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Its very easy to grow an aloe vera plant which have medicinal qualities which not only helps in curing the problem but even reduces the pain and is one of the best remedies of sunburns.
Oils helps in soothing and reducing any kind of skin irritation and coconut oil being one of the essential oils for such a cause. Reducing the effect of sun damage is common through an application of vitamin E capsules to the irritated area.
The oil from these nuts act as an instant agent of curing sun burns and the oil is a purgative for the various joints and for people suffering from arthritis it’s a good pain reliever.
Peels of potatoes provide healing due to the anti-bacterial qualities and provision of moisture. Few drops of pepper mint with lukewarrm water and application of such a mixture after its cooled down helps to recover. Medicines and combination few ounces of cold water and aloe vera gel, few spoons of oil of tea tree and vitamin E, loading it into a spray bottle and applying it on the affected area cures the problem.
The bearability of the skin to fight against the UV radiations can be improved through the polyphenols present in tea leaves. Cooling of green tea after brewing it for a short duration and in the mixture soaking of a cloth and a compact with it on the effected areas makes the sunburn cool down. An old remedy for soothing sunburn, oatmeal can give you much needed relief for mild sunburns.
Besides its appealing fragrance, lavender oil will provide you relief from the pain and irritation of sunburn. Another convenient home remedy for painful sunburn, baking soda is an effective treatment to soothe your misery. One more simple solution to counter sunburn woes, apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy to soothe your skin. Avocado and honey mask is great to restore the moisture in the skin, which is lost in the dry heat of summers. The caffeine content in this mask is great for detoxifying and reducing the puffiness on your face. One of the worst things about summers is the scorching sun that tans and burns your skin in a few hours outdoor. Simply beat the hung curds with watermelon juice and the almond paste to make a thick creamy mixture.
Take the mint leaves and make a fine mixture of them with the lukewarm water in a blender, and add turmeric powder. Egg is great to give you a smooth and shiny skin, and it brightens the complexion instantly.
Gram flour has been used to treat skin problems and beautify skin in several households since ages.
You can get sandalwood powder from any shop or you can bring sandalwood and grind it in a fine powder.
The most common area where such sunburn happens is the face which is exposed to the rays of the sun more than other body parts. Most of the sunburn on the face is treatable with home remedies that focuses on providing relief from the sunburn symptoms and prevent infection. If you have suffered sunburn on your face then you can relieve the symptoms through household ingredients that can cool off the skin and provide instant relief. To make the sunburnt relief application paste, one can simply skim milk with ice water and apply this for instant relief.
The acidic components of the vinegar can cool off the sunburn; hence, application of a white vinegar solution can help in treating sunburn in the face. Considered one of the best antibiotics that heals most skin-related problems, aloe vera can also be used to treat sunburn in the face. For best results, one can simply peel aloe vera lead and extract the gel and apply on the face for best results. An instant relief from facial sunburn can be achieved by dampening a soft towel in cold water. For a more effective cold compress, one can also add vinegar or baking soda into the water and use the solution for cold compress. The best and probably the easiest sunburn solution is to increase the fluid intake on a regular basis following sun exposure.
Detox drinks like smoothies not only taste great but they also give a break to your body from digesting food.
The ingredients present in tea leaves helps and prevents the skin from sun damage and irritation.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Just grab some from your kitchen or pantry, you don’t even need to step out for this easy-to-make home treatment.
The main reason for this is the tannins in tea, which lend it soothing qualities.Make a pot of strong black or green tea and put it in the refrigerator to cool off.
Just add some baking soda to bathwater and take a cooling bath.What makes this common household item such a good balm for sunburn is that it helps balance your skin’s pH level. Take a bath with apple cider vinegar and warm or tepid water.You can also soak a cottonball in a mixture or apple cider vinegar and water and apply it to smaller affected areas.
Apart from dehydrating you, the hot weather creates a lot of problems for the skin, like tanning, oiliness, open pores, early ageing and pigmentation. It’s rich in antioxidants and enzymes, which help in getting rid of old and dead skin cells, giving way to new fresh cells. This pack is great for soothing the sunburned skin and getting rid of the unwanted tan as fast as it can be.
It’s also effective in treating the skin problems, like eczema, pimples, breakouts, etc., when mixed with honey and yogurt.
Whether you use it in your drinks or your face mask, mint is just amazing to soothe the irritated skin and gives you a lasting freshness.
Honey has antioxidants and antibiotic properties, which are of great help in treating breakouts and removing the excess oil on your skin. You can simply slice a tomato and rub it on your face for 10-15 minutes to see the instant effect. This would be in pretty much liquid form, so you can use a cotton ball or fingertips to apply it evenly on your face.
Lemon juice would tone your skin while the egg works on removing excess oil and tightening the open pores.
It’s helpful in getting rid of the dead skin cells and speeding up the production of new ones.
