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Follow these links and soak up the free information to gain a happier, healthier dog who thinks you are the best person on the planet! Bad breath in dogs is the result of a build-up of odour-producing bacteria either in it's mouth, lungs, gut and other major organs.
Therefore, if your dog suddenly develops persistent bad breath take it as a warning that your pet will be in pain and needs urgent vet care, followed by a daily dental cleaning routine that you can easily put into place at home. However, persistent bad breath can also indicate serious bacterial infections in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and other major organs.
Your family vet is the best person to actually pinpoint the cause of your dog's bad breath. Your pet's general health, e,g, whether you walk your dog regularly and his or her behaviour in general.
If your doga€™s breath suddenly has an unusual odour, please take it to visit your vet immediately. Unusually sweet or fruity breath could signal diabetes, particularly if your dog has been urinating or drinking more frequently than usual. An unusually foul odour accompanied by lack of appetite and or vomiting - yellow-tinged gums or corneas could indicate a liver problem.

Many people assume that bad breath in dogs, especially senior dogs, is a a€?given.a€? But thata€™s simply not true. Feed your dog a human grade raw meat, soft bones (chicken necks and beef brisket bones) and fresh steamed veggies.
Brush your dog's teeth daily and preferably immediately after it has eaten, if you are hooked on feeding you dog on kibble or dried foods and or canned food.
Please be aware, that brushing your dog's teeth daily, using dog toothpastes and dog oral sprays, feeding your dog pigs ears or soft raw bones and a healthy diet will simply mask bad breath, and can not treat any underlying medical conditions, which may be present.
Therefore it is of paramount importance that at the first indication of bad dog breath you make an appointment for your pet to be thoroughly examined by your family vet. I have tried many natural remedies in the past, but nothing compares to DentaSure (shown below). Certain breeds, particularly small dogs are especially prone to plaque and calculus (tartar). He or she will do a physical examination and may even ask for some lab work to be carried out. In actual fact, being pro active about your doga€™s oral health can add up to another 5 years to its lifespan.

Raw veggies or fruit are excellent as in between snacks for you dog, but should neve be given with protein because they could cause bloat which is something all dog parent should avoid like the plague. DentaSure was recommended to me by a facebook friend and after only three months, Poppie has pearly white teeth again.
Never give your dog cooked bones because they can shatter inside your dog's intestines, and cause perforation of his or her bowel.
Give it a go, you won't regret it (I usually spray Poppie's toothbrush and brush her teeth immediately after she has eaten). Contains only Grapefruit seed extract, Grapeseed extract, Propolis, Xanthan gum & Stevia - 4 oz.

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