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H Pylori Bacteria, also known as helicobacter pylori, is an infection causing bacteria that is found in the body of most humans, but causes harm in very few cases. This green vegetable was listed as one of the most effective natural remedies of h pylori bacteria in a medical study conducted in Japan.
Raspberry, strawberry and blueberry contain phytochemicals that fight against all types of bacteria in the human body.
Ginger and garlic pastes have been identified as good antiseptics that heal the harm already caused by h pylori bacteria in the stomach. Drink more than 8 glasses of filtered water throughout the day for flushing out h pylori bacteria from your system.
Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink twice a day for a month to completely cure h pylori bacterial infection. You are suggested to drink plenty of water because during the attack of pylori bacteria, your stomach craves a lot of fluid. These are contained with Ellagic acid which is known to be a strong immunity correcting acid. Cinnamon extracts hold back the urease enzymes from playing the catalyst for the spread of H. The high level acidic PH balance in the Manuka honey opposes the further growth of Pylori Bacteria.
It corrects the body’s blood circulation. Cranberry juice has tannins that stop the intestinal disorders.
From some theories, it is believed that the bacteria have a useful effect on human body, but the common consensus is that it must be eliminated from the body upon analysis.
Bromelain is known as a sulfur-containing enzyme, commonly found in bromeliad plants such as the pineapple. Most stomach problems, especially peptic ulcers are caused as a result of the attack of infectious h pylori bacteria.

Broccoli sprouts contain compounds known as sulforphane and ellagic acid that have antibacterial properties. This compound in berries is so strong that its effects can be utilized by the human blood no matter how the fruits are cooked or refrigerated. These enzymes stop the catalyzing functions of the h pylori bacteria and prevent them from causing inflammatory reactions inside the stomach. If you cannot take raw cinnamon for its pungent flavor, add its extracts in tea or hot water and drink the solution. Baking soda has antimicrobial properties, thus effectively killing all harmful microorganisms in the human body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It lives on the acid so if the acid itself is diluted, it loses all the chances to survive. Sulforphane is equal to the Ellagic acid that is anti microbial, anti cancer and anti diabetic. It curbs the attack of Pylori Bacteria in your intestine and cures the digestive disorders.
Aside from that, consumption of a fat amount in cooked food also substitutes the raw consumption. It tickles a small anesthesia on the gastric mucous membrane whereby it stimulates the digestion.
In any case, it is a cooling fluid for your body and consumption of such each day produces good effect on your heart as well as intestine.
The antimutagen substances in berries fight against the offending bacteria in the stomach and help cure stomach problems caused by h pylori bacteria. This remedy, however, must be applied only at the first stages of the infection, when harm from the bacteria is at its minimum.

In the inner wall of the stomach this bacteria is to be found which leads to chronic inflammation. There are many herbal remedies, which can be consumed for reducing, preventing, and killing H. Instead of turning to medicinal drugs that may lead to further side effects, try natural cures for h pylori bacteria. As  its nature, it takes a toll on the health of your stomach and smaller intestine causing infection. I read a lot, surf internet and mostly I prefer to write on topics I have ample knowledge on.
This phytochemical includes the properties of antiviral, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, and antimutagen. Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature of licorice, it can be used for the cure of ulcers and gastritis.
It not only kills h pylori bacteria, it also reduces pain and inflammation caused by the helicobacter pylori.
Because I believe forcing a lot of newly acquired information prey on the otherwise simplicity of the said article. Traditional antibiotic medications such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, borage, oregano, and licorice are proven to be the best natural cure for H. Turmeric is known to give protection for internal organs like the stomach and intestines, blood vessels and liver.
A daily consumption of turmeric powder with a cup or glass of water can help in eliminating the problems related to H.

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