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The daily intake of juice, raspberries, blueberries or citrus reduces the presence of bacteria in the urine and prevents recurrence in risk groups. If urinary tract infections are frequent, try drinking lots of water with a little lemon juice that acidified urine and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. For extra help, both to prevent and relieve uncomfortable symptoms of urinary tract infections can use some natural and home remedies.
Pulmonaria: On the disinfectant, diuretic and demulcent action, this plant is used with good results in the treatment of urinary tract infections. When urine infection is caused by vaginal fungal (candidiasis), the yogurt provides good results in both the internal and external treatment. Sitz bath: A solution for external use is mixed in equal proportions thyme, bearberry, horsetail, calendula and linen (boil four tablespoons in one liter of water for 10 minutes). Related Health Topics:Natural remedies to prevent vision loss The food plays a key role in eye health. Resorting to natural and […]5 natural remedies to deal with the change of season The change of season can come accompanied by a collapse of defenses, especially when the thermometer drops and the cold turns into routine.
Bacterial infection that targets any element of the urinary system be it the urinary bladder Urethra (mostly), or kidneys, can be a solid cause of distress for both, men and women. Other than anatomical abnormalities, impaired or weakened immune system and presence of renal stones are some of the causative factors that may be responsible for initiation of urinary tract infections. One of the most reliable ways to combat and prevent further attacks of UTI is by adopting herbal remedies. Vaccinium macrocarpon is till date, the herb of choice for both, preventive and therapeutic purposes, especially in urinary tract infection cases.
The presence of antioxidant compounds known as proanthocyanidins prevents the initiation and progression of infection by inhibiting troublesome bacteria from adhering to the cells of urinary bladder.
It is best to purchase sugar free cranberry than those containing less of juice and more sugar. Alteration in the urinary tract environment can make it difficult or impossible for microorganisms to survive in it. The chief component called Arbutin, along with tannins and flavonoids, brings relief via many modes of action. Not just that, bearberry also exerts strong diuretic action on the kidney as well, resulting in the elimination of the infection. Dandelion helps induce diuresis, which in turn, flushes infection causing microorganisms from the urinary bladder and tract.
Horseradish is a medicinal herb which initially was indigenous to only Eastern Europe, but it now extensively grown all across the world. According to the extensive studies conducted at the University of Michigan Health System, this herb exhibits bactericidal (the ability to kill bacteria) activity, which leads to, resolution of urinary tract infection. Solidago, commonly termed as Goldenrods, works as a herbal diuretic which expels water from the system by enhancing the amount of urine output as well as an anti-inflammatory herb. Abundance of many useful compounds, inclusive of saponins a leicarposide help control pain, inflammation and painful spasmodic activity. Another effective and popular herbal option for treating urinary tract infections is Buchu, also known as Buku or Bucco. Besides its role as a diuretic agent, the presence of numerous oil glands on the ventral aspect of Buchu leaves make this herb a rich source of essential oil. Goldenseal is a well known herb that shows strong anti-microbial activity and thus assists in treating varying types of infections.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second most commonly occurring infections in the world. Any UTI that lasts more than two days requires medical intervention as untreated UTIs can pass on a disease to the kidneys and magnify into a much more dangerous problem. This is prepared by or adding one teaspoon of baking soda into one glass of water and consuming it once a day.
Blueberries are part of a plant family, which have shown extensive bacteria-inhibiting natures.
Drinking about 4 ounces of cranberry fruit juice on a regular basis can help keep ease the symptoms of urinary tract infections and this dosage can be increased with the severity of the infection.
Brome lain, the enzyme present in pineapples, is known to have a mild effect when it comes to easing the symptoms of UTI. A good amount of water in the system helps flush out bacteria by increasing the rate of urination.
It is estimated, according to medical data that 2 out of 10 young women with cystitis have recurrent infections.
You can also be treated with acupuncture and supplement the diet with blueberries significantly reduce the frequency of infections.
