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Contact with poison ivy and other similar rash causing plants goes hand-in-hand with outdoor activities such as camping and playing outside.
Your first step as soon as you realize that you come contact with poison ivy is wash the affected area as soon as possible.
If you are a nature enthusiast and often spend time campaign or indulging in outdoor activities, you must make a habit of carrying rubbing alcohol along with you wherever you go. As soon as you suspect been exposed to the poisonous weed, you can simply wash the area with some rubbing alcohol and then rinse the area with water.
In case it has been too late and you didn’t realize that you have already had a contact with poison ivy, try these simple and effective home remedies that will help you treat the unwanted effects of the poisonous weed.
Did you know that ear wax actually protects the ear by entrapping anything that might fall, fly or be blown into the outer ear (ear canal) such as dust, dirt, bacteria or insect and is essential for proper functioning of ear? According to AAO (the American Academy of Otolaryngology), removal of excess earwax will remove these symptoms. Ear wax is a blend of water-soluble sticky substance produced inside the ear, comprising of hair and dead skin cells from the ear. Putting cold mineral oil in ear may make it dizzy. Simply lie on your side such that the ear that has oil faces up. Take one or two cloves of garlic, cut them into pieces and heat in 2 – 3 tablespoons of sesame oil. In case the blockage is hard and you are not able to remove it with help of simple home remedies, talk to your doctor.

Some people have such a severe reaction to poison ivy that they need to visit a physician and get a shot.
The problem stems from the unfortunate encounter of any of your body parts with urushoil, the colorless oil from the plant. The oil oozes from any crushed or cut part of the stem or leaf, particularly when the plant is stepped on, crushed, grabbed, sat on, kicked, rolled on or disturbed. A poison ivy rash takes approximately 12 to 48 hours to appear after the exposure. The rash typically starts as small bumps and then progress into enlarged, irritated blisters.
Over accumulation of ear wax may lead to blockage in the ear canal which further leads to pain, itching, pressure, odor, coughing and hearing impairment. Put few drops of oil in your ear and wait for 10 to 15 minutes so that the oil sinks inside properly and blends with the wax. Repeat the same procedure for 5 to 6 days till the time the entire waxes is dissolved and comes out of your ears. When we speak of a cure or treatment for poison ivy rash, we generally mean relief from its symptoms.
These rashes may make the victim extremely uncomfortable and may even cause a lot of pain. However, there are ways to soothe the itchy rashes caused due to contact with the plant’s sap and relieve its symptoms. You may use gel from the aloe vera plant directly or purchase the gels available in stores. Using paraffin oil or mineral oil is recommended because both these oils are not very thick and can quickly work on wax. Recommended way of using paraffin oil or mineral oil for softening ear wax is by warming it slightly before putting it in the ear. Once the symptoms occur (itchy bumps on your skin), relief is the only remedy we seek — before we scratch ourselves to death!

Grazing against poison ivy with any exposed part of your body is all that it takes to release this poison.
Here are some home remedies that will help relieve the itch and pain associated with poison ivy. Once the paste has dried, rinse it off with help of cool water and in pat dry using a soft cloth. The remedy will help you relieve the itch and will also aid in faster recovery.
While the heat from the oil will help in softening the blockage, the properties of garlic that would have already infused in the oil by now will help in curing infection. Different people find different degrees of relief by treating poison ivy rash with over-the-counter remedies, such as hydrocortisones. Complicating matters further, contact with poison ivy does not even have to be direct for you to contract the rash.
For instance, if your dog runs through some poison ivy, then you stroke your dog’s fur with your hand, you could come into contact with the sap and develop a rash.
Likewise, if someone else had been working in a poison ivy-infested area with gloves, then you came along and touched those contaminated gloves, you could get the rash.

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