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Thankfully for you all, I have been through the ringer not only with my son, but with so many of the little ones I have nannied for.
Diaper Rashes are terribly painful to baby, so make sure you do not use regular baby wipes when cleaning them!
Sprinkling baking soda into the bathtub and letting baby sit in it for a bit can help to calm the rash. Since we did cloth diapers, we skipped the cream and went straight for the baking soda bath + air time.

I have spoken with many different doctors about rashes, and have watched them clear up thanks to some unconventional approaches. Change often, though, as the diaper will not be as absorbent with all that moisture blocking cream.
That is a cream made for athletes foot, but I swear it does wonders on a nasty diaper rash. Just a little layer under the diaper rash cream of your choice every time you change the diaper.

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