Taken orally, this probiotic increases bacterial microflora, which helps keep candida under control, a very opportunistic fungus that takes every moment of weakness to grow in number and expand its boundaries into areas such as the vagina.
Filter and performs a sitz bath with this preparation, double soothing and disinfecting effect, twice daily. However, females are at a greater risk of suffering from urinary tract infections, owing to the shorter length of urethra, making it easier for bacteria to access a female’s urinary bladder.
Thus, urinary tract infection is marked by a burning sensation while emptying the urinary bladder, along with traces of blood in the urine passed and back pain.
Try the below mentioned herbal cures and mitigate the signs and symptoms of UTI, preferably after receiving medical consultation. This unique herb contains lots of vitamin C and thus, exerts anti-oxidant as well as antibacterial actions in the body.
Also, the juice extracted from Cranberry aids in minimizing the typical, unpleasant urine odor experienced during urinary tract infection.
Drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily results in the creation of hippuric acid, which in turn, retards bacterial count (owing to the acidic nature). Patients who have either glucose intolerance or diabetes must only consume cranberry capsules or sugarless juice. Uva Ursi, commonly known as Bearberry is the second most popular herbal option for treating urinary tract infections. The phenolic glycoside, arbutin gets converted into hydroquinone on reaching the gastrointestinal route.
Being a natural astringent as well as an antiseptic agent, it cleans up the tract and strengthens the structural framework of the membranes that line the urinary bladder. The loss of potassium which occurs owing to diuresis is well compensated by the rich level of potassium in the herb. The root portion of the perennial plant serves many medicinal uses, including the treatment of urinary tract infection. It has, in fact, been linked to a number of side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and gastrointestinal discomfort. Besides treating urinary tract infections, Goldenrod brings improvement in renal stones, wounds and rheumatic conditions too.

Patients with certain medical conditions must consult their physician before taking this herb.
Use of Buchu in tea form helps in disinfecting the urinary tract and provides symptomatic relief. It mainly consists of an alkaloid substance called berberine which retards the ability of bacterial species to adhere to the walls of urinary bladder. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Though there are plenty of medicines available to treat a UTI, some home remedies also work remarkably well in curing these infections, as given below.
To stop a UTI from increasing further, a tincture of baking soda is known to be a very good solution. As the soda neutralizes the acidity of the urine, it eases the burning sensation and speeds up the process of recovery. In one such study, blueberry fruit juice was discovered to have properties that could help prevent UTIs. Since blueberry juice may or may not be available locally, eating raw blueberries or pinching a handful of these tasty berries over the morning breakfast cereal can assist ease the symptoms of UTIs. It seems that cranberry juice stops the infection-creating bacteria from settling down in the urinary bladder, and it too has an antibiotic effect, though it is very mild. Drinking a minimum of eight to ten glasses a day is essential for keeping the urinary tract clean and dispel any prevailing harmful bacteria. Hot water bottles placed on the lower abdomen also help ease any ache caused by the disease. Home remedies for UTIs are generally safe and work very effectively in most cases.
Furthermore, it is advisable to go to the bathroom before and after having intimate relationships. Notes and discover everything we can do for the health of your […]Natural Remedies for excess fat in the scalp Excess fat in the scalp can be caused by different reasons, although all becomes a problem for the sufferer. As for people with oxalate renal stones, they should not take more than one liter of the herbal juice each day, for it may escalate the risk of kidney stone formation.
The leaves of Arctostaphylos uva ursi have been used for preparing herbal tea for treatment of various problems, be it excess formation of uric acid, dysuria, renal stones or infection in the urinary tract, since innumerable years. You can increase the intake of Dandelion, either by increasing its proportion in the salad plate or via tea or capsule form.
A good method of judging the water intake is to see if a person is urinating no less than every 4 to 5 hours. In external use, some herbalists advise soak a tampon in plain yogurt (no sugar) and add 4 drops of essential oil of tea tree and insert it into the vagina (3 hours). Let's see some of the natural remedies to […]Home Remedies for maintaining mental agility Did you know that the brain consumes up to 30% of energy that the food bring us?
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