling, pull the whole body backwards and the palms should be pulled in opposite direction. This condition is brought about the action of streptococcus bacteria and can cause a great level of discomfort to the affected person. This treatment will also help to improve the circulation in the affected areas, thereby leading to quick recovery from the condition. Even if you do not have strep throat, you can gargle with salt water on a daily basis, so as to prevent the occurrence of infections.
The treatment can be performed by gargling with water to which 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar has been added. Hence, to increase the moisture content of the air and to prevent throat infections, it is advised that you use a humidifier. For quick results, it is recommended that you drink white tea which has amazing anti bacterial properties. While the action of lemon helps to cure the inflammation in the mucus membrane, honey acts as a pain reliever and also helps in enhancing the taste of the solution. However, take care to avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages, as they can irritate the mucous membrane and lead to infections in the throat.
While this condition is very common and easily treated, it can become complicated and make matters really worse. These abnormal, polypoidal out growths arise from the mucous membrane lining of the paranasal and nasal sinuses.
To combat the attenuation in the sense of smell, taste and shortness of breath, adopt the below given natural cures instead of considering medications or surgery options. Recent studies claim that by consuming garlic on a daily basis, one can not only prevent, but also eliminate nasal polyps as well as the problems associated with it. Garlic is generally considered safe for daily use, although halitosis or gastric disturbances may trouble sometimes. The high content of Ascorbic acid or vitamin C in such fruits strengthens the immune system, which prevents the outgrowth from establishing in the nasal cavity. Herbalists claim that the use of cool, goldenseal infused tea as an inhalant or nasal snuff serves the purpose of targeting the nasal polyps well enough. Pregnant women must not ingest this particular herb in any form as it may have a negative impact on the uterus. Typically found in red chilli peppers, capsaicin demonstrates pain relieving and styptic properties. However, cayenne, if used in an undiluted form, may lead to further nasal irritation and sometimes, burning too.

Of the two types of nasal rinses, namely, saline or saltwater rinse, the latter is easy to prepare at home.
Using a clean nasal spray or a disposable syringe, slowly infuse the liquid into the nose.As you do so, inhale lightly so as to allow the saltwater to advance into the nasal cavity. Study suggests that this vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties, which favour weakening, of the inflammatory process and consequent growth. Each session of deep breathing exercise should be done at least three to four times every day for not more than fifteen minutes.
Some of the notorious food allergens range from egg or egg containing food items, soy or dairy products and preservatives, such as monosodium glutamate.
Take a teaspoon of the prepared mixture after waking up and before going off to sleep at night till the nasal polyps resolve altogether. This is probably why Bayberry is commonly utilized for treatment of ulcers and the common cold. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is different from sore throat as strep throat is caused by the streptococcal bacteria and sore throat is a viral infection which causes the symptoms of a common cold. Tiny droplets containing the infection are spread into the air when the infected person coughs or sneezes.These droplets can be inhaled by other people and get infected.
Its antimicrobial properties deal with the infection most efficaciously and its analgesic properties provide quick relief in the throat pain.
It is a strong antioxidant and contains potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
It’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties decrease the infection rapidly and diminish the swelling and pain. Most of their precious time is spent in the office and the rest is spent looking after the kids and and on other chores. Thus, this is the right time to convert our work desk into an exercising venue and devote a few minutes to exercise our muscles. Now while inhaling get back to normal position and start reducing the pull of the body and the hands. However, there are also many natural remedies which are proven to be helpful in dealing with strep throat. A strep throat is a contagious condition caused by a group of bacterium called as the streptococcus bacterium. Suck on a pod or simply crush some garlic into honey, as the taste can be potent.If this does not work, garlic capsules and pills are readily available at any chemist shop. However, exert caution in case you are concurrently on mediations for controlling blood pressure.
Strep throat is the inflammation of the throat, lymph nodes and tonsils due to the infection and causes fever, cough, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, pain in swallowing, acute sore throat and yellowish white spots on the back of the throat.
It is also rich in vitamins and minerals which promote good health and correct any dysfunctions in the body. Honey also posses excellent antibacterial properties which  helps in the cure of infections. The throat often becomes inflamed, painful and irritated.Strep throat infections are very common in the winters and the flu season when there is a sudden change of weather. Natural Remedies For Strep Throat Hot Chamomile Tea Chamomile is a herb that gives relief against sore throats.
Mix a tablespoon of honey into a cup of hot tea and you will feel instant relief from your sore throat. Do not smoke especially when you are down with a throat problem as the toxins in the smoke can worsen the existing infection and make matters worse.
Suck on some ginger candy or have some refreshing ginger ale, which will help to give relief from a sore throat.

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