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Tired, frustrated and angry at your toenail fungus that has lived with you for years and years? If you are looking for the best natural toenail fungus removal and treatment, then your only choice is Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Cinnamon Leaf Oil has an ingredient called Eugenol which research shows is a very powerful anti fungal agent.
In most cases (not all cases) you will see results within 7 days after applying Cinnamon Oil and taking Cinnamon Tea orally everyday. Apply either diluted to 1% or 100% to the nail itself, twice a day in the morning and evening.
Massage your toes and feet twice a day with diluted with 1% Cinnamon Oil and coconut oil to improve blood circulation. Ceylon Cinnamon PowerA a€“ Although not as powerful as the sticks, you can still use Cinnamon Powder to make some cinnamon tea.
We provide the most complete instructions ever written for treating and getting rid of your toenail fungus naturally. Apple Cider Vinegar - Mix with 50% water and 50% Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom salt and soak your feet 30 minutes.
Oil of Oregano - Just as effective as Ceylon cinnamon Leaf Oil provided it has the same high levels of Eugenol. Tea Tree Oil - Has some anti bacterial properties but nowhere near as effective or as powerful as Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf oil. Prescription - Prescription medication like Lamisil and Sporanox have been effective 50% of the time.
None prescription - There are variety of other none prescription toenail fungus remedies including Zeta Clear, Derimisil, NailRENEW, funginix, Nail RX.
Surgery - In severe cases, removal of the nail to speed up the healing process maybe in order. WebMd - And overview of the toenail fungus, surgery options, prevention, exams and test, risk factors and other issues. My Home Remedies - A posting board for toenail fungus home remedies and people's experiences.
The FDA has not approved Cinnamon to cure any medical condition.A This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.
Nail Rx, being a natural cure for nail fungus, poses less risk of side effect than prescription medication but may not be effective for very severe fungal infections where the nail has become very distorted or multiple nails are affected. Nail Rx is applied directly to the infected nail(s) using a cotton bud (or Q tip) two to three times daily.  If used regularly, visible improvements should be achieved within 3 weeks of use.
A natural product made up of 100% pure essential undiluted aromatherapy oils for a holistic toenail fungus cure. Nail-Rx does not have the side effects that can be associated with prescription medication.
Some users claim an improvement within 3 weeks of use, although the nail will still have to “grow out” to be completely clear of infection. Unlike certain other nail fungus remedies, the product has not been tested on animals and is suitable for lacto-vegetarians.
Combining 100% pure essential aromatherapy oils extracted from plants, Nail-Rx is highly concentrated and gets to work quickly without risk of side effects. Toenail fungus is a common problem which can lead to embarrassment, pain and discoloration of toenail. People usually avoid to go out barefoot or with open sandals. Neem oil has medicinal properties that will help in treating the fungal infection. Take some neem oil and drop it into the infected nail and surrounding skin. Oregano oil has anti-fungal properties that will help in treating fungal infection. Put 2-3 drops of oregano oil on each toenail.
Fungiaid - nail fungus serum – stellnaturals, Fungiaid is a new, revolutionary product that will solve all your nail fungus problems. Natural remedies fungal nail infections - verywell., Find out more about apple cider vinegar. Treatment Options and DurationAfter a doctor has diagnosed the fungal infection you will have different medicinal options. Are You at RiskIt is possible for anybody to get a fungal infection but certain conditions All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment seem to increase the likelihood of if.

