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If your child has ever had a rash and you decided to Google it to see if you could figure out whether it was a diaper rash or yeast rash, you may have been overwhelmed with the results. There are so many different types of rashes, many of which look the same, that it’s hard to tell which is which. I hear a lot of moms (and yes, even some doctors) mistake yeast rashes for regular ole’ diaper rash. Today I want to talk to you about the causes of these rashes, what you can do to prevent them, how to tell which is which, and what you can do to treat each of them quickly. Diaper rash (including yeast rash) is caused by a variety of different things, but the following 5 are what I’ve found to be the most common.
Now, I’m a mom living in the real world of having 3 children and a load of responsibility, and this is a safe zone. Foods are also a big cause of diaper rashes, specifically when your introducing solids to your baby. As my kids got older and grew into toddlers, we still had some instances where they would all of a sudden get a terrible diaper rash because they ate something and their poo ended up becoming very acidic, burning their skin. For the most part, diaper rash from friction will show up around the waste or the legs where the diaper would rub at. Over and over, you’re told that regular diaper rash is a red rash that is slightly raised or bumpy feeling and is scattered across the diaper area whereas a yeast rash is much more red (called beefy red) where the edge of the rash is very defined and raised and that there are bumps that surround the edge of the rash (called satellite lesions).
When it comes to preventing diaper rash from foods, don’t rush into introducing foods.
As far as sickness goes, there are a couple things to think about when it comes to preventing rashes. One of the best things you can do is to take those diapers off (cloth and disposables) and let your baby’s bottom get some clean, fresh air and dry out. Also, use products that are 100% natural and don’t have any medicines or chemicals in them which can further harm or burn the skin. If your child has a red rash that won’t go away with the above tactics, then consider that it could be a yeast rash.
There are over-the-counter anti-fungal medications that will work, but I wouldn’t advise that. Do you have any tips or advice when it comes to differentiating regular diaper rash from yeast rashes or on how to treat it? My babe had a rash that lasted two weeks before I began this treatment… so I was so happy to have found that GSE (grapefruit seed extract) works wonders. The company I used to buy mine from sent me a full report of their GSE and it looked fairly good, but some of the processing was a bummer so I decided to find some other things to use instead. Hello Meagan, so glad to come across your blog as a new mommy that likes to use natural alternatives. That’s a hard one Jaqueline as every person with skin sensitivities will respond differently.
Keeping diapers off as much as possible with the coconut and essential oil combo works well. Hello,I have a question my daughter is 8 going on 9 months old and she has been sick and is now on antibiotics but they make her poop all the time and I change her diapers frequently and we use organic diapers but she has developed a bad rash and cries every time I try to clean her it’s so bad.
I know coconut oil has natural anti-fungal properties, but I don’t know about the milk.
Our little gets yeast rashes from the smallest things from changing the wash or what i wash with i cloth diaper and i had to change how wash them do to only having cold water and anytime we change from cloth to disposable back to cloth we use hydrocortisone on every rash on her bottem it works great.
Hummm, hydrocortisone is a steriod, and I usually try to stay away from anything like that right off the bat.
Help me understand why well-tested and trusted medications like hydrocortisone and anti-fungals are the devil, yet you feel no concern applying “natural” untested products like GSE or potent oils that can easily lead to hypersenstivity reactions, such as tea tree oil or lavender, to an infants sensitive perineal rash?