Approximately 15 minutes of exposure to the sunrays can cause sunburn that can lead to redness of skin, itchiness, nausea and blistering.
In case, the burn is very severe and is causing vomiting and swelling, consulting a medical practitioner is important. Application of the dairy products such as yogurt can moisturize the sunburnt skin as they contain high levels of protein.
For application, one can simply soak cotton balls into white vinegar and apply this on the sunburn mark before rinsing it off. So, if you notice redness and blisters application of aloe vera paste can help in reducing the effects of sunburn. To make the oatmeal paste, one can simply soak a few teaspoon of colloidal oatmeal into lukewarm water. Apply this for your face skincare routineon a daily basis and this can treat sunburn along with other problems of the face skin. Drinking water and fluids ease off headache and nausea that is caused by exposure to the sun.
What's more the constituents are all natural like citronella essential oil,lemon grass oil, eucalyptus oil etc. Liver detoxifies your system every day and these drinks are great to assist liver in its functioning. They do not spread diseases,they do not bother to bite around much,indeed they are always busy and that's why I hate them. The capillaries under the skin surface due to over-exposure are detrimental and become larger than their size making the outer surface slightly thinner.
Sunburn can leave your skin dry as well.Applying cooked oatmeal can help moisturize the skin.
Dab cool milk, buttermilk or plain yoghurt on the affected area using gauze or cotton cloth.You can also take a relaxing bath in cool milk and water. An old remedy for sunburn relief, potato can give you immense relief from pain and irritation. Just add a drop or two in your lotion or moisturizer before applying to your skin.Be careful, the peppermint oil can be strong, so it’s advisable to start with a drop and testing the reaction on your body.
The oil has natural calming and relaxing properties that will soothe your sun burnt skin as well as your whole body and mind.It is also one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin.
Ideal for treating inflammations, chamomile helps calm and soothe your swollen and burnt skin.

Even stepping out to go to a salon causes you more harm than benefit.  But, who needs to go to the salon when you can make so many amazing face masks at home with easily available ingredients.
Since this would be a grainy mixture, exfoliate your skin by scrubbing gently when you remove this pack.
Apart from that, you are definitely gonna indulge in the delicious smell while you put this pack on.
Let it stay for a while, you may feel a little itchy because of the sugar and the alkaline nature of mango. The turmeric powder is an antibiotic that aids in getting rid of any pimples or breakouts, making your skin bacteria free. The cucumber will cool down your sun irritated skin while watermelon will restore the moisture. These recipes will not only make you healthy but if you are following a fixed regime then these can be easily included.
It is the pigment which makes our skin dark but people with fairer skin only produce a limited amount of melanin. They are so active that they will bring their whole batallion down to fetch a sugar crystal or keep sniffing till the last drop of spilled milk is cleared.
However, take a look at these simple home remedies to relieve of the discomfort, before you start popping those painkillers. Slit open a leaf and apply the cooling gel that oozes out.It is known to soothe burns and will definitely provide relief from sunburn.
Add some cooked, and cooled off, oatmeal to lukewarm or cool bathtub water and soak in it for some time. The starch in potato gives it soothing and cooling qualities.You can use the skin to dab the affected areas on your skin. However, it is recommended you test the reaction on an unaffected part of your body and then proceed. It is recommended to let the baking soda dry on your skin, as this will be more effective than if you towel it right off. As it has astringent qualities, the vinegar will give you relief from the burning sensation.
Besides, it will also be a balm to your stressed nerves.You can make an easy compress using chamomile liquid extract and chilled water and apply it to your skin. Keep your skin healthy and fresh in summers from the comfort of your home with these 20 homemade DIY facemasks. The cooling effect of cucumber along with the exfoliation of sugar would give you a fresh glowing skin just in 10 minutes. The pack is a grainy mixture, so this will also do away with the dry, dead skin by exfoliating. While you put the face mask, you’ll also enjoy the heavenly fragrance of sandalwood that’ll lighten your mood. Alternatively, you can slice the aloe vera leaf and rub the inner side all over your face gently. Their severity can differ from person to person, with some experiencing a mild, irritating rash and others experiencing painful blisters and even skin peeling.
You can also make face mask using oatmeal, egg whites and olive oil to moisturize a sunburnt face. Applying plain yoghurt to sunburnt areas and then rinsing with cool water is also effective. Besides this, you can make a liquid mixture of potatoes and cool water and use it as lotion on your sun burnt skin. You can make a peppermint infusion, rather than applying the oil, which will be a milder application. When you feel your skin tightening, wash it off while rubbing gently to clean the clogged pores. If getting a plant is a hassle, you can get lotions and gels made from or enriched with aloe vera. Besides, you can add chamomile flowers to your bathwater, which is another way of using this herb’s relaxing properties.

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