Are You at RiskIt is All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment possible for anybody to get a fungal infection but certain conditions seem to All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment increase the likelihood of if.
While a variety of toenail fungus treatment options are available prevention is still the best option. Are You at RiskIt is possible for anybody to get a fungal infection but certain conditions seem to increase the likelihood of if. Take ? cup of epsom salt, ? cup of hydrogen peroxide, ? cup of baking soda and mix them in 4 cups of water. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and medium chain triglycerides that help break the cell wall of fungi. You can increase consumption of probiotic food in your daily diet to get rid of toenail fungus.
You can apply orange oil on the infected toes using a dropper and leave it for half an hour. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of lemongrass oil protect your toenail from further infection and reduce the symptoms like crumbling, fragility and distortion of toenail.
Moreover, drink 1 cup of lemongrass tea thrice a day in order to heal the toenail fungus internally. Soak a cotton cloth in the castor oil and wrap it around the affected area of feet all night.
Take 1-2 tsp of this herb in dried form and boil it in 1 cup of water for at least twenty minutes. Prepare a mixture by adding 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 8 drops of tea tree oil, 1 box of sea salt and black walnut hulls.
Massage your nail using this herbal oil as the antifungal properties of this oil moisturize and nourish the infected toenail. Wash your feet after coming back from the public places such as spas, locker rooms, showers and swimming pools to avoid infection. Avoid excessive intake of sugary foods like pies and cakes, hydrogenated fats and pasteurized milk. Improves Blood circulation - A contributing factor to the toenail fungus is poor circulation to your extremities, like fingers and toenails. Cinnamon is cost effective - Unlike oral medication, expensive laser treatments or over priced propriety natural treatment solutions, which invariably do not work, cinnamon oil is much cheaper. Cinnamon Works Faster - Many home remedies work to an extent, but cinnamon leaf oil works much faster. But this option will cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars with the potential for liver damage. The problem with all these are the lack of an ingredients list and they tend to be very expensive. While somewhat effective, if you don't treat the underlying causes it will keep coming back. The main issue is it takes too long and may trap moisture in the nail bed making complete recovery difficult. You can try it risk free with a one year money-back guarantee (see next section on purchasing Nail-Rx).  If you are looking for one of the best reviewed natural remedies for toenail fungus then Nail-Rx should definitely be on your list. This can happen due to bacterial or fungal attack under the nail bed because of the cracked nail or cuticle. It is better to do home remedies to cure toenail fungus as this will help to rectify the problem and avoid the state to go to doctor. Make a paste of baking soda with lukewarm water and apply it on the affected area for some time. After that wash it with water, and keep the area dry.
Make a paste using turmeric and water and apply it on your toenail. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash with water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
These conditions include: increased age extensive water exposure male poor cleaning habits athletes foot walking without shoes and socks in public locations nail trauma cuts and abrasions on or around toes selecting shoes and socks which prevent moisture removal from the foot diabetes and diseases which decrease the working ability of the immune system.
Try to prevent the conditions which you can control by doing things like wearing shoes and socks in public locations especially public showers.
Home remedies include applying various substances such as vinegar tea tree oil Vicks Vaporub Listerine or hydrogen peroxide to your feet.
Take proper care of your feet and ensure you select breathable footwear to reduce the chances of getting a fungal infection.

As already noted these infections are difficult to eliminate and there is not a medication which eliminates all forms on every person.
Home remedies include applying various substances such All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment as vinegar tea tree oil Vicks Vaporub Listerine or hydrogen peroxide to your feet. Soak your feet in this solution for 15 minutes daily in order to prevent further growth of fungal infection. Mix them well and soak your feet in this solution for at least 30 minutes to improve the condition. In our opinion it is better than virtually any other toenail fungus treatment option, even for the most severe cases.
Ceylon cinnamon Leaf Oil can dry out your toenail faster and better than anything out there.
Our research shows that Cinnamon is one of the most effective treatment options for toenail fungus. Pregnant women should not take any Cinnamon because it can induce premature uterine contractions. Sometimes the fungal attack become worse that it may start foul smell from nails and this is a very horrible condition. Dip your feet in this water for about 20 minutes and wash with normal water. Keep your toenail clean and dry after that.
This will help in killing fungus and provide you relief from pain. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial property that is helpful in healing process. Apply some tea tree oil on your infected nail with a cotton ball. Apply it twice a day for better results.
All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment if it is mild enough you may be able to use tea tree oils or a nail varnish.
When the amount of pain interferes with daily life the removal of the nail plate through surgery may be the best option.
As already noted these infections are difficult to eliminate and there is not a medication which eliminates all forms on every person. There are several yeasts and fungi that affect the nail bed and causes discoloration of nails. However, added sugar or any artificial filler may feed the fungus, so better avoid it to maintain the effectiveness of pro-biotics. Why take medication that can damage your liver when something natural can get rid your toenail fungus and prevent it from coming back. Provided you have the discipline to follow the simple instructions to its final conclusion. Determining which Medicine to UseYour choice is primarily based on All Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment the amount of pain and discomfort you are experiencing from an infection. It will not go away quickly and you will have to diligently follow the treatment plan for weeks or months to eliminate it. Repeat the process twice a day for 2 weeks in order to get complete relief from the infection. Oral medications are best used when there is swelling a high level of pain and discomfort or diabetes is present. Determining which Medicine to UseYour choice is primarily based on the amount of pain and discomfort you are experiencing from an infection.
People with diabetes, weak immune system, and circulatory problem may generally suffer from the toenail fungus. Besides, excessive perspiration, abnormal pH level of the skin, poor hygiene, sweaty socks and shoes can also cause the problem. At an initial stage of this infection, you will see a small yellow or white spot below the tip of your nail.
When the infection spreads, nails may appear thicker and oddly shaped, and may start crumbling. If you want to cure it naturally without making a dent in your pocket, then try some natural home remedies to get rid of toenail fungus.

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