This and many other reasons is what leads a discerning parent to research and take charge of their family’s well-being instead of blindly handing them over to a generic, and even possibly, financially-charged entity such as modern day drug companies.
I understand that pediatricians devote their education and much of their lives in caring for children, however, it’s not fair to insult those of us who care enough to go the extra mile for our own families and share what we have learned. Yes… unfortunately many meds are pushed through without proper testing and even with proper testing in some cases. Can it be coconut oil with extra virgin olive oil that says for a cooking alternative but is 100% organic?
I think it would be better if it were straight coconut oil and not something that’s mixed with another oil. My 13 month old pooped the other day and I watched him do it and I changed him once I knew he was done. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
Their gut can slow down because their body is putting a large amount of energy into fighting the sickness they’re dealing with.
Google is your friend although you may come across some photos of some really bad looking diaper rashes and question how on earth it got so bad or why no one did anything about it early on.
When it comes to your kid getting a rash due to his diapers, it may take some time to figure out the exact cause of it.
Sooth their skin by putting something on their bottom that will reduce friction against their diaper (as in herbal baby powder) and at the same time allow their skin to breath and heal.
There are plenty of products that contain herbs and minerals like zinc that protect and heal damaged skin.
They can make yeast resistant to them and cause it to come back with a vengeance if they’re used too much. This photo was a creative commons photo from flickr, and the owner says it was made out of an old t-shirt. The chamomile is an anti-inflammatory and it also has some antifungal properties too in case baby has a yeast rash. When I had my first I read the ingredient in the wipes and found out that not only are they very harsh toxic chemicals to the skin they actually cause neurological problems as well. I kept a small spray bottle of water with napkins or square clothe diapers for wiping and drying (not presewn clothe diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, which I did use for diapering) but the old fashioned ones that come in a pack at Walmart or Target.
I love caprylic acid which is a great anti-fungal but also wonderful for natural cleaners (I use it in my ktichen cleaner). I’ve always used Huggies wipes but when I went to the store they were completely out! Hopefully this post will help you have a natural plan on working with yeast infections in the future. Those oils are great oils with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and yes, they would work well for these types of rashes. Many of these medications end up being pulled from the market but not before their side effects have done more harm than originally anticipated. I’ve never come across any info that said olive oil was beneficial for fungal issues. When it came time to introducing some first foods, I tried to focus on choosing foods that were less likely to irritate their bottoms (and their guts) when I first started feeding them. This can mean less digested foods, and it can also mean toxins in their poo as their body fights off the nasties that are making it sick.
This could be from disposable diapers, the type of fabric used on your cloth diapers, to the detergent you’re using to wash diapers or clothes in.
Feeding your kids healthy foods and healthy fats so their immune systems are running at an optimal level to keep their bodies healthy.

Not only does this create a barrier between their skin and irritants, but it nourishes their skin at the same time. Anti-fungal herbs are also great to use in yeast creams and salves to help deal with yeast diaper rashes as well. Some companies have been reported as to putting antibiotics and preservatives in their GSE, and some use less than preferred methods of extracting it which leads to toxins and chemicals in the product.
So far the only thing that helped his really bad rash that was almost yeast rash was to just let it air out and not use any crams or powder. Also, lavender and tea tree essential oils are okay for her age and help with yeast as well. I didn’t mention using garlic oil in the post, only in one of the comments, but anytime you infuse an herbal oil, you should always strain the herbs out of it so there should be no garlic left in it.
If my baby had to take antibiotics I would definitely follow up with some antifungals and also probiotics. I did mention anti-fungals, but only that yeast can become resistant to them if they’re not used correctly and that they can be damaging to the liver if used too much. As a registered nurse we both know what happens with medications testing and how their side effects put more people in hospitals than their original symptoms. The fact of the matter is this… diapers are a convenience, and we as moms can get busy and let them become REALLY convenient. If your little one is sensitive to a chemical or fabric, their skin is going to react to it when exposed. If they do get sick, boosting their immune system with immune stimulating herbs and protecting their bottoms against nasty poos will go a long way in preventing diaper rash. I’ve had enough nasty diaper rashes that make miserable babies and a sad mama to know better than to skip this part of our diapering routine. Let them run around the house diaper-less for 30 minutes and clean up any accidents that do occur. Then of course it’s best to test it on yourself or a patch of skin first before putting it on babies bottom.
From there you can infuse herbs that are supportive to the skin into that oil and put that on his bottom. It would also be even better if you infused the coconut oil with crushed garlic first as garlic is a great anti-fungal. Yogurt is also a main cure for yeast infections as it counteracts the bad bacteria with good.
In order to prevent this from happening, going with natural, un-dyed, un-scented, chemical free options are your best bet. Is no cream and powder the best way to go or is there something full proof I can use I’m not hearing of ? Just poke a pin into it and squirt it in their mouth, on your nipple (if breastfeeding) and also the diaper rash. Others (like mine) rarely get rashes… especially when it comes to wearing a diaper a little too long.
I love it because I feel like it really works with your baby’s development and gives them optimal nutrition with breast milk or healthy homemade baby formula being the base of it all. Diaper rashes occur less frequently with cloth diapered babies than disposable diapered babies, and using a natural, homemade laundry detergent is way better for sensitive skin than store-bought baby detergents. If you’re interested in my views pertaining to essential oil safety, I wrote a post on it which you can find here.

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